DVD Review – Seth Rollins – Building the Architect


Welcome readers to the end of another week and a two reviews in a weekend type of week for me after not really having anything to review from WWE in over a month of course due to the release schedule!

Today’s review is of Seth Rollins – Building the Architect, this was released on Monday by WWE Home Video UK and all participating retailers over in the UK. I would like to first of all apologise for not getting this out on time this week. I have had stomach flu over the past two weeks which is only really just clearing up and as a result as well as not being in a fit state to do most things one of those was reviewing DVD’s so it was pushed back for. I am only ever really one or two days late if at all on WWE titles so I would like to apologise before the review starts.

Seth Rollins is known as ‘The Architect’ who has created the perfect blueprint for success with multiple championships, a massive fan base and a plethora of incredible under his belt. In this release compared to usual WWE releases, it gives us a view from Seth himself who tells the story of how he got to where he is from his time as Tyler Black in such promotions as Ring of Honor to FCW to the Shield to WWE Championship glory.


This three disc set encompasses 19 matches so quite a lot of content despite him only being in WWE for about 6 years which is mental considering it only feels like yesterday when he was in Ring of Honor but I guess that is the magic of WWE. I found this release very good from the start as instead of putting in every single one of his key moments that may have been on previous releases they had a bit of differentiation which is always good.

In order to put a bit of mystery on the release so that you actually go out and buy it if you want, I will only go through the matches and my thoughts on them instead of spoiling every part of the moments before the matches!

The first match we get is a bit of a blast from the past between Seth and Hunico a.k. a the current reincarnation of Sin Cara and this is from FCW in the Jack Brisco Classic Final. The reason why this is a blast from the past is due to the fact that I used to watch a lot of FCW back in the day and so I have a vague memory of this match. This is a good match despite the crowd not being the best, this is probably on the disc as it is one of the first representations of Seth in a WWE-esque ring and so is good to look back on.

Next up is Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose from the same year in the same promotion FCW and this time it was for the FCW title which Seth actually held at the time. This is on here as it is the first televised match between the pair and of course foreshadows any future battles that they have and also them linking up as the Shield. Not the best match I have ever seen but the fact that these two are together for the first time it is definitely worth being on the disc.

Another FCW match ends the first half of the DVD with him facing Leo Kruger and defeating him in a very good match which was significant as Leo won the title that night off the future Tyler Breeze a.k.a Mike Dalton at that point and then Seth Rollins ended up defeating him in the same night for his last reign before it transitioned to NXT and when he started to win titles in that part of the company as well.

Next up we get one match in NXT but it was towards the end of his reign and before he ended up going to the main roster a few weeks following this. Like alluded to there was no other footage of his NXT run in terms of full matches due to the fact that most of his matches were covered in the NXT Greatest Matches set. And this match was against Big E Langston and was really good as expected. Having superstars such as Big E, Dean and Hunico showcased shows how good that FCW/NXT is and was at producing talent such as this that are currently at the top of WWE cards.

Also in terms of The Shield, we don’t get their debut match from TLC in 2012 but we get their 6 way tag between them and John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback three of the top men at the time and I would say that this is their first match to show their legitimacy of this stable and the start of their tear throughout the WWE a bit like I would say the Nexus stable but having a more lasting effect on the WWE as a whole with all 3 men holding major titles since that point.

We get two more 6 man tags with them facing Randy Orton, Sheamus and The Big Show first of all which was from WrestleMania and like a lot of the matches on here is on here as a first and this was their first WrestleMania moment and was a great match albeit it starting the night off. Overall it was a great opener which set the tone and also gave them a great WrestleMania moment with many more of course to come and has done since then. Brilliant choice from the WWE.

Also we get The Shield vs Team Hell No and The Undertaker which despite me not really watching RAW anymore is a match I remember still despite it being around 4 years ago. It is a very good match and is still one that I like even now watching it back while reviewing this set. Also it is the final RAW match that Taker took part in so is memorable for that and for it to be with the men who he is facing and for the Shield to really put up a great fight against 3 of the best is really great.

Finally to end the first disc we get another memorable match on my part between The Shield and Goldust and Cody Rhodes with the latter losing their jobs as well as Dusty if they lost to the hottest stable in Wrestling at that point and they ended up winning so they were reinstated by the WWE and it was a match I remember especially due to the build up and how Cody was announced for other promotions while this was going on to play up to the storyline. This was also Dusty’s last angle on TV before his unfortunate passing so seeing him nearly brought a tear to my eye but overall a good match and one that is of significance.

We start Disc 2 with the moment where the Shield disintegrated as such and Seth Rollins ended up doing it from behind which was a massive shock at the time but many people had wondered at that point like with the New Day how long it would be before they attack each other. This is the start of Seth Rollins’ real break out so is very much important and if this night would never had happened his success might have transitioned onto another member of the Shield.

Following this we had one of my favourite matches from 2015 in the form of the triple threat from Royal Rumble 2015 between Brock Lesnar, John Cena and of course the main focus Seth Rollins. This is in my opinion his main breakout in WWE before his Mania matches that made him one of the best wrestlers of the past few years and really set as a catalyst and also gives a bit of context of course to the next two matches which was first of all his match with Randy Orton which will be forever remembered for the RKO Outta Nowhere after the attempted Curb Stomp which of course is followed by the 3 way after Lesnar vs Reigns where he cashed in and really cemented himself as the real number one in WWE and it was a moment that everyone did not expect and most people loved. After such a brilliant match before hand this was the ultimate end to the show and showed him as the real villain of the piece.

His match vs Dean Ambrose followed this at Money In the Bank which was also a heart stopping clash where it felt like Ambrose might actually pull of the unthinkable after making a comeback from 3 powerbombs which represents in my eyes his deathmatch days and just getting back up after all adversity as well as the three powerbombs there was also ones onto a pile of chairs so it was very much action packed and was another match I really enjoyed re watching a few years later.

Also there is his clash with Neville from RAW which was a really good one for RAW as well with it being really fast paced like I really enjoy in a match forever being a big cruiserweight and Lucha fan and Neville looked like he might win which at the time was brilliant and despite us knowing the outcome it was still worth a watch again and is like most of the matches on the set. Very very good!

Also to end the disc off we had his champion vs champion match against John Cena from Summerslam in 2015 which is memorable for 2 reasons it is when he ended up holding two titles at once in the form of the WWE and United States title and also for the finish involving Jon Stewart and Seth being seen as a result as the Man like we expect and despite me not liking the finish it is one of his most memorable matches in the WWE so far.

We start Disc Three with his match vs John Cena at Live in Madison Square Garden. A match that despite me watching a lot of WWE has slipped through the net and despite Seth Rollins holding the WWE title at that time it was weirdly for the US title and in a steel cage. It was mainly only this set in my opinion for Rollins’ attempted frog splash off the cage and also marked his last match I believe before he sustained an injury which would cut his tear short for a little while before he returned at Extreme Rules 2016 and we also got his Superstar of the Year presentation at the Slammys’ which underlines how good he was in 2015.

We then got Roman Reigns who faced Rollins in the Money in the Bank 2016 Pay-Per-View in his first proper match back and it is a brilliant match to start his run properly back off with both men giving it their all in one of the matches worth watching on this DVD or sure. We got the ultimate for Rollins’ fans him winning the title as a result of this but he ended up getting screwed by Dean Ambrose who cashed in to win the title but overall a great return for Rollins.

Next up we get Ambrose vs Rollins vs Reigns which is the first collision between all three men but with the brand extension happening it didn’t mean much but still all good to see all 3 men back together again for another match and I would really like to see all 3 three men on the same brand one day fighting it out in a main event of Mania, that would be excellent.

The last two matches of the set were between Rollins and Balor which was a really good memorable contest between two of the hottest properties in Wrestling with some great back and forth wrestling. This though was impressive but also sad. It is impressive as Balor tore his labrum only a few minutes into the match and he carried on but is sad as it put Balor on the shelf for a while which is a shame with a man of his talents and also the fact he had to vacate the title.

The final match was from RAW in November with a WWE Universal title No DQ match which was when he turned face and when the build up to his match with Triple H took place and also built up Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens in the future and was overall as well as bringing feuds up a bit more also was a really good match and a good end to the set.

Overall – 8/10 – A great set and despite it not being a massive documentary like I am a big fan of, it provides an overview of his greatest WWE matches so far with those omitted being ones that are over used and also on other sets which is a good move in my eyes. If you are a fan of Seth Rollins or the Shield you are going to get a good set for your money and in my opinion this will not be his last WWE set.

Seth Rollins – Building the Architect is out now from wwedvd.co.uk and participating retailers for the price of £19.99


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