Interview – Kieron from UnPro Wrestling


With our friends at Unprofessional Wrestling’s first show coming up,we had the opportunity to interview Kieron, the promoter to discuss this first show, how he got into wrestling as well as his future ambitions for the promotion :

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Kieron, could you please give a quick introduction to yourself and your promotion?

Hey man thank you for having me! I’m Kieron, I own Unprofessional Wrestling, London’s newest wrestling promotion debuting on August 20th at the Hackney Showroom.

2. The subject of this interview is about Unprofessional Wrestling’s debut show, how did you get into promoting and is this going to be the first of many shows in the pipeline?

Well I actually trained to be a wrestler about 4 or 5 years ago and I quite clearly didn’t belong in the ring in that aspect, but I always enjoyed what happened before the shows, setting up the ring, getting the merch ready, organising the guys backstage so I knew I still had to be involved in wrestling from a backstage perspective. I’m going into this first show with the second show in mind so fingers crossed that will happen before the year is over.

3. Who do you see as wrestlers who you want to book for future shows if given the chance?
Without giving any future plans away, I was down at Riptide’s debut show in Brighton the other week and there were a few guys that caught my eye, Spike Trivet, Kip Sabian, Instagraham. I’m also dying to get Damien Dunne and Drew Parker involved somewhere down the line.


4. The card for the first show is as follows : Chuck Mambo and Prince Jato vs Matt Walters and Kyle Ashmore, Jinny vs Nina Samuels, Sebastian vs Jack Sexsmith, Damon Moser vs Cara Noir, Roy Johnson vs El Ligero and William Eaver vs Zack Gibson, could you give a run down of the card and what the fans can expect from the matches?

Absolutely! So on the show we’re having a tournament to crown the first ever Unprofessional Wrestling Champion, hence the show name ‘The Man Who Would Be King’, so I’ll start with the 2 non-tournament matches:

Jinny vs. Nina Samuels – These are two of the best female wrestlers, scrap that, two of the best wrestlers in the UK today. Jinny is a pioneer for the women revolution and Nina Samuels is such a dynamic character, this is going to be a real battle, and this could be Nina’s first match back from her current injury so I expect Jinny to target that foot.

Chuck Mambo & Prince Jato vs. Matt Walters & Kyle Ashmore – You may have noticed on our Twitter and Facebook page that Matt & Kyle are now going by the name ‘Craft Beating Company’ and they’ve sent some pretty strange messages to their opponents, so I’m not quite sure what to expect here, it’s a match we’ve never seen before between two teams we’ve never seen before but I know that we’ll want to see them again and again once this match is over.

The tournament matches, winners of each match move into a fatal four way main event for the Unprofessional Wrestling Championship:

Damon Moser vs. Cara Noir – I’m very excited for this match, Moser has adapted a very ‘street fighter’ style with some very offensive strikes and kicks, I’m never quite sure when he’s going to down an opponent during a match. Noir is a guy I’m also very interested in, as are a lot of people from what I’ve seen on social media, no one knows exactly who he is, where he’s come from, but he’s turned up in a lot of promotions, XWX, Lucha Forever for example, and blown people away. Very mysterious.

Roy Johnson vs. El Ligero – This will be a classic veteran vs. up & coming star match, Ligero has been doing this for 15 years now, he has over 2,000 matches under his belt, he’s a workhorse, we couldn’t not have him on the show, and we had to put him against rising star Roy Johnson. Johnson talks a good game, and he impressed a lot of people with his match on the WWE UK Championship Tournament in Blackpool. Will Ligero’s years of experience give him the win or will Roy’s strength and age be enough to get him a spot in the main event?

Pastor William Eaver vs. Zack Gibson – This is going to have everything you want from a wrestling match, comedy, hard hitting action and great story telling.
Zack Gibson is an absolute star in the ring and on the microphone, he doesn’t take crap from anybody and I’m really looking forward to seeing his reaction to Eaver’s new faith healer skills. Eaver is another rising star, I’ll be shocked if he isn’t wearing multiple championships by the end of 2018.

Jack Sexsmith vs. Sebastian – I’m actually kinda worried about this match, will I regret booking it? Who knows. These guys have met before this match and I’m sure they’ll meet again after this match, but never have the stakes been quite so high. Sexsmith is currently flying the flag (quite literally) for LGBTQ rights so I am thrilled to have him on our show, but I think Sebastian has other ideas, I think for both guys this is for a lot more than a chance to be the first Unprofessional Wrestling Champion, this is about pride and respect.

5. Give the readers a few words as to why they should come to the debut show compared to other shows in the area?

You should come to our debut show if you want to be captivated by some compelling wrestling based story telling for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.

6. You described Unprofessional Wrestling as a blend of the retro, colourful vibes of WCW, crusty punx and the kick ass underground British Wrestling scene, is this what inspired you and are you looking forward to bringing something different to the UK scene?

The colourfulness of WCW is definitely one of the things that inspired me to get into wrestling, I always loved the big characters, the fact that they were an ‘alternative’ product to the mainstream WWF, and how they were willing to push the boundaries to try and engage an audience, it didn’t always work, but when it did, it worked well.

I think if you look at our logos and graphics you can see where we took inspiration from comic books and crusty punx, Dean Case came up with the original luchador skull and Jim Maitland enhanced it for the t-shirt, I’m super impressed with everything from a graphic design perspective.

The current British wrestling scene is obviously a huge reason behind why I’m doing this, I’ve always been a fan of up and coming, perhaps unknown guys. Promotions like PROGRESS, ICW, ATTACK! and Fight Club Pro have made it possible for smaller promotions like UnPro to do a show using only British guys and no imports, we’ll always thank them for that.

7. Where can the readers find Unprofessional Wrestling on social media to get news on future shows?

@unpro_wrestling on Twitter and Instagram, unprowrestling on Facebook,

8. Where can the readers buy tickets if they want to come along to the debut show? 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank Kieron for answering the questions for you to read, please go and support UnPro Wrestling on social media if possible and buy tickets to their debut show in August through the link above! 

If you want to support BWR as well go and follow us on Twitter : @BritWresRevival

and also like us on Facebook :


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