Blu-ray Review – WWE 1997 : Dawn of the Attitude


Welcome back to another review, today once again it is the turn of WWE that I turn my attention to! Firstly I apologise for this review being a bit late, as with my interviews my personal life has taken over and I was away for the first part of this week so I only received this release when I got back.

Today it is the form of 1997 : Dawn of the Attitude, this was due out a few weeks before it’s actual release date over here but a disc error meant the release got pushed back. WWE have been pumping out a lot of these old school sets as of late with the 90’s the focus such as the Unreleased set we reviewed a few weeks ago and for someone who never watched wrestling in that period, it already gains some points as I always say it’s more of a history lesson as a result.

This set though was better than expected, it wasn’t just a ton of matches slapped onto a set like usually a set like this would be it is mainly a roundtable like the WWE Network specials are which includes Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Ron Simmons, The Godfather and Kane.

Hosting it was Renee Young who I am a big fan of as she knows her stuff as was demonstrated in this case using terms alongside structure to the different conversations and is there despite them being friends as almost a mediator so the conversations don’t go on too long and also to lengthen certain portions and she is the best by far if your talking about people who are not wrestlers in order to host this set.

In terms of the roundtable, these are the sorts of features that really peak my interest as I am all about the history side of wrestling and really hearing what they have to say about certain parts of it all and just overall delving deeper into certain storylines and moments that define the sport. Mostly it was about how the attitude era came about and they spoke in depth about different subjects (without giving too much away) like Steve Austin and the Rock, Mick Foleys’ Three Faces, how women were presented, DX, Montreal as well as some interesting stuff that was less massive but that I didn’t know about as a result.

Overall if you want an hour of chat with a lot of anecdotes thrown in and the wrestlers themselves putting their side of the story across, I would definitely recommend this set and don’t get me wrong this isn’t the best release WWE has ever put out with the documentaries trumping them for sure with the Macho Man one probably being my favourite of recent memory but what it still has is a nostalgic feel and in a schedule full of PPV’s and compilation sets it is a breath of fresh air. It reminds me a lot of the Kayfabe Commentaries sets but instead of it being one person it is multiple people and so I hope they do multiple sets as a result of different years that have defined WWE.

Of the matches, you get the likes of Psycho Sid vs Shawn Michaels from Royal Rumble ’97 which despite not being a brilliant match was still a good watch and the fact Shawn wins the belt in hometown when nowadays it is not the case really shows why it is on the set and it is a great addition in that respect.

Next up we get Bret Hart taking on Mankind in a match that was Unreleased before being on this set from the show they discussed on the set Shotgun Saturday Night. The match is good and I love the venue as considering the way WWF was mainly portrayed at the time it makes a massive difference and is a great match to have on the set.

Following this we had British Bulldog vs Owen Hart which if you have never seen it is probably one of the best matches ever to be on RAW. It’s just a simply stunning wrestling bout between two of the best of that time who sadly were taken away from us too soon.

We kept up with the RAW feel with Psycho Sid taking on Bret Hart for the WWF Championship in a  Steel Cage match which was a very good contest and considering this was only 6 days before WrestleMania it really adds a sense of intrigue that potentially Sid might lose his belt which you wouldn’t get on RAW today neither would you get the swearing which for the most part is bleeped out.

The match before that was one of the best RAW produced but the next one was one of the best Mania matches of all time featuring Bret Hart and Steve Austin which is excellent and has Ken Shamrock as special guest referee. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is a must watch.

Following that we got another glimpse of two of the biggest stars of the era with another Hart  vs Austin encounter from RAW which is a scrap after their In your House mach which is a good watch despite it not being particularly a match but it is an early example of what RAW is there for and so is a good addition.

Following that we got our first glimpse of Triple H on the set in his Hunter Hearst Helmsley guise. It was the start of a brilliant feud with Mankind and goes to highlight how many good feuds and stars this era went onto make.

The final part of the set starts off with Dude Love’s debut as Steve Austin’s tag team partner which despite Austin being a real bad guy and very good at that, they worked very well together and it goes to highlight that Mick Foley wherever you turn in this era was a massive part of it all and this is a real example.

Following that we had the Six-Man Tag Flag Match from RAW including Bret, Owen and The British Bulldog vs Austin, Dude Love and Taker which is a good enjoyable match but one that most people have seen especially if you watch and review alot of WWE DVD’s with past matches on them like I do but still a good watch.

Another match with Undertaker followed that which is from In Your House 1997 which is brilliant when he faces off against Shawn Michaels which despite being largely forgotten is the big catalyst for their feud and their even better matches at Hell in a Cell and Royal Rumble and despite it not being a massively big match reliant on wrestling, I like these sort of contests where it is more of a straight up fight then a proper match.

A brilliant match from One Night Only in the UK in 1997 where Shawn Michaels defeated the British Bulldog on home soil for the Erupean Championship in a brilliant match where the crowd play a massive part and is definitely worth a watch. As you can tell the set relies massively on a few big names which shows how much they mattered in this period and Shawn and Bulldog were two of them for sure.

Kane’s debut match follows that from Survivor Series which is also brilliant and goes a long way to making Kane into the monster that he has been for years as Foley being one of the best of all time goes out of his way to perform some stunning bumps to show this and it is something Foley isn’t praised enough for I would say.

Another match was from the same Pay Per View. It was the one which everybody has probably seen in the form of Bret vs Shawn in the infamous Montreal Screwjob which is a moment most people remember even if your not really a big wrestling fan. Despite the ending this is a brilliant match and really goes a long way to establishing Mr McMahon as the vindictive heel we all know him as today and this was definitely the start of it.

The last two matches follow this between Steve Austin and Rocky Maivia (the Rock) and Shawn vs Triple H, Austin vs the Rock despite being short is really entertaining and almost the start of them becoming as big as they were while Shawn vs Triple H is completely different as it is more an angle and goes to almost bury the European Championship in an over the top fashion which is a good entertaining way to end the set.

Rating 8/10 – One of the best sets WWE has produced this year by far. I have preached quite a lot recently about how with the advent of the Network, the WWE Home Video part has to change and be more than just matches and this shows just that with a good mix of both with a set I would definitely recommend.

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Interview – ‘The Original Badman’ Beano


Photo : Courtesy Of Turning Face

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog, thanks for your time, could you please start by introducing yourself to the readers??

Wa you sayin BWR! Thanks for getting in touch! Of course I can. I wrestle as ‘The Original Badman’ – Beano. I am 20 years of age and I’ve been training at the Dragon Pro Wrestling Academy for almost 3 years now under the tutelage of ‘Wild Boar’ Mike Hitchman, Flash Morgan Webster, Big Grizzly and WWEUK/NXT superstar, Mark Andrews. I have wrestled at a variety of different promotions across the country such as Dragon Pro Wrestling, Attack! Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Chaos, IPW:UK and more.

2. Were you into wrestling from a young age and who would you say were your favourites growing up and would you say they inspired you to start wrestling??

Yes, I was very fond of wrestling at a young age. During my later school years I had lost interest but thankfully I discovered a couple of crash mats that were stored away privately in my schools sixth form room – so as you can probably guess, my love for wrestling came flying straight back when a handful of friends and I used these mats to hit moves on each other. When I was at home watching wrestling, I used to really enjoy the likes of Randy Orton and Eddie Guerrero. Now Guerrero’s feud with JBL, that was really something for me – along with Orton’s time representing the Evolution. I wouldn’t’ say this inspired me to start wrestling, but it certainly helped push the idea.

3. Speaking of starting wrestling, how did you get involved in wrestling training, who had a hand in your training and if you could have a seminar with any wrestler dead or alive who would it be and why??

Well I wasn’t aware of Dragon Pro at first and this was due to lack of research because it’s only a 15 minute drive from home, so I ended up travelling for 2+ hours to the reputable Kamikaze Pro who are based in Birmingham as I’m sure you know. At the end of the session they made me aware that there was a training school in South Wales, right near my house. When I began training at Dragon Pro, Mike Bird was the owner/head coach. I could never thank him enough for what he did for me with regards to coaching and teaching me almost everything I know now. ‘Wild Boar’ has now taken his place as head coach and has maintained the excellent levels of coaching. Seminars – now that’s a difficult question. There are so many wrestlers, past and present that I’d love to have a seminar with. Randy Orton (for his movement), Shawn Michaels (for his selling) and Jody Fleisch (for his athleticism) are to name but a few.

4. You recently stole the Pro Wrestling Chaos Heir to the Throne briefcase from Big Grizzly and have said you won’t be at their next show so there will be no title defence, do you have any words for PWC and Big Grizzly after stealing the briefcase??

I wouldn’t say I stole it – I put my hands on it and ran away with it and he didn’t ask for it back, so I think he’s cool with me borrowing it for a while. I don’t think the crowd heard at Unleashed, but whilst chasing me around the ring, Big Grizzly said “ye man, of course you can borrow my case! Bring it back when you’re ready!” And a few words for PWC and Big Grizzly, the case is in safe hands, don’t worry. #WaYouSayin

5. You made your debut for GOOD Wrestling at their last show as a replacement for Panda Cub, what did you make of it and do you have any plans to return in the future??

GOOD Wrestling is a cool promotion and they wrestle in a great little venue in Milton Keynes. If I get asked to go back and I’m free, I wouldn’t turn that down.

6. Next month you are making your debut for Rebel Championship Wrestling, are you looking forward to it and what can fans who have never seen you before expect from you??

I’m looking forward to representing RCW next month, yes. It’s always nice to work at new promotions with new faces. The fans will have to wait and see.I’m looking forward to representing RCW next month, yes. It’s always nice to work at new promotions with new faces. The fans will have to wait and see.

7. What do you make of the current state of British Wrestling and are you glad to be a part of that??

British Wrestling is the best. There’s so much talent flying around the world at the moment – Welsh, Scottish, Irish and English and to be a part of the scene is overwhelming. It’s fantastic that the UK indy scene is being acknowledged and recognised far more lately, especially with Progress promoting shows outside of the UK. I can’t see the rise of British Wrestling stopping any time soon.

8. What are your ambitions in wrestling and where do you see yourself in around 5 years time??

I hope to be working a lot more regularly than I am now. If in 5 years time I can say that I wrestle at least 2/3 times a week, I’ll be happy.

9. Where can the readers find ‘The Original Badman’ Beano on social media and where can promoters book you for future shows??

Twitter – @ManLikeBeano, Facebook – ManLikeBeano, Instagram – ManLikeBeano.

10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

Yes! Dragon Pro Wrestling, October 15th at Rodney Parade, Newport. Check the Dragon Pro Wrestling Facebook page for more info! Also, check Merch Britannia for Beano merchandise! Thank you British Wrestling Revival!

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DVD Review – WWE Double Feature : Great Balls of Fire and Battleground 2017


Welcome back to yet another WWE DVD review which seem to be common fare at the minute on the site! More interviews and posts different to reviews are on the way but like anything having to wait back on them is the main problem and as a result, there will either be loads at once or none for a while but I apologise.

Today is yet another Double Feature set which I enjoy reviewing mainly due to their value for money and it means I no longer have to review 2 titles over the space of two weeks and can get them done quickly for the readers.

The two main contrasting matches from the two shows are Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe from Great Balls of Fire and Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton in the resurrected Punjabi Prison match at Battleground so straight way it seems like a good pick up to see both of them two.

As usual with it being a Double Feature set, a quick opinion from myself on each match followed by an overall rating and explanation for this which will help you make the decision whether to purchase this title or not.

Starting off with Great Balls of Fire, the first match on the set was between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt which is quite weird to start off with but like I have previously said with WWE PPV’s they seem to be going in the opposite direction with having a good match to start the PPV to get the crowd hyped which is pretty good from WWE, this match was pretty average, not amazing considering the two competitors but you could tell it was almost a warm up for future matches between the pair.

This was due to Wyatt doing the dirty on Rollins poking him in the eye and then hitting a Sister Abigail for the win which nods towards this in the future but you can tell with these two that the winner of the feud will potentially challenge for the title in the future towards the end of the year heading into the start of WrestleMania season again.

Enzo Amore vs Big Cass followed which was poor as expected but that was the match quality as it was just there to squash Amore but also leave the audience thinking that slowly Enzo might actually get a win in the end and potentially go on a run and show that despite Cass being bigger than him that the underdog will prevail so despite it being a squash it had more meaning for the future.

From poor to excellence, The Hardys vs Cesaro & Sheamus came next which was a storming match especially towards the end. I am not a big fan of Iron Man matches as with wrestling with me I like to just get transfixed into the action and not having that reminder that the match will end in this time which might sound silly to some but that’s just the way I see it. Cesaro and Sheamus ended up winning 4-3 as expected with it not being a main PPV but it really gave the audience what they see with both teams and that is quality which has not been lacking but has not been the best recently when they face off and with Cesaro and Sheamus winning it has to have either a resolution with The Hardys winning back the titles or potentially which may be disagreed with, The Hardys splitting up and Matt and Jeff going on singles runs but it will be interesting to see what route they go down but overall a great match to cancel out the previous two.

Following this was another quality match with Alexa Bliss the champion and Sasha Banks facing off. Like I say this was more quality and like with the previous matches it alluded to the feud continuing which with these two it is all good. Despite the brilliant match, Alexa did the typical heel ending which was by taking the countout loss to make sure that she kept the title which that teamed with a brawl which left Bliss’ mouth busted open suggests that they are no way over and like with the previous match I envisage Sasha potentially getting the title eventually whether that is a back and forth deal like Sasha and Charlotte were or a definitive ending but that will be interesting as well but like I say a very good match which shows how good the Womens’ division in the WWE is at this moment in time.

The Miz and Dean Ambrose then faced off for what felt like the millionth time and this was quite poor and not exactly PPV standard. I think that this feud will be ended soon as it has been going for some time and there is only so many times you want to see it a bit like with Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt a while back but it was a pretty easy win for the Miz especially with his Entourage at Ringside as well as Maryse with Ambrose looking like he potentially might of won they got involved costing Ambrose the win through The Miz then hitting the Skull Crushing finale for the victory and to retain his Intercontinental title which for my money has gone from being a title which is changed most weeks to a very solid title only really held by the two people involved in the match but still better than it used to be towards the start of it’s new belt run.

An ambulance match between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman was next and continues a very entertaining feud between the pair with me saying previously that their last match was one of the best I had seen on a WWE PPV or some time and especially considering I don’t like the people involved that much it shocked me and once again these two really went to war with this time it being an ambulance match. It was Braun who won to stack up his chance of a potential title match with the winner of the main event down the road putting Reigns into the ambulance after a war which anyone of them could of won which like a lot of matches on this card shows that they are potentially heading for a huge barnburner in the future which especially with these two will be absolute quality and Reigns afterwards got into the ambulance and drove it into a trailer with Braun inside which shows this is not over yet.

As they checked on Braun, we had a throwaway match between two of the jobbers as such of the WWE and that is Curt Hawkins and Heath Slater. It lasted the shortest time and they went back to the previous match and the aftermath with Braun stumbling out to show how powerful the guy is that he can come from a crash and walk off. We didn’t actually see the finish as they were using the jaws of life to free Strowman but it wasn’t worth anything anyway.

Finally in the main event we saw Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar (C) face off in the match we were all waiting for. This match was a brilliant end to the card and really showed that Joe is up there as a serious threat to the main event of the WWE. Samoa came close to beating the man known as the Beast Incarnate who despite losing easily to Goldberg on multiple occasions almost looks unbeatable and this could set up Joe for a future reign with Lesnar only winning when he looked like he was on the jaws of defeat which is not the decimation we are used to. I think in the future depending what Joe does it will be one to really look back on and say that this was one of the first signs on the main roster of Joe being a star and it is usually these PPV’s that do it where they can go out and put on a real show. A great end to the PPV!

Battleground 2017 on the otherhand was the one headlined by the Punjabi Prison Match. It started off with The Usos vs The New Day. Their previous matches have been very good and I have said previously that they have great chemistry and this match was even better than their last match against each other and it helped that not only they have good chemistry but the crowd were very much invested in it and that is a good thing especially for the opener.

Next up was Shinsuke Nakamura vs Baron Corbin, this on paper was going to be a great match but was very good for a different reason, Corbin’s heel side. After a back and forth affair between the two competitors, Nakamura was on the verge of victory and when he set up for the Kinshasa, Nakamura checked on Corbin and Corbin sneakily low blowed him for the DQ which was classic especially as he’d rather lose by DQ then have to lose by pinfall and as a result he looks strong which was further underlined with Corbin hitting him with the briefcase followed by end of days. I expect to see another match between these two to potentially settle the score and potentially if Corbin cashes in to win, Nakamura could be a challenger for the Lone Wolf.

Following that we had a women’s 5 Way Elimination #1 Contender’s Match between Charlotte Flair, Lana, Becky Lynch, Tamina & Natalya. This wasn’t the best match and it is probably because of the fact that I am not a huge fan of 2 out of the 5 and them being included in my opinion shows that they are lumping these wrestlers in to fill space and time on the PPV. Natalya ended up winning which I didn’t see coming but if you know what happens in the future it makes sense which was Nattie winning the title from Naomi which is something WWE fans have been calling for, for some time and it has finally happened. As a result Nattie will face Charlotte at Hell in a Cell which if any of their previous meetings are anything to go by will be brilliant.

The next match was a disappointment given the wrestlers involved and that was AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens. There was a ref finish at the end when they had a double pin at the same time which spoiled it and overall they weren’t given the time which is what they deserved that at the very least. These two will face off again with the stipulation potentially involved which will be interesting and could end the feud but even though that occurred it disappointed me and the crowd weren’t into it either, not really worth watching if you see this on the card and want to watch it as it is a big disappointment.

Speaking of disappointment, the next match was a disappointment before it even started and that was a flag match between Rusev and John Cena. Like the previous match both men deserve better than a stipulation that shouldn’t be used anymore. Both men didn’t look interested and neither did I or the crowd for that matter. The last part of the match was exciting but you don’t watch a match for the last minute and don’t watch this unless you want to waste 21 minutes of your life cause that is how long this mess lasted.

Following this, Sami Zayn faced Mike Kanellis in a match on paper that should be brilliant what we got was a very average match that was finished in no time at all which was a shame. Sami got revenge on Kanellis after he beat him on the previous week on SmackDown. This was good to go before the main event and was unlike the previous PPV where they found two jobbers to wrestle in the form of Slater and Hawkins and I would love to see these two really go at it if they have a programme in the future. I am glad though that Kanellis and of course Maria has been brought in and I thought before they went to the other company, they should of joined the WWE and it will be interesting to see how the do.

In the main event we had Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton in a Punjabi Prison match in the return of the format devised for the Great Khali. This like the the Flag match was god awful and I remember the original match being rubbish as well. It gets a few points from me for the Great Khali returning and even that I am not exactly overjoyed at as he’s not one of my favourites but the novelty of it was worth it. They had the cage climbing teases and brawling but it just didn’t deliver at all and it was a match I was looking forward to but just didn’t deliver. I like Mahal and am glad he’s being given a chance but I don’t believe he will have the title for a lot longer.

DVD Rating – 5/10 – Great Balls of Fire was very good and was a PPV full of matches I really enjoyed it for not only that but the setting up of the next matches in feuds and gets the 5 while Battleground apart from the tag team match was poor and not worth watching and it is probably why it didn’t get a stand alone release. Watch the first PPV but not the second but as usual I would recommend the double feature releases for the value alone so take that into account.

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Interview – ‘The Rogue of Neverland’ Killian Jacobs

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Killian, thanks for your time, could you please start by introducing yourself to the readers??
I’m Killian Jacobs, I represent the group Next Wave 5. I’d recognise myself as an unaffiliated Disney Luchadore. Big Disney fan who works the lucha style of wrestling. I’v been involved in wrestling for over 10 years now (possibly the slowest rise in British wrestling) but still looking to learn and progress in this business that we all love.
2. Were you into wrestling from a young age and who would you say were your favourites growing up and would you say they inspired you to start wrestling??
Yes, I can always remember having wrestling in my life. The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith was the guy who hooked me on wrestling. As a child he was my hero. Other favourites were Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Vader. As I got into my teens and the attitude era, I was a fan of The Rock, Chris Jericho and The Hardy Boys. I would say these were the guys who inspired me to get into wrestling.
3. Speaking of starting wrestling, how did you get involved in wrestling training, who had a hand in your training and if you could have a seminar with any wrestler dead or alive who would it be and why??
I started training at 16 in Birmingham with K Star Wrestling. I live in the middle of nowhere, so getting to training every Sunday was a mission itself. At 16, I would get 2 buses and 2 trains, there and back to learn under the guidance of Carl Brookes. In my opinion one of the most underrated trainers in the country. Great question, 3 names spring to mind immediately. Bret Hart and Chris Jericho, i’d love to learn from. Also with more recent influences I would have loved to have met and learnt from Perro Aguayo Jr.

4. You wrestle quite a bit for Ironfist Wrestling who seem to be getting better and better, what do you make of that and you are part of Next Wave 5 who lost to Hooked Up recently, have you got any words for Hooked Up after the loss??
Ironfist is my home promotion, it’s slowly getting recognised by more and more fans which is great, I feel Ironfist always puts on good shows with great talent, so is definitely worth checking out if you can. Next Wave 5 is a group originally formed by myself & Millie McKenzie, now introducing Joey Scott. The idea was to showcase a group that could hang with the more established workers on the scene now, Millie is doing great things elsewhere and is proving that. Myself and Joey will keep on showcasing why we should be ones to watch. As much as losing sucks, Hooked Up are great, Xander Cooper (probably the most underrated worker in the country, in my opinion) is great to work with. Alongside Mel & Abel they are very entertaining to watch. I’d suggest keeping an eye on NW5 & Hooked Up in the future.
5. You have also wrestled for Fight Club Pro this year, how was this for you and what do you make of the rise of FCP over the past year or so??
Yeah, I appreciate the opportunities given to me at FCP, during my time there I learnt ALOT from Pete and Zaki. What did anyone expect? They have a great team with hard working talent, for me the rise was both expected and earnt. They will keep getting bigger and better too.
6. Recently you made your debut for Pro Wrestling 4U representing Ironfist Wrestling in a losing effort, how was it representing your main promotion and will you be back at PW4U in the future after your initial debut??
Going into this I was a little unsure what to expect, I don’t think you ever do, going into a new promotion. I can say though, it was a great experience. One of the most professional set ups iv been apart of. A great team led by Phil, with a hard working roster. I wanted to make a good impression whilst representing Ironfist the best I could. I like to think I did that, I would love to return soon and try to correct that win/ loss record. Nothing but good things for PW4U, another promotion id urge fans to check out.
7. What do you make of the current state of British Wrestling and are you glad to be a part of that??
It’s certainly the best state it’s been in for years. It looks to keep getting bigger and better too. I am indeed. If you look across the top UK Indy promotions and many of the unfamiliar UK promotions too, all the guys and girls on the scene are the most hard working, hungry talents in years. When everyone is working that hard, we all win, as do the fans checking out the shows.
8. What are your ambitions in wrestling and where do you see yourself in around 5 years time??
Honestly I just want to make a living from this great business. My immediate goal is Mexico, I would like to go out and train in Mexico City either at the Star Gym (AAA) or with CMLL at the Arena Mexico and work on a regular basis out there. I’m a fan of the lucha libre art form, many of the workers I like to watch now days apply their craft there, so for me it seems like an ideal fit. So hopefully 5 years from now I could be working out there regularly.
9. Where can the readers find ‘The Rogue of Neverland’ Killian Jacobs on social media and where can promoters book you for future shows??
I’m on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you search Killian Jacobs, or @KillianJacobs you should be able to find me there. Again promoters can get in touch through any of these profiles.
10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??
I’m a regular at the following promotions, Ironfist Wrestling, Full Force Wrestling, Wrestling in Hinckley, Pro Wrestling Subjective all of whom have shows coming up so check them out. I’m also flying out to Malta next month as part of Pro Wrestling Malta, which I’m very excited about. Cheap plugs for Next Wave 5 (Myself, Joey Scott) who I believe, people will be talking about in the next year. Readers should also check out Chris Royals (One of the hardest workers I know). Alongside Millie McKenzie, who is already turning heads now, check out guys and girls like Heaven, Domina, Athena & Hooked Up. Thanks for the time guys, and hopefully I’ll catch some readers at shows in the future.

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Interview – ‘The Poison Princess’ Jayde

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Jayde, thanks for your time, could you please introduce yourself to the readers to start the interview off??
‘The Poison Princess’ Jayde. She’s got the eyes of a panther and lips like Satan. Leaving a destructive path, chopping and kicking her way across the UK. Nothing will stop her. She wont be the one left behind.
2. To start off with, did you watch wrestling growing up and if so who would you say were your favourites to watch/inspired you to train to become a wrestler??
One night when I was around 6/7 I was watching TV with my Dad when he put wresting on, i instantly fell in love to the point i immediately stated to copy the moves. Jumping off the sofa and putting him in headlocks etc and from that day on my love for the sport just escalated to the point i’d watch wrestling everyday. Growing up my favorites were the likes of Chris Jericho, The Hardy Boyz and DX but when I saw Lita for the first time that was the game changer for me. That’s when I knew this is what i wanted to do.
3. Speaking of becoming a wrestler, how did you get involved with wrestling training, who trained you and how would you rate the experience??
When I originally began to look for wrestling schools I couldn’t find any that were local to me, most were in the cities far away so I took up Judo as an alternative as that was the closest thing I could find. But I admit it didn’t last long as i soon realised it was nothing like wrestling. Quite some time passed then I began to look again quite a few years later and found a school 30/40mins away called UBW and began to train there under Darren Nottingham and Paul Ashe where I began to get the mechanics down. That was for about a year then I moved onto HOPE wresting in Milton Keynes as it was more local and thought it is always good to learn different styles. This was under the head trainer Paddy Townsley and then I guess the rest is history.
4. I know you very well as part of Team M.A.D with Hustle Malone, Chase Williams and Danny Mayhem, how did this stable form and how pleased are you to see that all 4 members are making real strides in British Wrestling at the moment??
They saw the potential in me, they’re not stupid. I’m the matriarch of MAD no need to explain anything further. It’s great to see my boys getting the recognition they deserve all i’ll say now is watch this space.
5. In a spate of debuts recently you debuted for IPW against Chakara, how did that come about, how would you rate the experience and are you returning or was it a one time thing??
It is all down to getting yourself out there, showing what you can do and giving 100% every match. The word soon spreads and doors open! The experience itself with IPW was amazing, i really enjoyed myself everything was so well organised and everyone was so welcoming. I had so much fun working with Chakara as well, but if she dares to powerbomb me again then i’m talking the girl out 😉
6. Recently you also debuted for GOOD Wrestling, how was that and how did it compare to other shows like APEX and Sacrifice Pro that you also wrestle for lets say and are you there at the next show Keep On Movin on September 16??
GOOD was a great experience too, i loved it even if i did get kicked in the back of the head a few times! As it was an over 18s show compared to the child friendly shows like Sacrifice and Apex there were no boundaries and there are things we cannot repeat that went down…and who knows, maybe head on down to the show and see who turns up…
7. Another debut has been announced and that is for British Empire Wrestling n September 3rd against Charli Evans then whoever wins that faces Thunder Rosa in the evening show to crown a new AIWF International Women’s Champion, do you have any words for Charli and how determined are you to get through to face Thunder Rosa and claim that title??
I was robbed!
8. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling and where would you say you see yourself in 5 years time??
I love wrestling, i just enjoy doing it as much as I can. In the next few years i’d love to do a tour of Japan, Europe and the USAand ultimately take it as far as I possibly can. The wrestling industry is like nothing else as you never know what is round the corner. I’m just going to see where the ride takes me and enjoy it along the way.
9. Where can the readers find ‘The Poison Princess’ Jayde on social media and where can promoters book you for future shows??
I have finally embraced social media so I can be contacted on the below;
Facebook – Jayde Wrestler
Instagram – jaydewrestler21
Twitter – @JaydeWrestler21
10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug to end the interview??
Sacrifice Pro is a promotion where ALL earnings go to charity. Many wrestlers have already given up their time for free to come and entertain and make money for the chosen charity with many more getting in contact. Help support and come one down!
Another would be with HOPE Wrestling as they have now launched an all female show called Foxes which debuts in October. This is a fantastic opportunity for us female wrestlers to show what we can do, that we can keep up with the guys and we hit just as hard. It’s great exposure for all the hard working female talent we currently have in the UK that are just going under the radar. Check it out and help us show that us female workers are the ones to watch!

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DVD Review – WWE Unreleased 1986-1995


Welcome to another WWE DVD review, it’s been a few weeks since the last one but we have a few reviews on the way in the next few weeks including a Double Feature one of Great Balls of Fire and Battleground 2017 which adds to the couple that WWE Home Video has released so far.

This week though it is the turn of Unreleased – Never Before Seen Matches 1986-1995 which as the title suggests is quite self explanatory and includes matches that are probably not on DVD sets or the Network that have all been put on to these three discs which depending on the spreading out of the set means there is a lot.

To me this set looks fantastic on paper especially with me being a big fan of old school wrestling and especially considering that I wasn’t born in those years it is a history lesson for me as well.

Firstly the big thing with this set which is why it has been hyped so much is that these matches were only for for people in attendance and not just off tv specials and episodes of RAW, it is what it says on the tin and for big wrestling fans, 45 matches is a staggering amount which is why I am going to keep this short and sweet.

Personal highlights include the Dingo Warrior aka The Ultimate Warrior in his early days before he became the Warrior we all knew. This is not only a great example of early Warrior but also includes some offence not usually used by him but towards the end he shows that the Ultimate moveset is coming together with some well known moves from later on in his career.

Also Rick Martel vs Jake Roberts in a Blindfold match was also brilliant and was a tester for the WrestleMania VII match and it was brilliant as it is something that being a WWE fan who has watched it in the modern era is a novelty and the crowd were really into it which is something we wouldn’t see today if lets say Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman did it but it shows that the WWE fans back then appreciated every facet of wrestling and even though this isn’t 5 star, it is still brilliant to me.

Bret Hart vs British Bulldog was also brilliant but because of the match itself, looking at both men on paper before hand you’d think it would be and it is. It is a real hidden gem of the disc amongst the comedy matches like the next one I want to talk about is, The Toxic Turtles vs Tommy Stevenson & Ron Preston which is one of the best matches on the set but for the funniest reasons and that is because they are a blatant rip off of TMNT. I swear I have seen this before but it must of just been pictures or a similar gimmick they did in the WWE but this is still good to watch but not for all the right reasons like Bret vs Bulldog.

Shawn Michaels vs Mr Perfect which wasn’t amazing but it includes a weird ending where Perfect wins the title but due to a mix up Michaels was disqualified which technically could of meant a third IC title reign for Perfect but overall like I say it isn’t brilliant like their Summerslam match later on but the ending means it is worth the watch.

A final mention before I get onto the final verdict for this set, Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake vs Money Inc which was after the King of the Ring which was the last time we would see Hogan in a televised WWE match in the 90’s and going back to what I said previously, this match might not be the best for it’s wrestling content but the crowd makes up for it that don’t take wrestling too seriously and take it for what it is especially in that era as entertainment and in my opinion that is what wrestling nowadays is lacking.

Also on the set includes  Macho Man vs Andre The Giant and Ultimate Warrior vs Undertaker in a casket match which are both interesting watches and of course as you can guess there is a lot of Hulk Hogan throughout the DVD which is never a bad thing.

Rating – 5/10 – This is not brilliant by any means and most of the matches are what I would call dud matches. There is probably only a few matches that are good and even some aren’t good it is only seen as that by me as I like the wrestlers involved and it is nostalgia. If you are wanting a release full of excellent content with matches you haven’t seen before you are only going to get the latter. But at the end of the day I guess if they were amazing they wouldn’t have taken so long to be released.

I would say though if you go into this set with the mind set that it will be entertaining with the Toxic Turtles embodying it you will be entertained and probably love this set but for WWE fans that wanted to see a release full of hidden gems look elsewhere. Finally though I would say that I’d buy it for the likes of Earthquake, Taz, Tatanka and Billy and Bart before they became that in their tryout matches which of course is a very good nostalgia pop but overall I wouldn’t recommend this release unless you buy every single set or love the period.

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Interview – ‘Dragon Heart’ Danny Jones

dannyjones.jpgPhoto : Courtesy Of Turning Face

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Danny, thanks for your time, could you please introduce yourself to the readers to start the interview off??

Hey BritWresRevival! My name is Danny Jones, I’m 21 years old and I’m from a small town called Ebbw Vale in South Wales.

2. Let’s talk about growing up for you, when did you first start watching wrestling growing up and who would you say inspired you to pursue wrestling ??

I have been watching wrestling ever since I can remember. My father has been watching wrestling since the 80s and when my eldest brother was born, he was also big in to it. Naturally, when I was young I was interested as it was always on. There wasn’t a specific wrestler that inspired me to pursue it, but just watching it all the time is what made me want to become one when I was older.

3. In terms of pursuing wrestling, how did you get involved in wrestling training, who trained you and how was that experience for you??

When I was around 15 I was actively interested in giving wrestling a serious go but I didn’t know how to and I didn’t think it existed in the U.K., let alone Wales. One day when I was on the bus to school, I saw a banner on a institute that was on the way and it was advertising a wrestling show. After looking into it for a while and speaking to different people, I found DragonPRO Wrestling which was based in Newport at the time which had Mike Bird as the head trainer and I had A LOT of help and guidance from The Wild Boar, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster. From then on, it was just all I wanted to do.
Overall training was (and still is) a pleasant experience. Mike has a wealth of knowledge and having my start with him benefited me greatly in ensuring I took the right path. Having looked at DragonPRO’s current track record, there’s no denying it’s the place to be in Wales/South West England.

4. You are currently in Japan on tour for AJPW, how has been the experience so far for you and what have been your favourite moments??

I’m currently 3/4 weeks into my tour with All Japan Pro Wrestling and the experience has been insane so far. I feel incredibly blessed to be out here, completing a goal I’ve had for years and to do it with a company like AJPW is something I never expected.
To pick a select few favourite moments is difficult, but having traveled a lot here already and wrestling the likes of Jun Akiyama, Takao Omori, KAI, Kento Miyahara and many other All Japan wrestlers has given me memories I’ll remember for a long time!

5. Continuing on with that subject, how did the opportunity come about and when are you back in the UK??

The opportunity came by as Atsushi Aoki (AJPW wrestler and head of talent relations) came to Scotland to hold two weeks of seminars and tryouts. I attended and to my own surprise I was one of the two picked.

6. You wrestle for ATTACK Pro Wrestling when back in the UK, what do you make of the rise of ATTACK over the past year or so and are you looking forward to going back and wrestling for them again??

I can NOT wait to get back to ATTACK! Pro once I’m back. I feel like the rise of ATTACK! is thoroughly deserved. The roster is loaded with talented, hungry and all round amazing people so I love being involved.

7. Another promotion firmly on the rise is Pro Wrestling Chaos who you were tag team champions for with Richie Edwards until recently as Modern Culture, similar to ATTACK what do you make of their rise and will you be back after the titles when back in the country??

The same can be said for Pro Wrestling Chaos as well, they have such a professional team with again talented and hungry performers. To be involved with their rise is also fantastic!
When I’m back me and ol’ Richie will be gunning for them titles for sure.

8. What are your future ambitions in wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??

My ambitions are to just keep going further and further with wrestling. I want to keep travelling as much as I can, I want to become more well known and more importantly I aim to make this a sustainable, stable living. Obviously the end goal for a lot of people will be WWE, but I know I have a lot of time to reach that goal so in the meantime and 5 years time if I’m making a healthy living from doing something I’m passionate about and something I love then I’ll be mega happy!

9. Where can the readers find ‘Dragon Heart’ Danny Jones on social media and where can promoters book you for future shows??

I’m on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so I can be found on all the mainstream platforms:
Twitter: @dnjonesuk
Instagram: @dannyjonesuk
For bookings, I can be contacted on any of these pages but if an e-mail address is preferred then I can be contacted via

10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

For any future dates, projects and other shenanigans be sure to check out any of my social media pages as I’m pretty active on there!

Thank you very much for having me. 😊

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