Plex Rock n Wrestling


Plex have seen some well known Pro-Wrestling stars walk through their door’s over, from men who have competed in WWE & TNA – *Mark Haskins, James Mason, Andy Simmonz & Joel ‘Oliver Grey’ Redman* to World Of Sport Stars – *Johnny Saint , Mal Sanders & Steve Gray* – to some very talented superstars who have traveled all over the UK – *Ian Logan, Darrell Allan, Ant Lacayo, Will Davison, Jake McCluskey, R.J Singh Bill Duffy & many more!*
Plex Wrestling have also been heavily featured in the Media since its beginning, Including Newspapers, Wrestling Websites & Online Magazines, Radio and has even been mentioned in a well known Wrestling Magazine “Fighting Spirit”!
Plex Wrestling made its name for being known as the Promotion that brought “Rock N Wrestling” back to British Wrestling, Which featured a Live Band Performing through out a show!

Plex Rock n Wrestling is Set to make it’s return on Sunday April 27th 2014 at The Connaught Leisure Centre, Aldershot!

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