Interview – Charli Evans


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Charli, thanks for agreeing to do this interview, could you please introduce yourself to the readers??
My name is Charli Evans, I am a 20 year old Professional Wrestler from the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.
2. Let’s start by talking about growing up for you, did you get into wrestling early or late on in your childhood and who inspired you to start training to become a wrestler??

I started watching around 2005 so I was pretty young. I went to a local show and saw a wrestler, Shazza McKenzie and right there I decided I wanted to wrestle. It’s cool because Shazza is now one of my best friends and my favourite people to wrestle.
3. Speaking of training to become a wrestler, how did you get involved in that, who trained you and how would you rate that experience??
One of the local shows I went to had a school attached. I started in 2014 at Newcastle Pro Wrestling’s House of Free Fighting. About a year in I move about 2 hours from Newcastle and started training with PWA Australia. I was lucky enough to be trained by Madison Eagles which is such an honour. She is hands down one of the best wrestlers in the world and I am so lucky to have learnt from her and my other trainers, Adam Hoffman, Robbie Eagles, Jack Bonza and Mick Moretti. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.
4. Of course the blog is called TheBritishWrestlingRevival and I believe that in less than a week you will be coming over here to live, are you looking forward to it and who do you have your eye on to face if given the opportunity??
Yes! I arrive on August 1 to live and wrestle for 2 years. My dream match is Nixon Newell, but she’s off doing bigger and better things, but one day that will happen. I’d absolutely love to wrestle Kay Lee Ray, Millie McKenzie, CCK, Martina and so many more!

5. You recently debuted for Shimmer, how was that experience, how did it come about and do you have any plans for potential more dates with them in the future??

It was absolutely surreal. Last year I did a podcast and set myself some goals, one of them was to wrestle for SHIMMER within 5 years. I went over to do a seminar with Dr. Tom for RISE and I was lucky enough to get on the RISE show. I was then lucky enough to get to wrestle on 3 SHIMMER tapings. I am so so grateful and happy. I can’t wait to go back.

6. Of course you being from Australia it is mainly known in Wrestling terms for Emma of WWE fame as well as Toni Storm who will be appearing in the Mae Young Classic, would you say these two reaching the WWE inspires you to achieve that in the future??
Of course. 6 or so years ago having an Australian in WWE was unheard of.. now we have 7 of us over there which is fantastic and shows everyone how absolutely amazing the talent we have in Australia. We deserve eyes on our product and we are working hard to make it happen. I think out of all the Australians. I’m most inspired by Billie & Peyton, they both started training at PWA so I know that it’s possible to make crazy dreams come true.
7. As well as making your debut for Shimmer recently you also debuted for RISE who have their next event over in the UK including yourself, what can the fans expect if they have never seen RISE and you team with Jessica Troy as part of The Floozies in the promotion, will she be coming over here to team with you on that show??
RISE is fantastic. What they are doing is going to give female wrestlers such a great opportunity to be seen by the right people like Dave Prazak and I’m so excited to be involved in the next one taking place in the UK.
Jess and I are now called the Blue Nation and she won’t be over here for the next RISE show, she is still in America wrestling all over the place. I’ll have to go it alone this time.

8. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling would you say and where do you see yourself in around 5 years time??

Just to get better at wrestling everyday, no matter how small the improvement. Work hard, train hard and make a good impression. Right now I just have goals for the UK – I have places I aim to work so by the end of the 2 years I hope to have worked for those places.
9. Where can the readers find Charli Evans on social media and where can UK promoters in particular contact you about bookings when you are living over here soon??
Twitter – @charli_evans1
IG – @charli_evans
FaceBook – /charlievanswrestlers
For merch – or DM me on social media.
For bookings, tweet me or email

10. Have you got any future dates or a message for the readers to end the interview off??

I have dates that need to be filled – so hit me up. I’ll add a bit of crazy Australian to your show!
I’ll be at BEW on September 3rd and RISE in September 15th!
I have a few lined up but I’m not sure if I can announce them yet!
For all upcoming bookings check my social medias.

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DVD Review – WWE Double Feature : Payback & Backlash 2017


Hello BWR readers and welcome to the 2nd review of the week after the Sacrifice Pro one on Monday which I would like you to all view if you would get a free moment! Today we switch it back to familiar surroundings with another WWE DVD/Blu-Ray review and we have this weeks release which is another of the Double Feature sets and this time it is the Payback and Backlash PPV’s on one DVD pitting of course RAW and SmackDown on separate ones so you get a taste of both for the same price as usually one! I do think this is a good move on WWE’s part as not everybody is going to be able to afford every PPV every month on DVD especially considering we now have the Network at our fingertips!

The main reason by the way why this wasn’t released on it’s release date is that I had to start watching it on Monday due to my hectic weekend with two shows so I apologise for that but you get 2 reviews in one so all good!

This review will be shorter than if it’s one DVD as I have to review two PPV’s but the rating system and recommendation will as always remain!

Now to start off with Payback :

We started off with a match that on paper could be a main event on a Pay-Per-View like this and considering the guy who was in this match was the cover star for this event you would think that would be the case but nope, Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens for the US title started off the show which I do find weird but it could be to get the crowd excited if it’s that match as opposed to Reigns vs Strowman which was the main event! This match was a solid opener I wold say, both men especially Jericho are great characters and this reflected in the stupid idiot chants coming from the crowd! Jericho had to move to SmackDown and bring the US title with him as a result of picking up the surprising victory but if he is going on another hiatus again he will probably drop the title to elevate someone else on that brand so I would say that it would make sense but overall a good opener that got the crowd really going and it really helped that it was two of the best in the WWE that were involved!

Next up we got Cruiserweight action in the form of the Cruiserweight champion Neville and Austin Aries who has since been released. It was a welcome addition to the show to have the cruiserweight having a spot on the card as opposed to relegating them to the pre-show as usual! This was another good match, of course not the best I have seen by either men but they were really hard-hitting and really pushing themselves to the limit which is something I like to see and like the previous match it definately helped that it was two quality talents gracing the ring as I think since the Cruiserweight matches came back that they have been fairly average but this showed otherwise and I hope to see more of the Cruiserweights on future RAW PPV’s!

Next up we got tag team action between the Hardy Boys and Cesaro and Sheamus, this was another good match, well of course it was looking at the talent involved! I have said it time and time again that I am so happy to see Matt and Jeff back in the WWE after years of speculation as to their return and I think if we can finally get the Broken gimmick in the WWE that they will really hit new heights but that is for another day. As expected Matt and Jeff did retain with Jeff’s signature Swanton Bomb on Sheamus but we got an entertaining after match as well with the two teams shaking hands and then Cesaro and Sheamus attacking them which could lead to a good feud between the teams in the future with C&S likely to get the titles at some point in the future but being big fans of Cesaro and Sheamus I am glad that they have returned to their heel ways!

Next up we had the women’s action for the Pay-Per-View between the ‘hometown hero’ Bayley and Alexa Bliss for the RAW Women’s title and weirdly this was another very good match, reason it is weird is that WWE’s PPV’s usually have good and bad and it interchanges but so far the PPV has been all good which will probably change by the end but still this match was very good as well. I am a big fan of Alexa and am glad she won the RAW Women’s title and with seemingly a feud with Sasha on the way for Bayley it made sense for her to drop it at some point and I think Alexa will make good use of this run and hopefully shine with the belt. This match was very entertaining overall and one of the best so far of the show and like I always say after years of WWE booking women’s matches wrongly they have knocked it out of the park since the Revolution started!

Next up we had the House of Horrors match and I tell you what it was horrific and that isn’t a good thing, it was a match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt inside a haunted house kind of setting with items such as a fridge which was tipped onto Randy which prompted him to leave. Having not seen Payback before I was sitting there with my head in my hands just thinking after such a good start they had to ruin it!

We went back to normality for a time with Seth Rollins taking on Samoa Joe, this match was alright. The knee injury that Seth had kind of didn’t help proceedings and really drove the match and what it was about but despite this supposed injury Seth countered a coquina clutch into a pin for the win which just shows that despite his injury he can still beat him and this ends Joe’s undefeated streak in the WWE I believe and should really kick start the feud even further from here so I have no complaints about this one it just wasn’t amazing!

Next up we had the second half to the House of Horrors match which had Bray doing his usual entrance then when the lights came back on Orton was there. Bray had help from the Singh Brothers who apart from in CWC I have never seen before in a WWE ring but Orton fought them off showing he isn’t going to lose his title that easily. Orton got an RKO but ‘The Modern Day Maharaja’ Jinder Mahal snuck into the ring and hit him with the WWE belt and with this being a NO-DQ match it was legal and Bray then hit sister abigail to win the WWE title. Pretty poor match that has ruined a good event so far I would say!

Finally we got Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns in the main event and despite me not being a huge Reigns fan this was a great end to the show! This was underlined by him chokeslamming Reigns into the Broadcast table and also there being near falls including one with Reigns’ finisher the Spear. Despite it not being too long even less than the Joe vs Rollins match it was a real brawl between two men who despite not getting the best reaction from the fans deliver whenever they are in the ring! Reigns got two superman punches but Strowman came back with a lifting arm triangle choke and 2 running powerslams for the win which shows his dominance and he underlined this with a post match beatdown and if this leads to a match with Lesnar fine by me as they are really doing well with Strowman and decimating Reigns especially at the end definately help his cause!

Now onto Backlash 2017 ……

First up was Nakamura vs Dolph Ziggler, this was a very good match which is no surprise as both men are brilliant and especially in the case of Dolph is very underrated. Like the previous PPV it was very weird that a match that could of main evented the card and as with a lot of Dolph’s matches recently there was a lot of nearfalls that could of easily of got him the win but he came up short in the end falling to the Kinshasa knee strike after Nakamura hit an exploder suplex and as expected he picked up the win following this via Pinfall to keep up the momentum and get the crowd really going with a great opener with the superb reaction to the Kinshasa showing this and like I say this match was one worth watching!

Next up we had Breezango vs The Usos, this on paper to me was a dud match and one that I thought if anything I would skip, it was nearly that but there was good comedy aspects as well as some good wrestling in this one so the best of both worlds really. This was in effect the last match before the Usos would embark on a feud with the New Day when they came over which would spawn the video that went viral of the rap battle including some choice words which you can find for yourself but enough about that, this was a decent match and like I say had a bit of both which I like and so I wouldn’t skip this one even though like I say on paper it would seem skip able.

Next up we had Baron Corbin vs Sami Zayn, on paper I would say this would be the match that would steal the show if you want to go down that route and it wasn’t that but it was very close and was still a very good match with Zayn coming out on top which is a surprise considering the fact that Corbin is booked a lot like Strowman in the way that he is the big guy that always comes out on top but this match embodied Sami Zayn as he came from looking like he was going to lose to winning the match which is a massive surprise considering the way he has been booked recently but hopefully this is seen as an upward curve for Zayn and the fans can hopefully get behind him ahead of maybe a future title opportunity, I know that might seem a bit far fetched at this point but I like Zayn so I would like it to happen while with Corbin he will probably go from here and win a big match like the Money in the Bank considering it is usually a winner who comes from nowhere and is not expected so this match was more to get Zayn back over I would say!

Next up we had Womens’ Tag Team action with Naomi, Charlotte & Becky Lynch taking on Natalya, Tamina and Carmella. This match was nothing special, to be honest womens’ matches in WWE aren’t as good when it is tag format that leads itself to only going about 5 minutes it is a stark contrast to the great match between Bayley and Alexa on the previous PPV/disc but it wasn’t terrible by any means and also it develops future title opportunities for the division such as with this match Natalya got the win with a Sharpshooter which led to Becky tapping for the win. This will probably lead to Natalya getting a future title shot so I was surprised that she made Becky tap as if this is what they are planning it would of made sense for Naomi to tap to make Natalya seem like a genuine threat but we will see what happens on that front. Overall like I say not amazing but not terrible, just quite average!

Next up was AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens with this match taking place after Kevin lost the title but in between time he beat Jericho to win it back so this was a bit weird but none the less this was the star of the show in many ways which is why Baron vs Sami wasn’t the best match on the card. It helped though to have 2 of the best performers in the ring in the WWE today wrestling each other and we know due to the finish which was when Styles was tied to the announce table with cables for a countout that there is going to be another match at least in the feud which is brilliant and eventually I think Styles will beat Owens for the title and add another WWE title to his ever growing resume!

Next up was the sub main event between Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, this was like a lot of matches on the card it was bang average and there was no real reason for the match to be there as such. I have never been a big fan of either man and don’t think they will be in the title picture anytime soon and they were better off being behind Bray Wyatt, not to say they are not talented but unless they are properly pushed or repackaged they are just going to have throwaway matches like this! Harper ended up winning with a discus clothesline in about 8 minutes so quite short as well!

Finally we get the main event between Randy Orton defending his WWE championship against ‘The Modern Day Maharaja’ Jinder Mahal who surprisingly despite being released only about a year ago is in the title picture. I used to be a big fan of Jinder and his gimmick but that was before he got lumbered with the whole 3MB stable which kind of killed both him and Drew McIntyre but I am glad that both are back in the WWE after a while on the Independent Circuit. This was surprisingly in my opinion a very good match between these two and it helped that the crowd were very much into it as well. If you didn’t know already Jinder ended up winning to claim the WWE title in a massive shock considering his status as being at most a midcarder to some but hopefully if he is given a longish reign Jinder might finally get permanent status in the main event picture and it is a win like this that could make him a star. He didn’t win the match on his own and had help from the Singh Brothers who distracted Orton which led to them being taken out by Jinder taking advantage hitting The Khallas for the win and afterwards the stunned fans in the crowd really painted a picture of how surprising this was!

Overall Rating –

Payback – 8/10 – This show was very good and most if not all the matches despite not being 5 stars were good watches and it really elevated the likes of Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman so definitely worth a watch

Backlash 6/10 – Some good and some bad with this one in comparison. Styles vs Owens was brilliant and Jinder winning the title was surprising but also great for WWE to give the title to someone different for a change but everything else was bang average with some of it very much skipable but you have to take into account that for only £14.99 you get two PPV’s so I can’t give it a worse rating really as it is good value!

This DVD is out now from and participating retailers from the price of £14.99


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Show Review – Sacrifice Pro Chapter IV : Shattered Dreams


Hello BWR readers and welcome to something a bit different from the usual WWE Home Video UK release review every Monday, this time we have a show review! Last night I had the pleasure of being at Sacrifice Pro’s WrestleMania so to speak called Shattered Dreams at Cedars Upper School in Leighton Buzzard. If you don’t know about Sacrifice already they are a promotion set up this year who every month put on charity wrestling shows in the Leighton Buzzard area with all proceeds going to a different charity every month and Sacrifice is great as they still have their storylines and some of the best in the UK mixing it with some of the best down here so Jay Garner vs Drew Parker was a previous match at an SPro Show.  After replying to a post about a month ago I was given the opportunity to provide a review as well of the show so today I will be doing just that, it will be a lot like the WWE reviews in the way that I will be giving you my thoughts on each match with a quick rundown as well as a rating and my recommendation on the promotion!


Before the action starts we get a sort of Pre-Show with the two commentators ‘The Mastermind’ Olie Spring who I recognise from previous APEX/HOPE shows at the Jury’s Inn as well as Figure Four Radio and TJ Lea and they run through the proceedings from the evening! In all honesty as informative as it was in my opinion it wasn’t really needed and the crowd albeit some of them were filing in weren’t really engaged with it.

Following this we got Wesley Lock who is apparently the new General Manager of Sacrifice Pro Wrestling after Harvey Dale relinquished it the previous month and he was out there to talk about the two big matches of the evening which are the GTTT finals and the H8Ful Eight Match with both giving great opportunities to those who win and then he went onto exercise his power by shouting at the girl on sound and firing her before reinstating her. I think him hyping up the show was good and really made it more important as opposed to just going into the action and probably made the wrestlers want it even more knowing that they are going to get this opportunity.

Match 1 – Team MAD (Danny Mayhem and Chase Williams w/ Jayde) vs Twister and Kai Payne – GTTT Semi-Final


First match we got was between Team M.A.D who are Chase Williams and Danny Mayhem who are 2/4 of one of my favourite stables in British Wrestling today and 4 of the most underrated talents on the UK scene in Chase, Danny, Hustle Malone and Jayde and Kai Payne and Twister who throughout this tournament have no been on the same page mainly due to Kai who has stated that he wants to win this tournament and he will win this tournament on his own!

The match started with Team MAD taking out Twister and then gang up on Kai Payne as of course Kai is the biggest threat in the team and so this is a good tactic from Team M.A.D to try to move onto the finals.

Twister finally came in when Kai decided to work with him despite his dislike for him and like alluded to claims of wanting to do it all himself but he just tasted a double dropkick and after more onslaught, he finally gets Kai back in who fights back and takes  both men on and picks up the win from there to advance.

Overall a good opener that of course didn’t go too long with the winner being in another match that night but it got the crowd going who like at other places I have been were mad for Twister.

I did have an inkling that Kai and Twister would advance as it would validate Kai’s claims before the match but I also thought Team M.A.D might get a sneaky victory especially considering them being known to bend the rules to get what they want and also having Jayde at ringside but it was Kai and Twister who advanced to take on the winner of the second semi-final between Los Palaminos (Tivy Lee and Frankie Vegas) and The Bromantics (Shogun J and Owen Charles).

Match 2 – Los Palaminos (Tivy Lee and Frankie Vegas) vs The Bromantics (Shogun J and Owen Charles) – GTTT Semi-Final


And we go straight onto that second match of the tag team tournament semi-finals between The Bromantics who are the team of Shogun J and Owen Charles and Los Palaminos who are Tivy Lee and Frankie Vegas. Before the match my thoughts on both teams were that I have seen The Bromantics on multiple occasions including in their first ever match as a team back at the end of last year and I am in particular quite a big fan of Shogun J due to his kicks and I really think that him and Owen share a great chemistry in the ring and they always seem to have a new item of branded Bromantics gear on every time I see them.

In terms of Los Palaminos I have only ever seen both men in singles action before so this will be a good gauge to see what they are like as a team as I have heard good things and apparently they only team in Sacrifice.

Both teams made their entrances with Los Palaminos having an entertaining effort with a banner that read 100% and The Bromantics having their usual one which always gets the crowd on their feet and clapping.

The match started and Tivy started an attack on Owen of the Bromantics and tried to limit Shogun’s involvement from the start by putting him out of the ring but the tide turned when Frankie tried this again only to be hit by one of Shogun’s patented kicks. We then got some brilliant tag moves and quite a few dabs from the Bromantics which was great and as a result I really thought The Bromantics would pick up the victory and move on.

This soon changed though and Frankie and Tivy went back to double teaming themselves to this team beat up Shogun but he found a way to tag in his partner Owen Charles. Owen came in but was soon grounded again in his pursuit of the win but he found a way to tag in Shogun which meant more great tag offence occured from the Bromantics which again got the crowd behind them.

It spilled to the outside with Los Palaminos ruling the roost and beating up both members of the Bromantics.

Tivy then grabs a chair and tries to get into the ring which allows Shogun to be hit with it and then Frankie did the classic throw a chair at the opponent then fall to the floor which I also saw the previous night at GOOD Wrestling but with the Certificate of Excellence brought out by Gene Munny but while that didn’t exude a disqualification Craig Anderson had no choice but to end the match by DQ and Los Palaminos advanced to the finals to take on Twister and Kai Payne.

Like the previous one, good match as a kind of opener to the show with some great tag team moves/offence from the Bromantics who get better and better every time I see them as well as from Los Palaminos who I thought were very entertaining and very impressive and were my picks to win it from there.

We also got a tease in my opinion of a turn from Shogun J who while Owen was visibly distraught in the ring sat there angry behind him but that could just be me overthinking it but it would be interesting to see if he does turn on Owen in the future.

Match 3 – Chuck Mambo vs Jack Cave


Next up we had two wrestlers facing off that were kind of outsiders in the way that they aren’t part of that core group such as Team M.A.D, The Bromantics who work every single Sacrifice show and as a result being able to see these two for the very first time excited me coming into it and I thought this would steal the show.

We had Jack Cave coming out first of all and getting on the microphone and establishing himself as the villain of the piece by berating Leighton Buzzard and the south in general which I found hilarious and of course this really riled the crowd up and then Chuck Mambo ended up coming out to an eruption from the crowd I would say who were clapping along to his music and really getting behind Chuck.

When in the ring Jack starts out when comparing muscles with the rubber workout things which you put under your feet and pull up and to the side after there was a notable difference between the two men and then Jack ended up getting hit with it twice where the sun don’t shine after it was flung back at him by Chuck.

Both men had offence in the early going and throughout and overall this was a very good comedy match, I was impressed by both men with Jack being as good as I thought he was going to be and Chuck having never seen him before I was pleasantly surprised by. Chuck picked up the win to the delight of the crowd and hopefully we will see more of both men down here in the future.

Match 4 – Jay Garner vs Hustle Malone – Devils Hand Match


This was the first half main event and the first time match ever in terms of the Devil’s Hand stipulation. Both men had something that they wanted to barter and this was only going to be revealed just before the match takes place so there is no backing out of it.

Have to say full marks in terms of the entrance by Hustle Malone, he is entertaining as hell as it is but in his entrance he didn’t even have to say anything, he came out with what I can say were security who were dragging him along with a towel on his head and messiah type music playing in the background and then out of nowhere Hustle beat up all of the security. One of the best entrances I have seen in Wrestling live.

The stipulations in this match were as follows :

If Jay wins, Team M.A.D must disband forever

If Hustle wins, Jay must retire from Sacrifice Pro forever

There was a brawl at the start and Jay dives onto Hustle and the rest of Team MAD on the outside before Hustle ends up reversing a kick attempt to slam him onto the floor on the outside.

Hustle when they get back in tries a quick pin before a flurry of offence on the ground. The crowd as expected got behind Jay who as a result tried to get back into the match and did so with a great hurricanerana. He follows this up by going to the top and executing a great drop kick. Hustle then got up and hit a DDT which nearly won him the match and then he threw him up for a flying forearm followed by a headbutt but Jay ended up nearly getting the victory himself following this with a great Shooting Star Press off the top.

Hustle though wasn’t done and spat at him and got a Sister Abigail type move for the victory and as a result Jay MUST RETIRE FROM SACRIFICE PRO!!!

Great match between the two with a lot of near falls to emphasise that either man could of won the match especially with the stakes being so high. Hustle is money in my opinion and if he isn’t booked in most places over the next year or so there is something wrong, his ability on the mic and in the ring is great and Jay is also very very good and has had some of the best matches I have seen live recently including his epic against Ashley Dunn at APEX Unbroken but being a Hustle fan I was glad to see him pick up the win.

Match 5 – Warren Banks vs ‘Bodyguy’ Roy Johnson


This was our opener to the second half and it was between Roy Johnson of WWE UK/ Progress fame who I have been seeing quite a lot of lately vs Warren Banks who I am starting to become quite a fan of. Like Mambo vs Cave when looking at the card this definitely stood out.

This was the first time as well that I have seen Banks as a face and from this evidence he works well as either a face or a heel which is always good to see in wrestling. Both men ended up locking up at the start after a sign of respect and this was a match where no man really got an upperhand.

Banks ended up getting the victory in the end but it took 2 spears to keep the Powerlifting Champion and the Waviest Guy in Pro Wrestling down and really showed that this was not going to be a walk over for Banks.

In my opinion though the problem was with this match was that the crowd was a bit flat and this is going to come with any match as such unless it is really fast paced that comes after the interval and even the bloke in the crowd who was starting all the chants couldn’t really get the crowd going but apart from that it was a good match with Warren getting better and better in my opinion and Roy was better than last time that I saw him down at APEX where I wasn’t really impressed. Well worth a watch though when the On Demand goes up but I do think the crowd reaction spoiled parts of it.

Match 6 – The H8Ful Eight Match (Dan ‘The Man’ Tucker vs ‘The Phantom of the Ring’ Max Thompson vs ‘The Poison Princess’ Jayde vs ‘Old School’ Kent Nelson vs ‘The Dragon Warrior’ El Jefe vs Jacob Daniels vs ‘The Superstar’ Ashley Dunn vs Morgan Black)


This was the sub main event and was the 2nd of two new match types alongside the Devil’s Hand Match and like any new match type it is a bit of a gamble as to whether or not it will work so I was very intrigued by this one with it being no rules, no DQ, no countouts with the winner getting a Golden Opportunity.

My pick beforehand was either Ashley Dunn or Jayde with them being in my opinion alongside El Jefe and Kent Nelson the standouts in the match and despite it being a new untested match type it worked and it was action packed from the word go and despite it being a NO DQ, No Rules match there wasn’t too much reliance on the weapons which you expect from a Family Friendly show anyway but it is good to see overall.

I was impressed by Max Thompson who I thought was very entertaining and the kind of deranged Phantom gimmick was seen throughout and despite him not looking like winning he impressed me as well as Morgan Black who I have only seen once before but I think is very good and the whole Pimp kind of gimmick wasn’t just a smokescreen as he was very good in the ring as well. Ashley Dunn and Jayde of course were very good and as some people may know I have raved about Ashley for quite a while now and I really do believe he is on the road to success, Jayde is someone who I have only seen for the first time this weekend at both GOOD and Sacrifice but is someone who can really mix it with both males and females and so I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.

Kent Nelson ended up winning the Golden Opportunity and came from nowhere of sorts to grab the victory and like his tag team partner and a lot of the talent on the card I think Kent gets better and better and I am a fan of the towel that he brings to the ring with his name on it. After the match Warren came out and congratulated Nelson only to be interrupted by the masked men who have been invading Sacrifice shows called Banksy and Mr Brainwash and despite Warren and Kent fighting them off, a 3rd member came out and they soon dispatched the team and then they stood at the entrance way united before leaving.

Main Event – Los Palaminos vs Kai Payne and Twister – GTTT Final


So then to end of the show we had the final of the Golden Tag Team Tournament decided earlier on in the night by the semi-finals that took place and that meant Los Palaminos the team of ‘The Suicide Blonde’ Frankie Vegas and ‘The King of Suave Style’ Frankie Vegas would take on ‘Chaos’ Kai Payne and Twister for this Golden Opportunity.

I thought before hand that LP would win for the sole fact that Kai and Twister have not worked together throughout as such and LP also boast a 100% record that I thought would take them to the victory.

To start the match off Tivy and Kai got early offence and Kai seemed like he was playing ball as such and tagged in Twister basically saying that he can’t do it on his own and this was to the delight of the crowd.

Twister got in and executed some arm drags on Frankie but Frankie soon turned the tide and tagged in his tag partner Tivy Lee

Twister though got back into it and tagged in Kai who performed a beautiful spinning move which he did multiple times across the two matches and tried to follow it up by teaming with Twister to dive over the top rope onto LP but this was halted.

It spilt to the outside and it lead to Frankie taking Twister back in who is then beaten up by LP and even though the crowd tried to get behind him he couldn’t get some offence initially but as the crowd got more behind him he fought back against both members executing a missile dropkick on both men. Kai was then tagged in and as the fresh man beat up Tivy and Frankie and great tactics from Kai meant that Tivy was dumped to the outside and we once again got that spinning move. All this work though was taken away with Frankie nearly picking up the win against Twister but only getting a 2 count.

They tried to isolate him into their corner though but Twister fought back saving a certain 3 count soon after. Tivy Lee tried to end it with a Russian Leg Sweep but this didn’t happen and both men ended up on the canvas through a Spanish Fly which Tivy only got a 2 count for. Kai then used Twister as a battering ram when he got up and then Twister ended up splashing onto Tivy  to get a three count to the delight of the crowd. Both men embrace at the end realising what they have accomplished but this is soon taken away when a bag is brought to the ring with only one title in it and so Kai goes back to his old ways and turns on Twister in effect to win the Ultimate Sacrifice Pro title showing that the stars were always aligned for him and that he was right when he said he was going to win it on his own.

Absolutely brilliant match to end the show, really big fan of Kai and think he is brilliant so I look forward to seeing what he does with the belt and who his first challenger is next month!

Rating 7/10 –  A very good show and this was epitomised at the end with the final match which was a really class main event. It doesn’t get a perfect rating mainly because of the Warren vs Roy match and the fact that understandably the first two matches weren’t as good as the final but like I say a very good show that I came away from very satisfied. I would recommend to anyone who wants to watch some good wrestling that is also for a good cause as you will get both at Sacrifice Pro!

Thanks to Sacrifice again for having me down and letting me do the review I really do appreciate it and if you wish to support them do so at the links below :

Facebook :

Twitter & Instagram : @Sacrifice_PW

Tickets and the new Sacrifice Pro shirt :

Their next show is on August 20th at Cedars Upper School called Sacrifice Pro Wrestling Chapter V : It’s Always Sunny in Leighton Buzzard

-Ultimate Sacrifice Champion, “Chaos” Kai Payne
-“Los Palaminos”, Frankie Vegas & Tivy Lee
-“The Superstar” Ashley Dunn
And more TBA!

Tickets will be available at 10PM, July 17th. Available from


Child £5, Adult £7, Group of 4 £20

Doors: 4PM, Show Start 4.30PM
Cedars Upper School, Mentmore Road, Leighton Buzzard, LU72PU.
On-site bar with both soft and alcoholic drinks, plus affordable snacks. Show is completely family friendly!

Interview – Maxwell Jacob Friedman


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Maxwell, thank you for taking time out to answer some questions, could you first of all give the readers a quick introduction to yourself??

My name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman and in 2 short years I’ve proven to be the most entertaining performer in and out of the ring


2. Let’s talk about growing up for you, did you watch wrestling from a young age and if so who really inspired/captivated you to pursue it??

I watched wrestling and made the decision that I could make millions by being me. Because I’m awesome


3. You were trained by two of the best I would say in the form of current WWE superstar Curt Hawkins and Pat Buck, how did you get involved in training with them and how would you rate the experience??

I came across CAP by googling wrestling schools in my area anyone who is anyone in the industry knows how amazing Brian and Pat are as minds and workers in professional wrestling, Create a Pro is a state of the art training facility and if you take your dream of becoming a pro wrestler seriously you go to CAP. Simple as that.


4. You are the current CZW Wired Champion and have been since defeating Johnny Yuma at Sacrifices in May, how did it feel to win the title and your next defence is against Trevor Lee at EVILution, do you have any words for him ahead of this match??

1. It’s not the Wired title anymore. I brought it with me to England and was able to become the first ever world Wired champion. Yuma was easy pickings. As far as Trevor Lee goes I’m a fan. He’s incredibly talented driven and has incredibly taste in fannypacks. But at the end of the day that’s not enough to beat me. Technically,athletically,mentally I’m just than everyone.

5. In August, you head over to Canada for Alpha-1 Wrestling and are taking part in their one night, 8 man tournament called King of Hearts, what are your thoughts on tournaments like this and are you looking forward to hopefully coming home with the win by the end of the night??

I’ve been and I’ve won a lot of tournaments in the last couple of weeks. But this alpha-1 tournament means a lot there is some amazing talent in this and the fact that alpha 1 management was able to pull together a card like this is extremely impressive but the facts remain that I’m the 2 year vet nobody is at my level especially not Rickey Shane Page. He is a everything I detest about professional wrestling and if we meet up in this tournament I’m going to prove that he doesn’t belong in the ring with a guy of my stature.


6. Speaking of Alpha-1, you are facing Shane Sabre on July 30th, have you got any words for Shane ahead of this and after losing to Alex Daniels at the last event, are you looking forward to hopefully returning and getting a win??

Shane Sabre has a great beard. He should be happy about that beard. It’s very impressive. The reason why I’m saying this is because after I rip his arm off and beat him over the head with it. I want him to at least have something to go home happy about. Because that’s the stand up kind of guy MJF is.


7. You have I believe been over here wrestling for LDN as part of their tour shows, what are your thoughts on the UK and the talent we have over here and do you have an idea when you are back so the readers can see you live??

LDN was fantastic and so was the roster phenomenal wrestlers as far as the fans in England go they all smell like fish and have bad teeth. As far as when I return..I’ll return when I feel the time is right.


8. What are your ambitions in wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??

My ambition is to be the greatest professional wrestler of all time if that’s not your game plan you’re an idiot. In 5 years from now I’m sure I’ll never have to talk to someone as annoying as you ever again 😂😂😂 god I’m funny.

9. Where can the readers find Maxwell Jacob Friedman on social media and where can promoters book you for upcoming shows??

The_MJF is my handle on insta and Twitter


10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

Just Watch Me.

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank Maxwell for answering the questions for you to read, please go and support him on social media if possible! 

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DVD Review – Fight Owens Fight – The Kevin Owens Story


Welcome to another review and once again we have a WWE title through to release and this time it is the turn of Kevin Owens one of WWE’s premier stars who has his first DVD/Blu-Ray release in the form of Fight Owens Fight : The Kevin Owens Story.

This release has been highly anticipated including by me and when I looked at the release schedule and saw this one with the words story which mean a documentary I was very pleased so as usual a quick run through of the DVD will be below before I give you my rating followed by whether or not I recommend it and the all important links in order to buy a copy if you are swayed by this review!

The documentary section which especially if you have seen all of his matches already is the main part of the DVD for most and this is around an hour long which is the standard time for a WWE release with around 1 hr and a half- 2 hours being the most they ever run for and WWE in my opinion are the masters at doing documentaries and they stand out for the most part and considering I have reviewed WWE titles since around 2014 I still remember the Macho Man & Jerry Lawler sets very vividly and really enjoying those while recently the DDP one was a personal favourite so hopefully in this case it stacks up as I have been an Owens fan for years even seeing him live back in the days when he used to wrestle over here occasionally as Kevin Steen of course.

We start off the documentary like a lot of them with the wrestler discussing his journey to where they are today and with Owens it is no different and as well as him telling the camera about it there are the comments that we have heard before about Owens from different superstars about how he wasn’t that prototype kind of superstar and didn’t really fit the mould to be signed by the WWE and then we kick start fully into the main part of the documentary with us even getting comments from Kevin’s Dad about how his obsession began with wrestling and how watching WrestleMania XI with Shawn Michaels really achieved that.

We follow this with a bit about Kevin’s training (this is structured like a lot of my interviews haha) and in this case we get more from Terry, Kevin’s Dad as well as Steve Corino and a certain Sami Zayn who of course is a main figure when you think of Owens from the Indy Scene to NXT to WWE and they talk about his training, early matches as well as his moveset which they say he basically stole from RVD. We also get some nice early match footage from Kevin’s matches which is a great part of WWE sets as it makes you think how far they have come since then and that occured in sets such as the Randy Orton one recently even when we got some OVW matches and the Seth Rollins’ one where we got FCW, it is really good and really adds to the set whether on the documentary or in the matches or both.

We then got Sami and Kevin talking about Sexxxy Eddy and when he went to the Tournament of Death for CZW and how it changed their lives in Wrestling. They were talking about how he took a move and how he severed an artery and then squeezed it into his mouth and how this moment changed their lives as it meant that more companies wanted to hire these Quebec wrestlers including Sami and Kevin and a fatal 4 way for CZW was discussed with footage also there of it. Sami was talking about how it opened the door for PWG, ROH and Europe bookings mainly due to them tearing the house down.

We then got some words from the likes of Neville, Johnny Gargano and AJ Styles about how if you had anything to do with Independent Wrestling and if you watched it you knew Kevin Steen and they for this portion literally just bigged him up which is understandable as all 3 were on the Indies at around the same time as Kevin with Neville being the earliest to leave to go to WWE and Gargano the latest recently. We got some footage from Ring of Honor as well as the CZW including some great footage of Kevin trashtalking in WWE and CZW.

Kevin also said that this trashtalking came from not being able to speak English and how he learnt it from Wrestling with words like elbow from Vader and a story about how he said the answer in class because of it and Neil his friend also comments about how with Kevin there was a lot of good god almighties due to the likes of Jim Ross and Wrestling of course. There is also a story about how he met Stone Cold at an airport and how Austin told him to keep running his mouth as much as possible and how he didn’t shut up from there.

Rollins talks about how they were involved in a match at Driven in 2008 with Jimmy Jacobs (Chris Scoville, current WWE producer and former wrestler), Kevin and Sami and Jimmy said about how it was the biggest pop that he had ever been apart of and the footage shows how mental the crowd went and Sami and Kevin say how that it was one of the best moments in their wrestling career so far. Seth and Jimmy both said that how much everyone loved them in Ring of Honor and how they were the second most over act behind Daniel Bryan.

Next of all, Sami talks about how hands on he is with his wrestling career and that he thought the time was right for them to split and do their own thing. Kevin talks about how they mapped out the feud for a whole year and they pan to Final Battle and how some fans were even crying but then we had the turn to start the feud between Kevin and Sami. Rollins said that ‘it was something special’ and ‘came out of nowhere’. It’s great that they are able to discuss ROH and feuds in there where before hand they couldn’t really so it shows how far wrestling has come with them helping each other as opposed to bickering.

Sami talks about Jim Cornette and how he was trying to find an excuse of sorts to take Steen away from the ROH roster by adding a loser leaves town match at Final Battle and Kevin himself talks about how dark of a time this was for him and really felt that it mucked up his career so much so that he nearly ended up quitting in the end so a really deep part of the documentary here.

Kevin then talked about going to PWG and this is the moment that really helped Kevin as it meant he could return to Ring of Honor at the Hammerstein Ballroom and as a result he was the biggest thing in Ring of Honor including referencing to himself as like Jesus on the cross when he was carried out when he made his return and this run lead to him winning the ROH title at Border Wars in 2012.

Kevin talked next about Sami getting his WWE tryout and how he brought his contract with him to go and meet him and how he signed his WWE contract right in front of him. Kevin said that it was rough and he was going nowhere with him tied down to Ring of Honor for another 2 years and how he wasn’t even sure WWE knew his name. Neville and Rollins both said that they didn’t think he would make it due in part to his look.

Triple H and William Regal talked about how Kevin’s name kept popping up and how they were scouring the Indy Scene around this time. HHH was saying that Owens believed that his match that he had with Gargano at 2013 PWG BOLA with Regal there watching was what he got signed and Regal even said why did you think I was there. Kevin said that how it was one of the best matches he has ever had in order to impress Regal. We got some tryout footage of Kevin and how he exploded with tears on a toilet break it was that bad. We got the footage of Kevin’s WWE tryout promo which has been doing the rounds online which he cut on Sami and how he signed the WWE deal in front of him and how he thought they were best friends. Stuff like this is really cool to see especially considering a documentary is meant to delve deeper and it definitely does.

Kevin talks about how when signing his WWE deal he was told that it was only for NXT and to basically not get his hopes up on being called up due to Vince McMahon not potentially being a fan of Kevin or his look. We get a look at his debut promo followed by his actual debut in NXT at NXT TakeOver R-Evolution with Sami winning the title before Kevin turns on him again like he did in Ring Of Honor to cap off a perfect debut in NXT and this moment of course made Kevin into the main eventer in NXT.

We also got when he captured the NXT title with backstage footage following this of Dusty Rhodes and Triple H clapping him after he ended up winning it. Kevin also said how he went from buying a ticket the year before to being NXT Champion and having a camera crew following him round all weekend and how even told himself when he was there as a fan this is the last year I will be here as a fan from now on I will be here because I’m a WWE superstar.

We get footage from that day as well from Hulk Hogan and The Rock who basically say how good he is and how in the case of Hogan Kevin gave him goosebumps when he was sitting with this wife and how he will keep the artform alive in the future.

Triple H talks about how short his NXT run was and how Vince of all people wanted him on the main roster and Cena wanted him to debut on his open challenge as he was such a big fan and of course that is mental considering he wasn’t ever seen as a WWE main roster guy and was just seen as a guy who would just wrestle in NXT.

Kevin said about how his son wanted him to fight John Cena and he filmed his reaction when he came out on RAW. We got Cena talking about how he can really talk and Ambrose saying about how got people to turn their heads quickly. Following this we got post Elimination Chamber when he beat Cena in one of my favourite matches over the past few years and we got some great words from Owens about how basically he proved the doubters wrong and how it’s only the beginning.

Next up we got when Owens won the Intercontinental title and how he always dreamt of winning it even as a child and how him and Ambrose took pride in the fact they were main eventing each show with the IC strap but of course Kevin wanted to move up to the next level.

We got him a year on from that previous Mania and we got him walking out on the stage and discussing with Sami and Chris Jericho the smallest crowd he has wrestled in front of which he said was 23 in his home town of Maryville and overall just how surreal it is that one year he can be there but not wrestling then the next in a few hours he will be.

We got some nice footage next of Kevin passing Stone Cold on the way to the match he has that night and just talking about how he feels that it was Steve’s advice all those years prior that really brought him to the WWE and now WrestleMania.

Kevin and Sami discussed the Mania match and Sami said how he had goosebumps as a result of the reaction he was given. Sami also says that they never thought they would make it to a moment like this and this was set to dramatic music and match clips. Kevin even said that for that one match it was worth it for all those 15 years.

Jimmy goes on from there talking about how he is orientated on goals and how good overall his work ethic is and how passionate is despite the fact he is a pain to work with, Neville even says he is a bit of a prick but despite this he loves his family and how important it is to him even more so than the wrestling.

We then go forward to Payback with Sami and Kevin’s match and Sami basically saying that he couldn’t believe considering their previous battles on the Indies and in NXT that they are having a match with each other on a WWE PPV and Sami then says that he believes that their Battleground match following this was their best match ever between each other and on this Battleground match, Bryan comes up for the first time in the documentary to say how good it was.

Kevin then talks about how despite how much he loves Enzo and Cass it is not where he wanted to be after coming off the Battleground match. Then following this he ended up winning the Universal title after being disgruntled only a week before due to mainly Balor having to relinquish the title. We got highlights from this on what is a pivotal moment in his WWE career so far.

Kevin said that when he saw that title he went back to PWG, the tryout etc and how he had a flashback of sorts. He said that he owes everything to Hunter and how as a result it was great that he was there with him.

Sami said about how he had zero emotion when he won but as soon as Kevin ended up coming through the curtain and hugged him he completely lost it and so did Kevin and it was a great moment to see with Kevin saying to Sami ‘This is Ours’.

We got some great footage along with this of Kevin’s Dad in tears discussing him achieving what he set out to do and how proud he is of him. We even get Kevin’s son discussing how happy he was when his dad won the title. We come towards the end of the documentary with Terry Taylor summing Kevin up by saying that he redefined what a WWE superstar is and I would say it shows how much of a success story he has been recovering from adversity from Jim Cornette to his NXT shot up to the present day.

Kevin ends it off by saying that even though it’s his dream job he would be nowhere without his wife, mom, dad and kids.

Rating 10/10 – If some people read my reviews, you know that I don’t give out 10/10’s a lot but this is a complete exception to that, it deserved it. A brilliant documentary which has a real message to it and even though I have followed Kevin for years, it touched me and inspired me in a way that no matter what barrier is thrown in front of you that you can smash through it and that is exactly what Kevin has done in his career. Definitely would recommend!

Fight Owens Fight – The Kevin Owens Story is out now from and participating retailers from the price of £19.99


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Interview – Kieron from UnPro Wrestling


With our friends at Unprofessional Wrestling’s first show coming up,we had the opportunity to interview Kieron, the promoter to discuss this first show, how he got into wrestling as well as his future ambitions for the promotion :

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Kieron, could you please give a quick introduction to yourself and your promotion?

Hey man thank you for having me! I’m Kieron, I own Unprofessional Wrestling, London’s newest wrestling promotion debuting on August 20th at the Hackney Showroom.

2. The subject of this interview is about Unprofessional Wrestling’s debut show, how did you get into promoting and is this going to be the first of many shows in the pipeline?

Well I actually trained to be a wrestler about 4 or 5 years ago and I quite clearly didn’t belong in the ring in that aspect, but I always enjoyed what happened before the shows, setting up the ring, getting the merch ready, organising the guys backstage so I knew I still had to be involved in wrestling from a backstage perspective. I’m going into this first show with the second show in mind so fingers crossed that will happen before the year is over.

3. Who do you see as wrestlers who you want to book for future shows if given the chance?
Without giving any future plans away, I was down at Riptide’s debut show in Brighton the other week and there were a few guys that caught my eye, Spike Trivet, Kip Sabian, Instagraham. I’m also dying to get Damien Dunne and Drew Parker involved somewhere down the line.


4. The card for the first show is as follows : Chuck Mambo and Prince Jato vs Matt Walters and Kyle Ashmore, Jinny vs Nina Samuels, Sebastian vs Jack Sexsmith, Damon Moser vs Cara Noir, Roy Johnson vs El Ligero and William Eaver vs Zack Gibson, could you give a run down of the card and what the fans can expect from the matches?

Absolutely! So on the show we’re having a tournament to crown the first ever Unprofessional Wrestling Champion, hence the show name ‘The Man Who Would Be King’, so I’ll start with the 2 non-tournament matches:

Jinny vs. Nina Samuels – These are two of the best female wrestlers, scrap that, two of the best wrestlers in the UK today. Jinny is a pioneer for the women revolution and Nina Samuels is such a dynamic character, this is going to be a real battle, and this could be Nina’s first match back from her current injury so I expect Jinny to target that foot.

Chuck Mambo & Prince Jato vs. Matt Walters & Kyle Ashmore – You may have noticed on our Twitter and Facebook page that Matt & Kyle are now going by the name ‘Craft Beating Company’ and they’ve sent some pretty strange messages to their opponents, so I’m not quite sure what to expect here, it’s a match we’ve never seen before between two teams we’ve never seen before but I know that we’ll want to see them again and again once this match is over.

The tournament matches, winners of each match move into a fatal four way main event for the Unprofessional Wrestling Championship:

Damon Moser vs. Cara Noir – I’m very excited for this match, Moser has adapted a very ‘street fighter’ style with some very offensive strikes and kicks, I’m never quite sure when he’s going to down an opponent during a match. Noir is a guy I’m also very interested in, as are a lot of people from what I’ve seen on social media, no one knows exactly who he is, where he’s come from, but he’s turned up in a lot of promotions, XWX, Lucha Forever for example, and blown people away. Very mysterious.

Roy Johnson vs. El Ligero – This will be a classic veteran vs. up & coming star match, Ligero has been doing this for 15 years now, he has over 2,000 matches under his belt, he’s a workhorse, we couldn’t not have him on the show, and we had to put him against rising star Roy Johnson. Johnson talks a good game, and he impressed a lot of people with his match on the WWE UK Championship Tournament in Blackpool. Will Ligero’s years of experience give him the win or will Roy’s strength and age be enough to get him a spot in the main event?

Pastor William Eaver vs. Zack Gibson – This is going to have everything you want from a wrestling match, comedy, hard hitting action and great story telling.
Zack Gibson is an absolute star in the ring and on the microphone, he doesn’t take crap from anybody and I’m really looking forward to seeing his reaction to Eaver’s new faith healer skills. Eaver is another rising star, I’ll be shocked if he isn’t wearing multiple championships by the end of 2018.

Jack Sexsmith vs. Sebastian – I’m actually kinda worried about this match, will I regret booking it? Who knows. These guys have met before this match and I’m sure they’ll meet again after this match, but never have the stakes been quite so high. Sexsmith is currently flying the flag (quite literally) for LGBTQ rights so I am thrilled to have him on our show, but I think Sebastian has other ideas, I think for both guys this is for a lot more than a chance to be the first Unprofessional Wrestling Champion, this is about pride and respect.

5. Give the readers a few words as to why they should come to the debut show compared to other shows in the area?

You should come to our debut show if you want to be captivated by some compelling wrestling based story telling for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.

6. You described Unprofessional Wrestling as a blend of the retro, colourful vibes of WCW, crusty punx and the kick ass underground British Wrestling scene, is this what inspired you and are you looking forward to bringing something different to the UK scene?

The colourfulness of WCW is definitely one of the things that inspired me to get into wrestling, I always loved the big characters, the fact that they were an ‘alternative’ product to the mainstream WWF, and how they were willing to push the boundaries to try and engage an audience, it didn’t always work, but when it did, it worked well.

I think if you look at our logos and graphics you can see where we took inspiration from comic books and crusty punx, Dean Case came up with the original luchador skull and Jim Maitland enhanced it for the t-shirt, I’m super impressed with everything from a graphic design perspective.

The current British wrestling scene is obviously a huge reason behind why I’m doing this, I’ve always been a fan of up and coming, perhaps unknown guys. Promotions like PROGRESS, ICW, ATTACK! and Fight Club Pro have made it possible for smaller promotions like UnPro to do a show using only British guys and no imports, we’ll always thank them for that.

7. Where can the readers find Unprofessional Wrestling on social media to get news on future shows?

@unpro_wrestling on Twitter and Instagram, unprowrestling on Facebook,

8. Where can the readers buy tickets if they want to come along to the debut show? 🙂

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Interview – Kat Von Kaige

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Kat thanks for taking part in this interview, could you first of all please give the readers a quick introduction to yourself??
Hi guys. I’m ‘The Vintage Villainess’, and ‘leading lady’ of professional wrestling.. Kat Von Kaige.
2. Let’s talk about growing up first of all, who would you say were your favourite wrestlers growing up and who would you say inspired you to become a wrestler??
My faves growing up were Lita, The hardy boyz and Trish. I didn’t care much for the mens wrestling. I was always super interested in the women. Trish, Lita and Victoria were all massive inspirations to me growing up. More recently, i fell in love with Nikki Bella at the same time I rekindled my love for wrestling.. so i guess watching Nikki gave me that push to actually pursue my dream.
3. Next of all, how did you get involved in wrestling training, who trained you and how would you rate that experience and finally if there are any potential new wrestlers reading this what advice would you give them??
I literally googled ‘how to become a professional wrestler’ hahaaa. I found some forum, where they literally gave you step 1-5 of how.. 1st of course, being find and join a wrestling school.. so i did. I joined Dragon Pro wrestling academy in Newport, South Wales. My regular trainers for the early part of my training was Ian Williams III and ‘Flying’ Mike Bird. I had an excellent experience, and felt like I finally found somewhere, where i fit in.. and different to regular school.. i wasnt the ‘weird kid’ anymore! My advice to any potential new wrestlers is, stop thinking about it and do it! Take the plunge! It may be the best thing you ever do, and will change your life!!
4. You are facing Angelina Love on the 28th July for Exposure Entertainment in Llanelli, are you looking forward to facing off against Angelina and do you have any words for her ahead of the match??
In all honesty, I’m so nervous! Shes someone i basically grew up watching, and its an absolute honour to share a ring with her.. its actually my birthday on that day so WHAT A BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!
5. You are making your debut for HOPE Wrestling on June 30th facing one of the brightest talents in the U.K. right now Bobbi Tyler, are you looking forward to this and have you got any words for Bobbi??
Well, I’ve wrestled Bobbi in the past at a HOPE trainee show. Granted it was a triple threat, and she did infact win.. i’m not worried. I feel in a singles format.. she has no chance, and i look forward to celebrating my victory #VISFORVICTORY
6. At the start of the year you went over to Denmark to wrestle for Bodyslam Pro Wrestling in front of over 400 people, how was this experience and what other countries do you have on your radar to go and wrestle in this year and beyond??
Oh my goodness! I absolutely loved it.. its still the biggest crowd ive worked in front of.. and the Danish fans are just amazing. Crazy! So invested. I wrestled in Denmark for my last show of 2016 and also started my year out there, and I love Denmark!! Bodyslam is such a cool promotion, if anyone is on holiday in Denmark and you see a poster! I strongly recommend you attend!! I’m hoping to tick a lot more countries off my list this year and beyond so keep your eyes peeled!
7. You are from Wales one of the best parts of the country for Wrestling at the moment with the likes of Nixon Newell, Flash Morgan Webster, Mark Andrews, Mike Bird and Wild Boar and a lot more coming from there, would you say that the likes of the names mentioned have been a real driving force in bringing it up to where it is today and does it inspire you??
Yess!! Wales seems to be a real hot bed of talent, and im so honoured to have been trained by all of the names you mentioned. They’ve definitely been a driving force, they really put Wales on the map and set the bar for the Welsh wrestling scene, which was pretty much dead before those guys made such a massive impact.
8. What are your future ambitions in wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??
My aspiration right now is to just continue making a name for myself on a national, but also European level! I’m not the kind of person that likes to make 5 year, 10 year plans. I really just tend to focus on the short term, and live for now. But hopefully in 5 years, I’ll still be wrestling and would have made an impact in womens wrestling.
9. Where can the readers find Kat Von Kaige on social media and where can promoters book you if they are reading this??
So you can reach me on twitter, instagram and facebook @katvonkaige. If you want to check out my matches, you can do that by typing in Kat Von Kaige on youtube. For any promoters, you can reach me on the vices above or drop me a personal email at
10. Have you got any future dates where the readers can see you live or projects you wish to plug to end the interview off??
Some upcoming dates for you guys:
HOPE June 30th.
PROW Jul 9th.
SWA Jul 15th.
KPWA Jul 16th.
RIW 22nd.
EWE Jul 28th.

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank Kat for answering the questions for you to read, please go and support her on social media if possible! 

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