DVD Review – Fight Owens Fight – The Kevin Owens Story


Welcome to another review and once again we have a WWE title through to release and this time it is the turn of Kevin Owens one of WWE’s premier stars who has his first DVD/Blu-Ray release in the form of Fight Owens Fight : The Kevin Owens Story.

This release has been highly anticipated including by me and when I looked at the release schedule and saw this one with the words story which mean a documentary I was very pleased so as usual a quick run through of the DVD will be below before I give you my rating followed by whether or not I recommend it and the all important links in order to buy a copy if you are swayed by this review!

The documentary section which especially if you have seen all of his matches already is the main part of the DVD for most and this is around an hour long which is the standard time for a WWE release with around 1 hr and a half- 2 hours being the most they ever run for and WWE in my opinion are the masters at doing documentaries and they stand out for the most part and considering I have reviewed WWE titles since around 2014 I still remember the Macho Man & Jerry Lawler sets very vividly and really enjoying those while recently the DDP one was a personal favourite so hopefully in this case it stacks up as I have been an Owens fan for years even seeing him live back in the days when he used to wrestle over here occasionally as Kevin Steen of course.

We start off the documentary like a lot of them with the wrestler discussing his journey to where they are today and with Owens it is no different and as well as him telling the camera about it there are the comments that we have heard before about Owens from different superstars about how he wasn’t that prototype kind of superstar and didn’t really fit the mould to be signed by the WWE and then we kick start fully into the main part of the documentary with us even getting comments from Kevin’s Dad about how his obsession began with wrestling and how watching WrestleMania XI with Shawn Michaels really achieved that.

We follow this with a bit about Kevin’s training (this is structured like a lot of my interviews haha) and in this case we get more from Terry, Kevin’s Dad as well as Steve Corino and a certain Sami Zayn who of course is a main figure when you think of Owens from the Indy Scene to NXT to WWE and they talk about his training, early matches as well as his moveset which they say he basically stole from RVD. We also get some nice early match footage from Kevin’s matches which is a great part of WWE sets as it makes you think how far they have come since then and that occured in sets such as the Randy Orton one recently even when we got some OVW matches and the Seth Rollins’ one where we got FCW, it is really good and really adds to the set whether on the documentary or in the matches or both.

We then got Sami and Kevin talking about Sexxxy Eddy and when he went to the Tournament of Death for CZW and how it changed their lives in Wrestling. They were talking about how he took a move and how he severed an artery and then squeezed it into his mouth and how this moment changed their lives as it meant that more companies wanted to hire these Quebec wrestlers including Sami and Kevin and a fatal 4 way for CZW was discussed with footage also there of it. Sami was talking about how it opened the door for PWG, ROH and Europe bookings mainly due to them tearing the house down.

We then got some words from the likes of Neville, Johnny Gargano and AJ Styles about how if you had anything to do with Independent Wrestling and if you watched it you knew Kevin Steen and they for this portion literally just bigged him up which is understandable as all 3 were on the Indies at around the same time as Kevin with Neville being the earliest to leave to go to WWE and Gargano the latest recently. We got some footage from Ring of Honor as well as the CZW including some great footage of Kevin trashtalking in WWE and CZW.

Kevin also said that this trashtalking came from not being able to speak English and how he learnt it from Wrestling with words like elbow from Vader and a story about how he said the answer in class because of it and Neil his friend also comments about how with Kevin there was a lot of good god almighties due to the likes of Jim Ross and Wrestling of course. There is also a story about how he met Stone Cold at an airport and how Austin told him to keep running his mouth as much as possible and how he didn’t shut up from there.

Rollins talks about how they were involved in a match at Driven in 2008 with Jimmy Jacobs (Chris Scoville, current WWE producer and former wrestler), Kevin and Sami and Jimmy said about how it was the biggest pop that he had ever been apart of and the footage shows how mental the crowd went and Sami and Kevin say how that it was one of the best moments in their wrestling career so far. Seth and Jimmy both said that how much everyone loved them in Ring of Honor and how they were the second most over act behind Daniel Bryan.

Next of all, Sami talks about how hands on he is with his wrestling career and that he thought the time was right for them to split and do their own thing. Kevin talks about how they mapped out the feud for a whole year and they pan to Final Battle and how some fans were even crying but then we had the turn to start the feud between Kevin and Sami. Rollins said that ‘it was something special’ and ‘came out of nowhere’. It’s great that they are able to discuss ROH and feuds in there where before hand they couldn’t really so it shows how far wrestling has come with them helping each other as opposed to bickering.

Sami talks about Jim Cornette and how he was trying to find an excuse of sorts to take Steen away from the ROH roster by adding a loser leaves town match at Final Battle and Kevin himself talks about how dark of a time this was for him and really felt that it mucked up his career so much so that he nearly ended up quitting in the end so a really deep part of the documentary here.

Kevin then talked about going to PWG and this is the moment that really helped Kevin as it meant he could return to Ring of Honor at the Hammerstein Ballroom and as a result he was the biggest thing in Ring of Honor including referencing to himself as like Jesus on the cross when he was carried out when he made his return and this run lead to him winning the ROH title at Border Wars in 2012.

Kevin talked next about Sami getting his WWE tryout and how he brought his contract with him to go and meet him and how he signed his WWE contract right in front of him. Kevin said that it was rough and he was going nowhere with him tied down to Ring of Honor for another 2 years and how he wasn’t even sure WWE knew his name. Neville and Rollins both said that they didn’t think he would make it due in part to his look.

Triple H and William Regal talked about how Kevin’s name kept popping up and how they were scouring the Indy Scene around this time. HHH was saying that Owens believed that his match that he had with Gargano at 2013 PWG BOLA with Regal there watching was what he got signed and Regal even said why did you think I was there. Kevin said that how it was one of the best matches he has ever had in order to impress Regal. We got some tryout footage of Kevin and how he exploded with tears on a toilet break it was that bad. We got the footage of Kevin’s WWE tryout promo which has been doing the rounds online which he cut on Sami and how he signed the WWE deal in front of him and how he thought they were best friends. Stuff like this is really cool to see especially considering a documentary is meant to delve deeper and it definitely does.

Kevin talks about how when signing his WWE deal he was told that it was only for NXT and to basically not get his hopes up on being called up due to Vince McMahon not potentially being a fan of Kevin or his look. We get a look at his debut promo followed by his actual debut in NXT at NXT TakeOver R-Evolution with Sami winning the title before Kevin turns on him again like he did in Ring Of Honor to cap off a perfect debut in NXT and this moment of course made Kevin into the main eventer in NXT.

We also got when he captured the NXT title with backstage footage following this of Dusty Rhodes and Triple H clapping him after he ended up winning it. Kevin also said how he went from buying a ticket the year before to being NXT Champion and having a camera crew following him round all weekend and how even told himself when he was there as a fan this is the last year I will be here as a fan from now on I will be here because I’m a WWE superstar.

We get footage from that day as well from Hulk Hogan and The Rock who basically say how good he is and how in the case of Hogan Kevin gave him goosebumps when he was sitting with this wife and how he will keep the artform alive in the future.

Triple H talks about how short his NXT run was and how Vince of all people wanted him on the main roster and Cena wanted him to debut on his open challenge as he was such a big fan and of course that is mental considering he wasn’t ever seen as a WWE main roster guy and was just seen as a guy who would just wrestle in NXT.

Kevin said about how his son wanted him to fight John Cena and he filmed his reaction when he came out on RAW. We got Cena talking about how he can really talk and Ambrose saying about how got people to turn their heads quickly. Following this we got post Elimination Chamber when he beat Cena in one of my favourite matches over the past few years and we got some great words from Owens about how basically he proved the doubters wrong and how it’s only the beginning.

Next up we got when Owens won the Intercontinental title and how he always dreamt of winning it even as a child and how him and Ambrose took pride in the fact they were main eventing each show with the IC strap but of course Kevin wanted to move up to the next level.

We got him a year on from that previous Mania and we got him walking out on the stage and discussing with Sami and Chris Jericho the smallest crowd he has wrestled in front of which he said was 23 in his home town of Maryville and overall just how surreal it is that one year he can be there but not wrestling then the next in a few hours he will be.

We got some nice footage next of Kevin passing Stone Cold on the way to the match he has that night and just talking about how he feels that it was Steve’s advice all those years prior that really brought him to the WWE and now WrestleMania.

Kevin and Sami discussed the Mania match and Sami said how he had goosebumps as a result of the reaction he was given. Sami also says that they never thought they would make it to a moment like this and this was set to dramatic music and match clips. Kevin even said that for that one match it was worth it for all those 15 years.

Jimmy goes on from there talking about how he is orientated on goals and how good overall his work ethic is and how passionate is despite the fact he is a pain to work with, Neville even says he is a bit of a prick but despite this he loves his family and how important it is to him even more so than the wrestling.

We then go forward to Payback with Sami and Kevin’s match and Sami basically saying that he couldn’t believe considering their previous battles on the Indies and in NXT that they are having a match with each other on a WWE PPV and Sami then says that he believes that their Battleground match following this was their best match ever between each other and on this Battleground match, Bryan comes up for the first time in the documentary to say how good it was.

Kevin then talks about how despite how much he loves Enzo and Cass it is not where he wanted to be after coming off the Battleground match. Then following this he ended up winning the Universal title after being disgruntled only a week before due to mainly Balor having to relinquish the title. We got highlights from this on what is a pivotal moment in his WWE career so far.

Kevin said that when he saw that title he went back to PWG, the tryout etc and how he had a flashback of sorts. He said that he owes everything to Hunter and how as a result it was great that he was there with him.

Sami said about how he had zero emotion when he won but as soon as Kevin ended up coming through the curtain and hugged him he completely lost it and so did Kevin and it was a great moment to see with Kevin saying to Sami ‘This is Ours’.

We got some great footage along with this of Kevin’s Dad in tears discussing him achieving what he set out to do and how proud he is of him. We even get Kevin’s son discussing how happy he was when his dad won the title. We come towards the end of the documentary with Terry Taylor summing Kevin up by saying that he redefined what a WWE superstar is and I would say it shows how much of a success story he has been recovering from adversity from Jim Cornette to his NXT shot up to the present day.

Kevin ends it off by saying that even though it’s his dream job he would be nowhere without his wife, mom, dad and kids.

Rating 10/10 – If some people read my reviews, you know that I don’t give out 10/10’s a lot but this is a complete exception to that, it deserved it. A brilliant documentary which has a real message to it and even though I have followed Kevin for years, it touched me and inspired me in a way that no matter what barrier is thrown in front of you that you can smash through it and that is exactly what Kevin has done in his career. Definitely would recommend!

Fight Owens Fight – The Kevin Owens Story is out now from wwedvd.co.uk and participating retailers from the price of £19.99


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