NWA : New Breed Wrestling Association


New Breed Wrestling Association had a great year this year bringing such stars as Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Kid Kash in as well as a top breed of British talent including the likes of Doug Williams and James Mason!
At the end of November, NBWA became NWA : New Breed Wrestling Association and are now affiliated with the prestigious National Wrestling Alliance which means that the likes of Rob Conway could be brought into the promotion and be mixed with the likes of Kay Jutler and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

I am so happy to be affiliated with a promotion who has a huge backer like NWA and i hope to make it to NWA : NBWA in 2014 to experience this for myself!

With my affiliation, I will be able to interview wrestlers in my usual manner before the shows and that could be the likes of Odyssey all the way down to Conway or even DBS Jr. and i will also be doing show previews and hopefully in the future DVD reviews!

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/NWA-New-Breed-Wrestling-Association/363566393788774

Feb 2nd show ‘Home Coming 2’ Facebook Event : https://www.facebook.com/events/1440436702837353/?ref=22

Twitter : https://twitter.com/NewBreedWA


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