CSF Wrestling


The COMBAT SPORTS FEDERATION was formed in 1998 with the first live company event taking place in Swindon. After the debut event the Federation hosted an evening of wrestling in Melksham, Wiltshire, a town which has become the home of British wrestling and is still hosting events fourteen years later.

Over the years expansion has seen venues in Bristol, Bath, Yate, Newport, Taunton, Weston-Super-Mare, Stroud, Salisbury, Newbury, Frome, Bridgwater, Thornbury and Devizes added to the organisations regular dates. In early 2008 the CSF teamed with NWA:Wales to form another group known as GB:Wrestling.

The CSF holds the All Nations Championship Title & Belt. The title has a fourteen year history with the COMBAT SPORTS FEDERATION, with the Heavyweight crown having been defended as an active championship three years previously, before being taken over by the organisation, giving a seventeen year unbroken lineage. Nathan Bane has recently become the tenth holder of the title by defeating Gideon in Bridgwater, Somerset.

Keep up to date with all upcoming events here & at the official website, where you can also purchase tickets, merchandise & event DVDs – www.csfwrestling.co.uk


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