Interview – Kat Von Kaige

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Kat thanks for taking part in this interview, could you first of all please give the readers a quick introduction to yourself??
Hi guys. I’m ‘The Vintage Villainess’, and ‘leading lady’ of professional wrestling.. Kat Von Kaige.
2. Let’s talk about growing up first of all, who would you say were your favourite wrestlers growing up and who would you say inspired you to become a wrestler??
My faves growing up were Lita, The hardy boyz and Trish. I didn’t care much for the mens wrestling. I was always super interested in the women. Trish, Lita and Victoria were all massive inspirations to me growing up. More recently, i fell in love with Nikki Bella at the same time I rekindled my love for wrestling.. so i guess watching Nikki gave me that push to actually pursue my dream.
3. Next of all, how did you get involved in wrestling training, who trained you and how would you rate that experience and finally if there are any potential new wrestlers reading this what advice would you give them??
I literally googled ‘how to become a professional wrestler’ hahaaa. I found some forum, where they literally gave you step 1-5 of how.. 1st of course, being find and join a wrestling school.. so i did. I joined Dragon Pro wrestling academy in Newport, South Wales. My regular trainers for the early part of my training was Ian Williams III and ‘Flying’ Mike Bird. I had an excellent experience, and felt like I finally found somewhere, where i fit in.. and different to regular school.. i wasnt the ‘weird kid’ anymore! My advice to any potential new wrestlers is, stop thinking about it and do it! Take the plunge! It may be the best thing you ever do, and will change your life!!
4. You are facing Angelina Love on the 28th July for Exposure Entertainment in Llanelli, are you looking forward to facing off against Angelina and do you have any words for her ahead of the match??
In all honesty, I’m so nervous! Shes someone i basically grew up watching, and its an absolute honour to share a ring with her.. its actually my birthday on that day so WHAT A BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!
5. You are making your debut for HOPE Wrestling on June 30th facing one of the brightest talents in the U.K. right now Bobbi Tyler, are you looking forward to this and have you got any words for Bobbi??
Well, I’ve wrestled Bobbi in the past at a HOPE trainee show. Granted it was a triple threat, and she did infact win.. i’m not worried. I feel in a singles format.. she has no chance, and i look forward to celebrating my victory #VISFORVICTORY
6. At the start of the year you went over to Denmark to wrestle for Bodyslam Pro Wrestling in front of over 400 people, how was this experience and what other countries do you have on your radar to go and wrestle in this year and beyond??
Oh my goodness! I absolutely loved it.. its still the biggest crowd ive worked in front of.. and the Danish fans are just amazing. Crazy! So invested. I wrestled in Denmark for my last show of 2016 and also started my year out there, and I love Denmark!! Bodyslam is such a cool promotion, if anyone is on holiday in Denmark and you see a poster! I strongly recommend you attend!! I’m hoping to tick a lot more countries off my list this year and beyond so keep your eyes peeled!
7. You are from Wales one of the best parts of the country for Wrestling at the moment with the likes of Nixon Newell, Flash Morgan Webster, Mark Andrews, Mike Bird and Wild Boar and a lot more coming from there, would you say that the likes of the names mentioned have been a real driving force in bringing it up to where it is today and does it inspire you??
Yess!! Wales seems to be a real hot bed of talent, and im so honoured to have been trained by all of the names you mentioned. They’ve definitely been a driving force, they really put Wales on the map and set the bar for the Welsh wrestling scene, which was pretty much dead before those guys made such a massive impact.
8. What are your future ambitions in wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??
My aspiration right now is to just continue making a name for myself on a national, but also European level! I’m not the kind of person that likes to make 5 year, 10 year plans. I really just tend to focus on the short term, and live for now. But hopefully in 5 years, I’ll still be wrestling and would have made an impact in womens wrestling.
9. Where can the readers find Kat Von Kaige on social media and where can promoters book you if they are reading this??
So you can reach me on twitter, instagram and facebook @katvonkaige. If you want to check out my matches, you can do that by typing in Kat Von Kaige on youtube. For any promoters, you can reach me on the vices above or drop me a personal email at
10. Have you got any future dates where the readers can see you live or projects you wish to plug to end the interview off??
Some upcoming dates for you guys:
HOPE June 30th.
PROW Jul 9th.
SWA Jul 15th.
KPWA Jul 16th.
RIW 22nd.
EWE Jul 28th.

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank Kat for answering the questions for you to read, please go and support her on social media if possible! 

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