Show Review – Sacrifice Pro Chapter IV : Shattered Dreams


Hello BWR readers and welcome to something a bit different from the usual WWE Home Video UK release review every Monday, this time we have a show review! Last night I had the pleasure of being at Sacrifice Pro’s WrestleMania so to speak called Shattered Dreams at Cedars Upper School in Leighton Buzzard. If you don’t know about Sacrifice already they are a promotion set up this year who every month put on charity wrestling shows in the Leighton Buzzard area with all proceeds going to a different charity every month and Sacrifice is great as they still have their storylines and some of the best in the UK mixing it with some of the best down here so Jay Garner vs Drew Parker was a previous match at an SPro Show.  After replying to a post about a month ago I was given the opportunity to provide a review as well of the show so today I will be doing just that, it will be a lot like the WWE reviews in the way that I will be giving you my thoughts on each match with a quick rundown as well as a rating and my recommendation on the promotion!


Before the action starts we get a sort of Pre-Show with the two commentators ‘The Mastermind’ Olie Spring who I recognise from previous APEX/HOPE shows at the Jury’s Inn as well as Figure Four Radio and TJ Lea and they run through the proceedings from the evening! In all honesty as informative as it was in my opinion it wasn’t really needed and the crowd albeit some of them were filing in weren’t really engaged with it.

Following this we got Wesley Lock who is apparently the new General Manager of Sacrifice Pro Wrestling after Harvey Dale relinquished it the previous month and he was out there to talk about the two big matches of the evening which are the GTTT finals and the H8Ful Eight Match with both giving great opportunities to those who win and then he went onto exercise his power by shouting at the girl on sound and firing her before reinstating her. I think him hyping up the show was good and really made it more important as opposed to just going into the action and probably made the wrestlers want it even more knowing that they are going to get this opportunity.

Match 1 – Team MAD (Danny Mayhem and Chase Williams w/ Jayde) vs Twister and Kai Payne – GTTT Semi-Final


First match we got was between Team M.A.D who are Chase Williams and Danny Mayhem who are 2/4 of one of my favourite stables in British Wrestling today and 4 of the most underrated talents on the UK scene in Chase, Danny, Hustle Malone and Jayde and Kai Payne and Twister who throughout this tournament have no been on the same page mainly due to Kai who has stated that he wants to win this tournament and he will win this tournament on his own!

The match started with Team MAD taking out Twister and then gang up on Kai Payne as of course Kai is the biggest threat in the team and so this is a good tactic from Team M.A.D to try to move onto the finals.

Twister finally came in when Kai decided to work with him despite his dislike for him and like alluded to claims of wanting to do it all himself but he just tasted a double dropkick and after more onslaught, he finally gets Kai back in who fights back and takes  both men on and picks up the win from there to advance.

Overall a good opener that of course didn’t go too long with the winner being in another match that night but it got the crowd going who like at other places I have been were mad for Twister.

I did have an inkling that Kai and Twister would advance as it would validate Kai’s claims before the match but I also thought Team M.A.D might get a sneaky victory especially considering them being known to bend the rules to get what they want and also having Jayde at ringside but it was Kai and Twister who advanced to take on the winner of the second semi-final between Los Palaminos (Tivy Lee and Frankie Vegas) and The Bromantics (Shogun J and Owen Charles).

Match 2 – Los Palaminos (Tivy Lee and Frankie Vegas) vs The Bromantics (Shogun J and Owen Charles) – GTTT Semi-Final


And we go straight onto that second match of the tag team tournament semi-finals between The Bromantics who are the team of Shogun J and Owen Charles and Los Palaminos who are Tivy Lee and Frankie Vegas. Before the match my thoughts on both teams were that I have seen The Bromantics on multiple occasions including in their first ever match as a team back at the end of last year and I am in particular quite a big fan of Shogun J due to his kicks and I really think that him and Owen share a great chemistry in the ring and they always seem to have a new item of branded Bromantics gear on every time I see them.

In terms of Los Palaminos I have only ever seen both men in singles action before so this will be a good gauge to see what they are like as a team as I have heard good things and apparently they only team in Sacrifice.

Both teams made their entrances with Los Palaminos having an entertaining effort with a banner that read 100% and The Bromantics having their usual one which always gets the crowd on their feet and clapping.

The match started and Tivy started an attack on Owen of the Bromantics and tried to limit Shogun’s involvement from the start by putting him out of the ring but the tide turned when Frankie tried this again only to be hit by one of Shogun’s patented kicks. We then got some brilliant tag moves and quite a few dabs from the Bromantics which was great and as a result I really thought The Bromantics would pick up the victory and move on.

This soon changed though and Frankie and Tivy went back to double teaming themselves to this team beat up Shogun but he found a way to tag in his partner Owen Charles. Owen came in but was soon grounded again in his pursuit of the win but he found a way to tag in Shogun which meant more great tag offence occured from the Bromantics which again got the crowd behind them.

It spilled to the outside with Los Palaminos ruling the roost and beating up both members of the Bromantics.

Tivy then grabs a chair and tries to get into the ring which allows Shogun to be hit with it and then Frankie did the classic throw a chair at the opponent then fall to the floor which I also saw the previous night at GOOD Wrestling but with the Certificate of Excellence brought out by Gene Munny but while that didn’t exude a disqualification Craig Anderson had no choice but to end the match by DQ and Los Palaminos advanced to the finals to take on Twister and Kai Payne.

Like the previous one, good match as a kind of opener to the show with some great tag team moves/offence from the Bromantics who get better and better every time I see them as well as from Los Palaminos who I thought were very entertaining and very impressive and were my picks to win it from there.

We also got a tease in my opinion of a turn from Shogun J who while Owen was visibly distraught in the ring sat there angry behind him but that could just be me overthinking it but it would be interesting to see if he does turn on Owen in the future.

Match 3 – Chuck Mambo vs Jack Cave


Next up we had two wrestlers facing off that were kind of outsiders in the way that they aren’t part of that core group such as Team M.A.D, The Bromantics who work every single Sacrifice show and as a result being able to see these two for the very first time excited me coming into it and I thought this would steal the show.

We had Jack Cave coming out first of all and getting on the microphone and establishing himself as the villain of the piece by berating Leighton Buzzard and the south in general which I found hilarious and of course this really riled the crowd up and then Chuck Mambo ended up coming out to an eruption from the crowd I would say who were clapping along to his music and really getting behind Chuck.

When in the ring Jack starts out when comparing muscles with the rubber workout things which you put under your feet and pull up and to the side after there was a notable difference between the two men and then Jack ended up getting hit with it twice where the sun don’t shine after it was flung back at him by Chuck.

Both men had offence in the early going and throughout and overall this was a very good comedy match, I was impressed by both men with Jack being as good as I thought he was going to be and Chuck having never seen him before I was pleasantly surprised by. Chuck picked up the win to the delight of the crowd and hopefully we will see more of both men down here in the future.

Match 4 – Jay Garner vs Hustle Malone – Devils Hand Match


This was the first half main event and the first time match ever in terms of the Devil’s Hand stipulation. Both men had something that they wanted to barter and this was only going to be revealed just before the match takes place so there is no backing out of it.

Have to say full marks in terms of the entrance by Hustle Malone, he is entertaining as hell as it is but in his entrance he didn’t even have to say anything, he came out with what I can say were security who were dragging him along with a towel on his head and messiah type music playing in the background and then out of nowhere Hustle beat up all of the security. One of the best entrances I have seen in Wrestling live.

The stipulations in this match were as follows :

If Jay wins, Team M.A.D must disband forever

If Hustle wins, Jay must retire from Sacrifice Pro forever

There was a brawl at the start and Jay dives onto Hustle and the rest of Team MAD on the outside before Hustle ends up reversing a kick attempt to slam him onto the floor on the outside.

Hustle when they get back in tries a quick pin before a flurry of offence on the ground. The crowd as expected got behind Jay who as a result tried to get back into the match and did so with a great hurricanerana. He follows this up by going to the top and executing a great drop kick. Hustle then got up and hit a DDT which nearly won him the match and then he threw him up for a flying forearm followed by a headbutt but Jay ended up nearly getting the victory himself following this with a great Shooting Star Press off the top.

Hustle though wasn’t done and spat at him and got a Sister Abigail type move for the victory and as a result Jay MUST RETIRE FROM SACRIFICE PRO!!!

Great match between the two with a lot of near falls to emphasise that either man could of won the match especially with the stakes being so high. Hustle is money in my opinion and if he isn’t booked in most places over the next year or so there is something wrong, his ability on the mic and in the ring is great and Jay is also very very good and has had some of the best matches I have seen live recently including his epic against Ashley Dunn at APEX Unbroken but being a Hustle fan I was glad to see him pick up the win.

Match 5 – Warren Banks vs ‘Bodyguy’ Roy Johnson


This was our opener to the second half and it was between Roy Johnson of WWE UK/ Progress fame who I have been seeing quite a lot of lately vs Warren Banks who I am starting to become quite a fan of. Like Mambo vs Cave when looking at the card this definitely stood out.

This was the first time as well that I have seen Banks as a face and from this evidence he works well as either a face or a heel which is always good to see in wrestling. Both men ended up locking up at the start after a sign of respect and this was a match where no man really got an upperhand.

Banks ended up getting the victory in the end but it took 2 spears to keep the Powerlifting Champion and the Waviest Guy in Pro Wrestling down and really showed that this was not going to be a walk over for Banks.

In my opinion though the problem was with this match was that the crowd was a bit flat and this is going to come with any match as such unless it is really fast paced that comes after the interval and even the bloke in the crowd who was starting all the chants couldn’t really get the crowd going but apart from that it was a good match with Warren getting better and better in my opinion and Roy was better than last time that I saw him down at APEX where I wasn’t really impressed. Well worth a watch though when the On Demand goes up but I do think the crowd reaction spoiled parts of it.

Match 6 – The H8Ful Eight Match (Dan ‘The Man’ Tucker vs ‘The Phantom of the Ring’ Max Thompson vs ‘The Poison Princess’ Jayde vs ‘Old School’ Kent Nelson vs ‘The Dragon Warrior’ El Jefe vs Jacob Daniels vs ‘The Superstar’ Ashley Dunn vs Morgan Black)


This was the sub main event and was the 2nd of two new match types alongside the Devil’s Hand Match and like any new match type it is a bit of a gamble as to whether or not it will work so I was very intrigued by this one with it being no rules, no DQ, no countouts with the winner getting a Golden Opportunity.

My pick beforehand was either Ashley Dunn or Jayde with them being in my opinion alongside El Jefe and Kent Nelson the standouts in the match and despite it being a new untested match type it worked and it was action packed from the word go and despite it being a NO DQ, No Rules match there wasn’t too much reliance on the weapons which you expect from a Family Friendly show anyway but it is good to see overall.

I was impressed by Max Thompson who I thought was very entertaining and the kind of deranged Phantom gimmick was seen throughout and despite him not looking like winning he impressed me as well as Morgan Black who I have only seen once before but I think is very good and the whole Pimp kind of gimmick wasn’t just a smokescreen as he was very good in the ring as well. Ashley Dunn and Jayde of course were very good and as some people may know I have raved about Ashley for quite a while now and I really do believe he is on the road to success, Jayde is someone who I have only seen for the first time this weekend at both GOOD and Sacrifice but is someone who can really mix it with both males and females and so I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.

Kent Nelson ended up winning the Golden Opportunity and came from nowhere of sorts to grab the victory and like his tag team partner and a lot of the talent on the card I think Kent gets better and better and I am a fan of the towel that he brings to the ring with his name on it. After the match Warren came out and congratulated Nelson only to be interrupted by the masked men who have been invading Sacrifice shows called Banksy and Mr Brainwash and despite Warren and Kent fighting them off, a 3rd member came out and they soon dispatched the team and then they stood at the entrance way united before leaving.

Main Event – Los Palaminos vs Kai Payne and Twister – GTTT Final


So then to end of the show we had the final of the Golden Tag Team Tournament decided earlier on in the night by the semi-finals that took place and that meant Los Palaminos the team of ‘The Suicide Blonde’ Frankie Vegas and ‘The King of Suave Style’ Frankie Vegas would take on ‘Chaos’ Kai Payne and Twister for this Golden Opportunity.

I thought before hand that LP would win for the sole fact that Kai and Twister have not worked together throughout as such and LP also boast a 100% record that I thought would take them to the victory.

To start the match off Tivy and Kai got early offence and Kai seemed like he was playing ball as such and tagged in Twister basically saying that he can’t do it on his own and this was to the delight of the crowd.

Twister got in and executed some arm drags on Frankie but Frankie soon turned the tide and tagged in his tag partner Tivy Lee

Twister though got back into it and tagged in Kai who performed a beautiful spinning move which he did multiple times across the two matches and tried to follow it up by teaming with Twister to dive over the top rope onto LP but this was halted.

It spilt to the outside and it lead to Frankie taking Twister back in who is then beaten up by LP and even though the crowd tried to get behind him he couldn’t get some offence initially but as the crowd got more behind him he fought back against both members executing a missile dropkick on both men. Kai was then tagged in and as the fresh man beat up Tivy and Frankie and great tactics from Kai meant that Tivy was dumped to the outside and we once again got that spinning move. All this work though was taken away with Frankie nearly picking up the win against Twister but only getting a 2 count.

They tried to isolate him into their corner though but Twister fought back saving a certain 3 count soon after. Tivy Lee tried to end it with a Russian Leg Sweep but this didn’t happen and both men ended up on the canvas through a Spanish Fly which Tivy only got a 2 count for. Kai then used Twister as a battering ram when he got up and then Twister ended up splashing onto Tivy  to get a three count to the delight of the crowd. Both men embrace at the end realising what they have accomplished but this is soon taken away when a bag is brought to the ring with only one title in it and so Kai goes back to his old ways and turns on Twister in effect to win the Ultimate Sacrifice Pro title showing that the stars were always aligned for him and that he was right when he said he was going to win it on his own.

Absolutely brilliant match to end the show, really big fan of Kai and think he is brilliant so I look forward to seeing what he does with the belt and who his first challenger is next month!

Rating 7/10 –  A very good show and this was epitomised at the end with the final match which was a really class main event. It doesn’t get a perfect rating mainly because of the Warren vs Roy match and the fact that understandably the first two matches weren’t as good as the final but like I say a very good show that I came away from very satisfied. I would recommend to anyone who wants to watch some good wrestling that is also for a good cause as you will get both at Sacrifice Pro!

Thanks to Sacrifice again for having me down and letting me do the review I really do appreciate it and if you wish to support them do so at the links below :

Facebook :

Twitter & Instagram : @Sacrifice_PW

Tickets and the new Sacrifice Pro shirt :

Their next show is on August 20th at Cedars Upper School called Sacrifice Pro Wrestling Chapter V : It’s Always Sunny in Leighton Buzzard

-Ultimate Sacrifice Champion, “Chaos” Kai Payne
-“Los Palaminos”, Frankie Vegas & Tivy Lee
-“The Superstar” Ashley Dunn
And more TBA!

Tickets will be available at 10PM, July 17th. Available from


Child £5, Adult £7, Group of 4 £20

Doors: 4PM, Show Start 4.30PM
Cedars Upper School, Mentmore Road, Leighton Buzzard, LU72PU.
On-site bar with both soft and alcoholic drinks, plus affordable snacks. Show is completely family friendly!


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