Blu-ray Review – WWE WrestleMania 33


Welcome BWR readers to another week and another review and this time once again we are going to take a look at a WWE title. This week we get the release that many people do buy every year whether on PPV or on Home Video through DVD or Blu-Ray, WrestleMania 33.

This review hasn’t been released until now by the way only due to the fact that I released the Seth Rollins one late due to illness so I am currently playing catch up but because I have no more WWE reviews to speak of over the next week or so it should be back to release date releases from now on!

Back to the review, I didn’t watch WrestleMania when it was live or even afterwards as unfortunately someone I know spoiled the big happenings of the night so I didn’t really want to watch it till a review so unlike some reviewers for this title, I am going into this almost blind as I know what happened but not properly watched it.

Now to the matches and my thoughts on them along with the important rating and my final thoughts on the release!

We start off the show with AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon which despite being the opener was in my opinion the best match on the whole event. To be honest though with it being AJ Styles involved I thought that it would be at least alright but it was a lot better than I expected. It was a normal match but still we got some great spots which are only there for Mania mainly due to the referee being taken out. Other spots included a trash can for the Coast to Coast and also AJ avoided an elbow drop through the table. This led to Styles going for the Phenomenal Forearm, Shane doing a DDT to reverse it and then trying a SSP which was the moment where everyone thought that Shane might do it and beat one of the best in the world but Styles finally hit his Phenomenal Forearm to get the victory and a brilliant start to the show.

The next match was the feud ending match between Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens which was another great match to continue the show and I would describe it as more of a fight than the last match with both men knocking ten bells out of each others and spending the match countering each others moves to show that neither man was willing to lose and wanted to give it everything. Kevin Owens won to become the new United States Champion, Jericho countered multiple powerup powerbombs and ended up putting Owens into a codebreaker which Kevin got out of of course. Owens ended up getting a brilliant ending to the match by hitting a powerbomb against the side of the ring apron and then went and got the win. I predicted this win at the time as Jericho seems to slide in and out of the WWE all of the time which is a shame but this win will elevate Owens even more. Overall another great match and two in a row on PPV’s is usually not a normal occurance.

Next up we got a RAW Women’s Championship Elimination Match between Bayley, Charlotte, Nia Jax and Sasha Banks.  These 4 I would say are good choices from WWE to showcase the best of the women on RAW. Nia Jax started off dominating as expected so all 3 men had to come together to attack her and when Charlotte went for a Powerbomb, Bayley and Sasha joined her and this helped them to get the early elimination of probably the biggest threat in the match. Next to be eliminated was Sasha Banks by Charlotte and considering I predicted Charlotte to win this as she is always a safe bet on Pay-Per-Views it was going pretty well. Banks ended up applying the Bank Statement but Charlotte dastardly rolled out and kicked Banks into an exposed turnbuckle to eliminate her afterwards

Bayley though surprisingly in my eyes though ended up winning by pinfall. Charlotte after eliminating Sasha tried applying pressure to Bayley but Bayley had it all covered. They went to the top and Bayley hit a back body drop and then an elbow drop off the top rope to win the match in the end. Overall an alright match, I prefer Charlotte to Bayley so I would of preferred a win for her but considering I thought this might be the dud match of the night it surprised me and was an alright watch.

Next up was the moment of the night for me, not so much the mach of the night. The Hardy Boyz surprisingly returned to the WWE for the ladder match. My friend who loves the Hardys went mental at the time and as did the crowd at the Camping Stadium. I started watching WWE in the era of the Hardys so for me it was a surreal moment as well and to finally see them back in a WWE ring is DELIGHTFUL! The match was alright in itself, not the best ladder match I have ever seen but due to the Hardys entering it and giving us that WrestleMania moment and winning them in the end it gets an elevated score from me! A flurry of moves led to the win with Matt hitting a Twist of Fate on Anderson, Jeff swanton bombing off the ladder onto Cesaro to put him through the ladders before Matt came back and went up the ladder to claim the WWE Tag Team titles and become 7 time holders of them! Brilliant moment!

Next up we probably got the worst match of the night, John Cena & Nikki Bella vs The Miz and Maryse. The match didn’t really last long and was not terrible but it didn’t really have much of a build and was completely there to promote Total Divas and the event which happened after the match. Cena hit the AA and Nikki the new and improved Rack Attack to get the win. After the match of course as has been heavily publicised Cena finally proposed to Nikki bringing an end to a long running saga where if you watch Total Divas which I don’t anymore you will know that despite Nikki wanting to marry John, he didn’t want to marry again after separating from his old wife so this came as a bit of a surprise and was a good moment for both parties but despite this it was a shame that Cena and The Miz in particular weren’t used in more high profile matches but while not terrible, this was probably the worst match on the card!

Next up was Seth Rollins vs Triple H in an Unsanctioned Match. This match was quite good and this is unsurprising considering the two men involved. Stephanie McMahon accompanied HHH to the ring  which gave a sniff that potentially she might be involved at some point and it was something I was waiting for and it did not disappoint. Stephanie got on the apron to try and distract Rollins and make sure that her husband ended up winning the match as it looked like he was on the verge of losing and grabbed Rollins. Hunter went for the kill (nice pun there) but Rollins ended up shoving Hunter meaning that Stephanie ended up crashing through the table. Rollins then hit HHH’s finisher Pedigree to grab the win. Overall a very good match and was even better with Stephanie involved as it meant that we got the finish we did and also gave that element of suspense throughout as to whether or not she would interfere.

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt ended up following this which was terrible. This was for the WWE Championship and the champion lost one PPV after he won it and after 11 minutes which in my opinion is not very good and lacks logic from the WWE. Maybe it was because of the fact that they were running low on time and had lots of matches to pack in so that they didn’t have to do what they have done in the past which is omit matches from the card but overall I thought it was a shame with this match as I thought it would be really good but in reality it didn’t live up to it’s billing. The ending took place with Wyatt hitting a Sister Abigail but only getting two, he went for it again but punched him and Orton shoved him and hit his RKO to win the WWE title. Overall if your wanting to skip any matches I would for this one, only bad point of the PPV so far though.

Next up was Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar which was of course going to be the feud ending match between the two. Despite Goldberg literally only wrestling about 3 minutes in his WWE run I think it has been really good because waiting for someone to return for so long and it happening means that no matter how bad or good they are on return you are just happy they are back, that’s how I see it anyway. Lesnar ended up winning in more of an even albeit a quite short match as expected, this put Lesnar over and effectively ended Goldberg’s run in the WWE and brought Lesnar’s dominance back after he was embarrassed by Goldberg. He ended up hitting 7 German Suplexes followed by two more before hitting his tenth to assert his dominance, he picked Goldberg up and hit an F5 to get the win. Good win and worth watching if you have followed the storyline and despite him being part time it is good to see Lesnar back with a title.

We got a bit of a cool off match but it was Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch vs Mickie James vs Carmella vs Natalya vs Naomi for the SmackDown Women’s title meaning that it was likely that Alexa might end up losing it. Despite it being almost the cool off before the main event it was a good match that may of been short but due to how many people were in it meant that there was a lot of near falls with Mickie coming close as well as Natalya and it was a bit like earlier but with less time a showcase of what SmackDown’s Women’s Division can do and it was a good match. It was great to see Naomi win it as if there is one superstar in the Women’s Division that is deserving of a title run it is Naomi and with Alexa going to RAW (Spoiler!) it means she can have a good run with the title and so I am glad.

Finally we got Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker in the main event. As some people may know, I am not a big fan of either wrestler and in my eyes Taker has not had a good match since Mania 25 and 26 but I am not here to disrespect an obvious legend of the business. This match was alright but not the best, some of Taker’s offence such as the Hell’s Gate and the Reverse Tombstone were quite sloppy and not the Undertaker we know. Undertaker came back towards the end after kicking out constantly to Reigns but the crowd were just not into it. This was only in my opinion due to the fact that they don’t like Reigns and they know that obviously he is going to go over and he did he uppercutted him a few times and then hit the spear to pick up the victory after the flurry of late offence. The crowd chanted Thank You Taker which embodied his legacy as this may be his last match, despite me never being the biggest Taker fan I did nearly have a tear in my eye having watched him growing up, I would of loved him to finish with his streak in tact and in my eyes if he was keeping going which he did taking it of him was the worst thing they could of done!
Rating – 7/10 – An alright Pay-Per-View with only one or two bad matches. It is WrestleMania though so while a PPV like this usually may score high with me as it is better than standard this didn’t really live up to the expectations. The Hardys of course were the best bit but some of the other matches like Orton vs Wyatt were flat. I would recommend it if you collect the DVD’s/Blu-Ray’s but apart from that it is nothing special!

WrestleMania 33 is out now from and participating retailers from the price of £19.99


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