Interview : Chris ‘The Shark’ Andrews



1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers?

My name is Chris Andrews, i’m from devon. 6′ 230lbs. in wrestling i’m an athletic heavyweight. my temperament is often compared to a shark, quiet and calm most of the time but when its time for battle/(time to eat) i’m ruthless, aggressive and can often snap, the complete opposite of my calm nature while not competing.

2. What got you into Wrestling and how did you start training?

i was a fan from a young age, the first events i remember being recorded for me were summerslam 92 and wrestlemania 9. i always wanted to give it a go but there weren’t many opportunities in devon until 2005 when various guest trainers came down to exeter to take classes. one of them was uk kid, who saw some potential in 6 or 7 of us and took us to Portsmouth to start our full time training which became the vpw school of excellence.

3. Do you have any words for your opponent Marty Scurll for Homecoming 2?

yea, i believe i have only wrestled marty once in a tag match but have seen several of his other matches and know what i am up against, i’d say to marty you better bring your A game to homecoming 2 cuz i sure will be!

4. How does it feel to be wrestling under the NWA banner?

the NWA is a massive part of wrestling history so of course its an honour to have that banner on a show im competing on.

5. Who has been your toughest opponent?

Bob Holly

6. Current state of British Wrestling?

i think there are some really great things going on in british wrestling at the moment and just wish more attention was put on this, rather than the shitty things (that do go on a lot to be fair). i think some people just prefer to be moaning about something than giving it praise.

7. What goals do you wish to achieve this year?

my main goal for this year was to get more work over seas, i have just confirmed a show in switzerland for april and have others in the pipeline for france and belgium so this goal is looking good so far.

8. What is the hardest thing about being a wrestler?

i guess everyone finds differnet aspects hard, for me the bumps and bruises are part of it and i have always played sports so the hours in the gym etc aren’t the big thing. with out a doubt for me its the time away from people you care about, especially as wrestling needs to be put on when people are free to come and watch, thats also when your girlfriend/wife/kids/friends have time to spend with you and you cant be there.

9. What promotion do you want to work for most in 2014?

there are a few companies that have impressed me from what i have seen for different reasons, they include PCW, ICW, REV PRO, and SWE. of course i would love to work for WWE in 2014 as well.

10. Where can fans find you?

11. Where can promoters get booking info?

either via the facebook page again or e-mail

12. Dates you want to plug?

next dates i have i believe are :

Feb 2 NBWA

Feb 8 Suplex Wrestling

Feb 9 PWA:UK

Feb 19 VPW

Feb 22 PRO EVW

Feb 23 WrestleForce

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