Interview – Charli Evans


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Charli, thanks for agreeing to do this interview, could you please introduce yourself to the readers??
My name is Charli Evans, I am a 20 year old Professional Wrestler from the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.
2. Let’s start by talking about growing up for you, did you get into wrestling early or late on in your childhood and who inspired you to start training to become a wrestler??

I started watching around 2005 so I was pretty young. I went to a local show and saw a wrestler, Shazza McKenzie and right there I decided I wanted to wrestle. It’s cool because Shazza is now one of my best friends and my favourite people to wrestle.
3. Speaking of training to become a wrestler, how did you get involved in that, who trained you and how would you rate that experience??
One of the local shows I went to had a school attached. I started in 2014 at Newcastle Pro Wrestling’s House of Free Fighting. About a year in I move about 2 hours from Newcastle and started training with PWA Australia. I was lucky enough to be trained by Madison Eagles which is such an honour. She is hands down one of the best wrestlers in the world and I am so lucky to have learnt from her and my other trainers, Adam Hoffman, Robbie Eagles, Jack Bonza and Mick Moretti. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.
4. Of course the blog is called TheBritishWrestlingRevival and I believe that in less than a week you will be coming over here to live, are you looking forward to it and who do you have your eye on to face if given the opportunity??
Yes! I arrive on August 1 to live and wrestle for 2 years. My dream match is Nixon Newell, but she’s off doing bigger and better things, but one day that will happen. I’d absolutely love to wrestle Kay Lee Ray, Millie McKenzie, CCK, Martina and so many more!

5. You recently debuted for Shimmer, how was that experience, how did it come about and do you have any plans for potential more dates with them in the future??

It was absolutely surreal. Last year I did a podcast and set myself some goals, one of them was to wrestle for SHIMMER within 5 years. I went over to do a seminar with Dr. Tom for RISE and I was lucky enough to get on the RISE show. I was then lucky enough to get to wrestle on 3 SHIMMER tapings. I am so so grateful and happy. I can’t wait to go back.

6. Of course you being from Australia it is mainly known in Wrestling terms for Emma of WWE fame as well as Toni Storm who will be appearing in the Mae Young Classic, would you say these two reaching the WWE inspires you to achieve that in the future??
Of course. 6 or so years ago having an Australian in WWE was unheard of.. now we have 7 of us over there which is fantastic and shows everyone how absolutely amazing the talent we have in Australia. We deserve eyes on our product and we are working hard to make it happen. I think out of all the Australians. I’m most inspired by Billie & Peyton, they both started training at PWA so I know that it’s possible to make crazy dreams come true.
7. As well as making your debut for Shimmer recently you also debuted for RISE who have their next event over in the UK including yourself, what can the fans expect if they have never seen RISE and you team with Jessica Troy as part of The Floozies in the promotion, will she be coming over here to team with you on that show??
RISE is fantastic. What they are doing is going to give female wrestlers such a great opportunity to be seen by the right people like Dave Prazak and I’m so excited to be involved in the next one taking place in the UK.
Jess and I are now called the Blue Nation and she won’t be over here for the next RISE show, she is still in America wrestling all over the place. I’ll have to go it alone this time.

8. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling would you say and where do you see yourself in around 5 years time??

Just to get better at wrestling everyday, no matter how small the improvement. Work hard, train hard and make a good impression. Right now I just have goals for the UK – I have places I aim to work so by the end of the 2 years I hope to have worked for those places.
9. Where can the readers find Charli Evans on social media and where can UK promoters in particular contact you about bookings when you are living over here soon??
Twitter – @charli_evans1
IG – @charli_evans
FaceBook – /charlievanswrestlers
For merch – or DM me on social media.
For bookings, tweet me or email

10. Have you got any future dates or a message for the readers to end the interview off??

I have dates that need to be filled – so hit me up. I’ll add a bit of crazy Australian to your show!
I’ll be at BEW on September 3rd and RISE in September 15th!
I have a few lined up but I’m not sure if I can announce them yet!
For all upcoming bookings check my social medias.

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank Charli for answering the questions for you to read, please go and support her on social media if possible! 

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