Interview – Fraser Thomas

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Fraser, could you start by introducing yourself to the readers??
First and foremost, thank you for having me. My name is Fraser Thomas, I am professional wrestler based in Wolverhampton and train at the Fight Club Pro Dojo under Travis Banks, Martin Zaki, Clarkeward and the Hunter Brothers. I have been in and amongst the British Wrestling scene for roughly 11 years. Having leaving the scene in 2014 for 3 years to lost weight and look after my terminally ill Mum I am currently viewing this as my re-debuting year.
2. Lets start with you getting into wrestling, how did you get into wrestling growing up and who would you say inspired you??
I first discovered wrestling around the age of 6 or 7 when I was scrolling through the channels early on a Saturday morning looking for cartoons and I remember being mesmerised by the colours and the larger-than-life characters. As I grew older I gained a greater appreciation for the small, more technically proficient wrestlers such as Eddie Guerrero. I’d say my biggest influence on my taking up wrestling in first place would probably be Samoa Joe. As a larger dude, seeing Joe, flying through the air doing running single leg drop kicks and kicking the crap out of people, it heavily influence me to try wrestling training but I quickly learnt whilst capable of those things I had no ability to know when and where to use the more athletic moves at the right time and rested on the easier style of an 1980’s type larger wrestling such as King Kong Bundy or Earthquake.
3. How did you then transition into starting wrestling training and do you have any tips for the readers who might want to go down that path??
Without a doubt, wrestling training is the single, toughest feat I have ever undertaken. You will either love it or hate it. It’s incredibly taxing in your body especially your joints and lower back. If readers are seriously considering training then they have to considered as they willing to deal with the chronic pain that comes with the adrenaline rush that is performing in front of a live crowd? Furthermore, it’s of paramount importance that potential trainees find the right school, with reputable trainers and to train as much as possible in as many places as possible. In my preparations to return to the ring I moved from Hertfordshire to Wolverhampton to training at Fight Club: Pro to ensure I was getting the best training possible as regularly as possible but before my move I trained back up at my old school in Gloucester of Pro Evolution Wrestling as well as Knucklelocks in Brixton. I’ve even travelled to Dragon Pro in Cardiff just to find the best training available. If it’s something that your readers aren’t comfortable with doing just yet, then enrolling in gymnastics, theatre/drama and judo would be advantageous for them to transition to wrestling training when the time is right for them.
4. You ended up losing a massive amount of weight after initially weighing over 30 stone, how proud are you of what you have achieved and do you hope to be an inspiration to other people in the process??
My weight loss is something I am enormously proud of as without having done something I have no doubt in my mind would have continues to have gotten bigger and bigger until it wouldn’t have been possible to do even the simplest of tasks. During this process, I was always aware of highlighting and documenting this process should I decide I wanted to return to the ring which I did via blogs/vlogs. This is just to provide an extreme weight loss journey that was relatable to someone looking to make the first step and I was extremely humbled at the responses that people sent me and how I had inspired them and to this day it makes me proud to have started that. I still see myself as a larger person due to my excess skin but I am so much happier in my body now then I was when I started this back in 2013.
5. You recently made your debut for GOOD Wrestling in Milton Keynes, what did you make of that and also the atmosphere in the Craufurd Arms??
I did!! It was tremendously fun! I got to get into the ring with other wrestlers I hadn’t previously wrestled such as Rhia O’Reilly AND wrestle Lee Hunter. who I initialled wrestled on the circuit during my first foray into professional wrestling so it was fun to wrestle a different style with him. I enjoyed the close proximity the crowd were to the ring as it allowed for a more intimate setting which I enjoy as wrestler and would jump at the opportunity to go back to GOOD Wrestling at a later date!
6. You have also wrestled for Attack Pro Wrestling, one of the fastest rising promotions in the British Wrestling scene, how is it to be a part of and do you think GOOD could have a similar rise??
Since returning to wrestling, I’ve viewed ATTACK! as a second home to Fight Club: Pro. Everyone there has been so welcoming and readily available to provide advice and feedback. When ATTACK! Management asked me if I wanted to wrestle Bronco Brendan in the pre-show I was humbled and delighted that they put their faith in me to wrestle on a card that featured some of the best named talent in the UK and the world. Whether I’m filming the show as part of the production or just helping with merchandise, I’m honoured to be a small part of the weird and wonderful world of ATTACK! Pro Wrestling and in the future hope to become a regular name for them on their shows. GOOD definitely have a similar feel to the ATTACK! Shows as their both shot and edited incredibly well, with heavy audience participation with tremendously talented wrestlers on their shows. They way things are progressing for GOOD, they could become a tremendously fast growing promotion and I’m excited to see where time takes them.
7. What would you say are your future ambitions in Wrestling and who would be your dream match and why??
My goals are to wrestle as much as possible and as many different people as possible in a variety of scenarios and match stipulations as it will only benefit me as a professional wrestler and improve my capabilities with each match. I wanted to continue to wrestle for Anarchy Pro, the fantastic Riptide Wrestling in Brighton, ATTACK!, GOOD, Wrestling League amongst many others. One day in the future, when my abilities warrant it I would love to debut for Fight Club: Pro, PROGRESS Wrestling, Rev Pro, HOPE, NGW, NORTH, ICW, Dragon Pro, Kamikaze, IPW:UK, Defiant, HUSTLE to name but a few. The sheer plethora of promotions at fans doorsteps makes for an exciting time to be a fan of British Wrestling and I’m thrilled to be given the opportunities to showcase myself and make my Mum proud. As for dream opponents? Is no secret that I have great admiration for Mark Haskins, in my mind he is the best professional wrestler in the country. Also being he is one of my best friends and he even married my sister from another Mister, Vicky. So the opportunity to build a program and have a series of matches with him would be truly magical. Other names would be Chris Brookes, Kid Lykos, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Pete Dunne, El Phantasmo, Aussie Open, Dan Maloney, Morgan Webster, ZSJ and so many others. The talent that is out there now is staggering and I want to fight all of them.
8. Finally where can the readers find Fraser Thomas on social media and where can promoters book you for future shows??
My IG and Twitter is @_FraserThomas_. I don’t have a Facebook page set up but my account is a personal one for friends and family so please don’t be downhearted if I don’t accept your request but my DM’s are open on my other social media so feel free to message! For promoters I have an email address of but you could always slide into my DM’s also!

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Interview – ‘Young Legend’ Anthony Mafia


Photo Credit: Mark Kidsley – Photographer (

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Anthony, could you start by introducing yourself to the readers??

Yo. My name is Anthony Mafia. I hit hard, spit bars and leave scars. I’m a just Wrestler who happens to know how to Rap.

2. How did you get into wrestling growing up and who would you say inspired you??

I grew up actually playing Wrestling games first then following along with Wrestling on TV. Started with WWF Attitude and Smackdown 1 on PS1 and started watching alongside each other in ’99. Once i was familiar with the Characters, their moves & music i was invested. It’s extremely easy for Wrestling to leave a tremendous impression on us when we’re young, it’s captivating. It’s why a lot of Wrestlers will tell you they started watching when they were kids. It’s the perfect alternative to Magic.

As far as influences go, Shawn Michaels is the first and least surprising answer but there’s no shame in that. The man was pretty much the Best all round Wrestler in the world at one point. A true total package and moved around the ring and sold in a way no one else did at the time and is often imitated now. But my major influences was the Rock and Stone Cold. They were literally Superstars and Treasures of the business as far as commanding respect from the crowd and dripping with Charisma.

That’s what i’m more fascinated by. Moves and athletic spots are a credit and are one thing but to have everybody in the palm of your hand, shout your catchphrases back at you and have iconic everlasting appeal is quite another. Once you figure that part out your set for life.

3. How did you then start training and would you recommend it to any of the readers??

I started training in 2009 at The Rough & Ready Martial Arts School in Northampton, which is now the Training School of WIN Wrestling. Jem “MTX” Brown took the Pro Wrestling classes there at the time and was my very first trainer. After a while i ventured out to Leicester and started training with Joseph Conners and that’s where it all first started to make sense to me, the things i didn’t understand yet.. The difference between being a good Wrestler and a good Worker.

Jem taught me everything i knew up to that point about what makes you Wrestler. You know the Moves, The Intensity, The look and how to come out of your shell and be an alter ego but Joseph taught us about Storytelling, about where to put moves and how to improvise. I credit Conners for giving me a greater understanding of the Physiological aspect of Wrestling which is both a science and an art form in of itself. The importance of Character and gimmick came from a Mad Man Manson seminar i attended and it was invaluable. Completely changed my perspective on Wrestling and getting people to relate to you, react and remember you is long term more important then anything else we do in the ring.

4. You faced Beano at the most recent GOOD Wrestling show in a losing effort, do you have any words for him after that and what do you make of the crowd at GOOD??

I was really excited when i was booked against him and the match was a lot of fun. I’m not sure we could’ve had the exact same match in many other places and get away with what we did and got the reactions we did. Beano is pro man, very talented, solid and reliable. Exactly the kind of guy you wanna work with and he’ll be a top UK star sooner or later.

The crowd at GOOD are darlings man. It’s a unique, intimate, boutique but kind of underground punk rock feel. They’re truly supportive and make it so easy for us to perform for them. It’s one of my favourite places to Wrestle. Plus you can experiment more too. Try some truly eccentric stuff and comedic nonsense that may would be frowned upon elsewhere, but the fans they love that. They know where they can go if they wanna see more traditional serious Wrestling but they come here instead. But we do get down to business and give them the solid stuff too. They get the best of everything.

5. You recently made your debut for HOPE’s FUTR brand in a losing effort to Fowler, what did you make of your debut and are you hoping to return in the near future??

I think it was challenge me and Fowler were both up for because it was a clash of styles. Fowler is an incredible Martial artist and a legit fighter and he’s incorporated that into his style, he’s no nonsense so we had to figure out how to balance some of creativity and the character based stuff i tend to lean towards and i think we did well.

I was proud to be a part of FUTR and was real excited about working there and i’m looking forward to going back. It’s all about using the Brand recognition of HOPE to help give exposure to whole generation of incredible talent that a lot of people may not be familiar with. A lot of us are from the Midlands but the UK itself is a treasure trove of underappreciated and underutilised talent. We all know how good we are and all we want is a stage to hone our craft and earn our crust.

6. Also you are one half of the current APEX tag team champions with Kent Nelson, how did it feel to win those and what do you make of your tag team partner??

Those Tag Team Championships are actually my first Championship victory in my career and it was completely unexpected especially considering the talent in the match. Sometimes you look at a Title match you’re booked in and you see who else is in it and you don’t even entertain the idea of them going with you.

Not to mention the story we told, as i turned on my regular partner at the time Morgan Black to win the Titles with Kent Nelson, it didn’t make any sense whatsoever how we did but i wasn’t gonna protest when i’m about to win my first gold strap! So yeah, extraordinary circumstances.

I actually enjoy teaming with Kent. He’s bigger than me so we have a dynamic and he’s a cynic. We’ve got a similar sense of humour so we get on and that always contributes to your teams chemistry and productivity. Also, Kent’s actually crazy young! He’s good now so just imagine how much better he’s going to get. That’s the scary part.

7. What would you say are your future ambitions in Wrestling for 2018 and beyond??

Last year was a real good year, i reinvented myself got into even better shape and started figuring it all out. I used to get really frustrated with every aspect of wrestling and used to take it all seriously. Now i just keep out of the bollocks and just enjoy it and take pride instead.

All i wanna do is Wrestle and last year i debuted for many new promotions, this year i wanna debut in more and more and wrestle every weekend. It’s all i think about pretty much.

And beyond? I’ll be honest and not many people are gonna like it but i want Fame and Recognition. I want people to be talking about me the same way they talk about Pete Dunne, i want them to worship me the same way they do Conor McGregor. And i wanna leave a legacy like Kanye. That’s how good i wanna be but it’s all up to me, no one else.

8. Finally where can the readers follow the ‘Young Legend’, Anthony Mafia and where can promoters book you for future shows??

I, would mad appreciate it if you could follow me on:


And if anybody would like to book me to mess it up at their shows, then please just DM me on any of the above. Ain’t nobody got time for Kayfabe Gmail addresses.

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Interview – Wheeler YUTA


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival, could you start by introducing yourself to the readers??

Thanks for having me! My name is Wheeler Yuta, I’m 21 years old and I have been wrestling for about five years now.

2. How did you get into wrestling growing up and who would you say inspired you??

My cousins first turned me on to the WrestleMania XIX video game when I was about four years old. I had no idea that real people actually did this on TV. The first wrestler that really hooked me was Rey Mysterio. After that, I dove deeper and deeper. When I was a teenager, I found the internet and was really spoiled in the amount of wrestling I could watch. I really enjoyed watching guys like Ricky Steamboat in the US, but I also fell in love with the World of Sport style from England. Of that group of guys, Rollerball Rocco has to be my favorite. I also developed a love of the Junior Heavyweight style in Japan. Tatsumi Fujinami and the original Tiger Mask stood out as some of my favorites.

3. How did you then start training and would you recommend it to any of the readers??

I began training in the defunct AIWF Academy in Myrtle Beach, SC when I was sixteen. When I was 18, I moved to Philadelphia to train under WWE Superstar Drew Gulak. I also received additional training at the Chikara WrestleFactory with the likes of Mike Quackenbush, Chuck Taylor, and Fire Ant. I had great experiences with all of my trainers and would recommend them to anyone. I was lucky to have a variety of inputs, which I think was invaluable.

4. You were part of the recent NOLA festivities surrounding WrestleMania, how was that and what were your thoughts on the matches you had while you were there??

I had a great time in New Orleans. Being a part of the biggest wrestling week of the year is always a blessing. I didn’t come up victorious, but sharing the ring with the likes of MJF, Tessa Blanchard, Mia Yim, Hornswoggle, Chris Dickinson, and a plethora of others was a wonderful experience regardless.

5. You also took part in Best of the Best recently losing in the first round, how was it for you to wrestle in one of the best tournaments there is and are you hoping to return in the future??

Wrestling in Best of the Best has been a goal of mine for years. Last time I was at the event, I was working ringside security. To be in the ring this year gave me a great sense of pride and accomplishment. Even though they have a reputation for being incredibly tough, I’ve always loved the CZW fans. They tell you how it is and refuse to let anything get past them. I can’t wait to get back in a Combat Zone ring and continue to prove myself.

6. You wear a mask as part of your wrestling attire, how did that all come about and was it inspired by anything??

I like to think of my mask as a piece of armor. It helps me block out any distractions and focus on the task at hand. The design and lights are all inspired by my love of cyberpunk culture.

7. What would you say are your future ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??

I’d love to know where I’m going to be in five years but honestly I have no idea. In a job as unpredictable as wrestling, you never know where you’re gonna wind up. Honestly my goals are just to see as many cool places and meet as many cool people as I can. I’ve already been able to see many different states and countries on another man’s dime, and I certainly can’t complain about that.

8. Where can the readers find YUTA on social media and where can promoters book you for future shows??

To find me on social media, head to @WheelerYuta on Twitter and Instagram. Like me at and shoot me an email at For promoters, email is definitely the easiest way to contact me, but any other medium is fine.

9. Speaking of future shows have you got any dates you wish to plug??

I’ve got plenty of upcoming shows, but my schedule is constantly changing. If you head to my twitter (@WheelerYuta), my pinned tweet has my entire schedule and is consistently updated. This weekend, I’ll be debuting for Maryland Championship Wrestling and returning to NOVA Pro in Virginia.

10. Finally have you got any merchandise the readers can order and do you have a message to end the interview off??

I have online stores at as well as if you’re interested in purchasing a t-shirt. At shows, I have shirts, pictures, buttons, stickers, and more. Just find me and I’ll hook you up!

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Interview – ‘The Archangel’ Marcus Antony


Credit: Roger Alarcon Photography 

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Marcus, could you start by introducing yourself to the readers??

Thanks for having me. I am ‘The Archangel’ Marcus Antony. People ask why I refer to myself as The Archangel, its symbolic Archangel’s protect the world from evil. After overcoming so many obstacles, evil and personal demons I’ve found myself at peace, now I aim to rid the wrestling world of all its wrong doings. If you are wicked, villainous a demon or a cheat The Archangel might just pay you a visit.

2. How did you get into wrestling growing up and who would you say inspired you??

I watched wrestling occasionally from a very young age. But the main turning point for me was Shawn Michaels V Bret Hart at Wrestlemania XII in an Iron man match. I’d never been so drawn into something in my life to that point. Seeing HBK sit in the ring with the title has always stuck with me. Those who inspired me the most were Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Stone Cold, Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero.

3. How did you them start training and would you recommend it to any of the readers??

I was trained by Alex Shane for a very short while back when I was 14. A full 15 years went past until I decided it was now or never to give it another shot, so I headed down to the London School of Lucha Libre where I have been trained by Greg Burridge and Garry Vanderhorne. It’s truly an amazing school, I can’t recommend it highly enough. They will encourage you constantly, get you out of your comfort zone and get you doing things you were convinced you couldn’t do. If you want to train to be a wrestler, this is the place.

4. You face Tengu at the next Pro Wrestling Clash show at the end of the month, what do you make of your opponent and have you got any words for him ahead of the match??

Well this leads on nicely from the last question. Tengu and I trained together at the LSLL and been on shows together for London Lucha League several times, despite his amazing talent he has continued to align himself with the most evil and untrustworthy people he can. Using underhanded tactics and sneak attacks to get what he wants. So Tengu on April 29th, Pro Wrestling Clash Hot and Fresh Out the Kitchen, you’ll pay for it, for you the winds are about to change…I’m gonna cut you down.

5. You were part of the Fatal 4 Way No.1 Contender match at London Lucha League this past weekend but lost out, where do you go from here would you say in your pursuit of the title??

It was a hell of a battle but I fell short. There has been several reasons why I have failed in my opportunities to become champion, but I’m not here to make excuses. I just need to keep grinding, fighting and eventually my time will come. Am I in pursuit of the title? I would hope everyone is, I will do whatever it takes and put my body through hell to become the LLL World Champion.

6. What would you say are your future ambitions in Wrestling and where would you see yourself in around 5 years time??

My only ambition is to go out there and perform in as many places/promotions/countries that I can and try and tear the house down and send the fans home happy every single time. No greater feeling than when fans tell you they loved your match. As for 5 years time its hard to say. I feel so blessed for every opportunity I have been given to do what I love, so I’ll be doing this as long as my body lets me.

7. Where can the readers follow ‘The Archangel’ Marcus Antony on social media and where can promoters book you??

Facebook – The Archangel Marcus Antony
Twitter – MarcusAntony__
Instagram – archangel.marcus.antony
For bookings just contact through Private message on any of my social media accounts.

8. Finally have you got any future dates you wish to plug that the readers can potentially see you at??

Pro Wrestling Clash, Hot and Fresh out the Kitchen at 96 Shenley road, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, April 29th.
Next Month will be back at London Lucha League at Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green- date to be confirmed.

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DVD Review – WWE Royal Rumble 2018


Welcome to another WWE DVD review and the first in 3 to be released in the coming days/weeks. Today we get the first Pay-Per-View of 2018, the Royal Rumble which is always a personal favourite event for me both now and growing up mostly for the returns and debuts that come with it.

This has decreased more so over the past few years but the addition of a Women’s Royal Rumble is a welcome one and will of course include plenty of returns from recent and past names vying for that first win.

By the way I am aware this is late in release, being busy personally took over but I will be having multiple reviews to make up for it in the next few days alongside some more interviews.

First match was between AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn and saw AJ retain in a pretty good match to start proceedings. This is probably the first time in a while that the WWE Championship has opened the show but with this it shows the real emphasis they put on the Rumble matches on this PPV. All 3 are great wrestlers so it was expected to be a good opener and it was exactly that, this stays alongside WWE’s trend of putting a good match on to hype the crowd up and it worked in this instance.

Next up the Uso’s defeated Gable & Benjamin 2-0 in a 2 out of 3 falls match toa assert the dominance of the Samoan duo. Both teams produced a really good match though and the scoreline in the end can do one of two things. It can be used to kill off a team and almost embarrass them or it can be used to make the other team fight back stronger. In my opinion this will do the latter and the feud should continue into WrestleMania season.

Following that was the main Royal Rumble match which was a bold choice from the WWE but shows their faith in the women of WWE to put on a brilliant main event and to make history again. This Royal Rumble match though was one of the best of recent memory, of course not the best of all time but it was never going to be that. It was great to see 2 new but well known superstars from NXT enter the fray in the form of Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas and of course Adam Cole ‘BAY BAY!’ as well as two wrestlers I grew up watching in the form of the Hurricane and Rey Mysterio. The winner though was the best part for me and that was that Shinsuke Nakamura ended up claiming the rumble in a stacked final 4 that include Cena, Reigns & Balor.

Nakamura immediately afterwards called out AJ Styles with us getting a match all WWE fans wanted at WrestleMania between two of the best wrestler’s in the world at the moment. It was a Rumble that really surprised me and for all the right reasons this time.

Following that we got a fairly average tag team match between Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan vs two of the stalwarts of the WWE Tag Team Division in Cesaro and Sheamus. The match though acted more as a handicap match with Jordan getting injured early on and Rollins fought valiantly to try and retain the titles. This was in vain though as Cesaro & Sheamus regained the titles for a record setting time. It was the fourth as a team and for Cesaro the fifth time which is a pretty impressive stat.

After that before the main event we saw an appearance from the WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar who defended his title against Kane and Braun Strowman. This was pretty average with Brock as usual winning quite easily in only around 10 minutes which of course shows the domination of the Beast Incarnate but the fact that we know that he will be facing Reigns at WrestleMania means this match means nothing which probably took away from it slightly. Braun looked good at the end but it is a shame to see Kane used in this match as almost the afterthought despite him being one of the best the WWE have had in my opinion.

Finally we got the big main event and another mile stone in Women’s Wrestling. After years of women’s wrestling being the opener and almost the afterthought, it has been revived and this is another showcase of that. Previously the likes of the Iron Man match in NXT and the Hell in a Cell Main Event but now a Royal Rumble main event is a just reward for the real forerunners in the revolution. This was such a good match and one I’d been looking forward to since it was announced.

Of course Asuka ended up winning it and this protects her as this undefeated figure and whether or not she will walk out of WrestleMania still as that. For me the returns made this match. We had the likes of Molly Holly, Michelle McCool Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus even the likes of Vickie Guerrero, Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly with Brie Bella also making a return.

It was almost my childhood growing up watching WWE in a match with all but Eve and Kaitlyn returning for it to be the perfect Rumble. The in ring action was brilliant with Nia Jax’s streak showing how good she is. Nikki Bella coming runner-up would have been unpopular with some but I have always been a big Bella Twins fan so to see both in the final four was good.

This match though will always be remembered for Ronda Rousey making her WWE debut afterwards and it wasn’t even part of the match. I for one am really looking forward to her debut match whether it is outstanding or awful. Teaming with Kurt Angle and the echoes of You Suck going round the arena on WrestleMania night will give me chills as well. ‘Rowdy’ is someone I have wanted in WWE for quite sometime and I am looking forward to seeing what she brings to an already stacked women’s division.

Rating – 9/10 – WWE started the year off with a bang with this one. Most matches were brilliant mostly being the Women’s and Men’s Rumble matches majorly impressing me. It always sets it ff well for WrestleMania season and this firmly did making me majorly excited for Sunday. Well worth picking up.

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Interview- ‘Pure Evil’ CJ Carter

Photo Credit: Y2Grae Photography
1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival CJ, first of all could you introduce the readers to ‘Pure Evil’??
‘Pure Evil’ is the most sadistic, vicious and heartless wrestler in the country. I have 0 compassion for anyone but my self. I, like everyone else should, have realised that doing things the ‘right way’ or for good gets you absolutely nowhere. Life isn’t fair, it sucks, bad things happen to everyone and good never prevails so you might as well just embrace that and enjoy causing as much misery, destruction and pain to everyone around you as possible. Once you embrace the darkness inside you, you will get much further in life and in wrestling. I don’t like anyone so the fact that people boo me means nothing, I hate every single person I step in the ring with and the fans even more.

2. How did you get involved in wrestling training and who had a hand in that??
I started training to wrestle when I was 14 and was originally trained by Alex Shane at the FWA. More recently I trained at The London School of Lucha Libre in London with Greg Burridge and Gary Vanderhorne and that is where I learnt the most and crafted the skills I have now. I don’t think there are many places in the country to train than there to be honest.
3. You were up to Sunday the APEX Wrestling champion losing to TG from Italy, what are your thoughts after that match and are you after a rematch in the future??
Losing the Apex Pro Wrestling championship is just a small blip on my journey, I’m sure I will win more gold in the coming months and years and I’m sure I will lose some as well, whats important is the end result and the journey I am on. I want to leave a mark on British wrestling, I want people to remember me as the most evil, nasty and viscous wrestler that ever walked onto the British wrestling scene. Along the way I will collect championships but they are just one part of the bigger picture. I am sure I will cross paths with the new Apex Champion TG again sooner or later and when I do he will regret ever stepping in the ring with me.
4. You face Sammy Smooth and Cara Noir on April 29th for Pro Wrestling Clash with the new title on the line, what are your thoughts on your opponents ahead of that match and how determined are you to make yourself the first champion??
Pro Wrestling Clash is what I am focused on now. I have possibly the biggest match of my entire career against 2 of the best wrestlers in the country, in Sammy Smooth and Cara Noir. Getting through both them will test me to my absolute limits but I will walk away the first ever Pro Wrestling Clash Champion and 2 of the countries best will be left humbled on April 29th in Borehamwood. I will leave absolutely everything in the ring that day and it will a sight not to be missed I promise you that.
5. Recently you debuted for GOOD Wrestling in a losing effort, what did you make of your debut and are you hoping to return in the future to show the fans even more Pure Evil??
Debuting for GOOD Wrestling was a massive mile stone for me, it was something I have wanted to do for almost a year and it gave me the chance to wrestle alongside some of the countries best. It didn’t go the way I’d planned but you know what, that’s just life. Life never goes the way you want, but I’ll be back there mark my words and I will show everyone at GOOD Wrestling what Pure Evil is all about!! I will make people sit up and notice, trust me.
6. What would you say your future ambitions are in Wrestling going forward in 2018??
My ambitions for this year are simply to be up amongst the best in the country and continue to work for the best promotions, continue to win championships but most importantly make people sit up and take notice of Pure Evil. If I have to go to every single promotion in the country and continue to destroy the best they have to offer then that’s what I will do, plain and simple. I’ve been wrestling for 10 years now and its about time people sat up took notice.
7. Where can the readers find ‘Pure Evil’ CJ Carter on social media and where can promoters book you for future dates??
You can find Pure Evil on social media at;
Facebook: CJCarterWrestling
Instagram: CJCarter
Twitter: CJCarter_87
8. Finally have you got a message for the readers to end the interview off??
Do I have a message for the readers? You will all see this year that I am one of the best this country has offer. Good gets you no where in life people, remember that, only evil and darkness can truly prosper in the end. And let me just say, I hate you all, truly from the bottom of my heart, I don’t give a damn about any of you, just remember that. What I am doing right now is for me and no one else.

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank CJ for answering the questions for you to read, please go and support him on social media if possible!

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DVD Review: WWE Best of Raw and SmackDown 2017


Welcome to another WWE review and another week. Today we will be bringing you the latest WWE release over here in the UK, Best of RAW and SmackDown 2017.

If you read my reviews on a regular basis, you will know that I tune into RAW and SmackDown occasionally but by and large don’t watch it as much as I did around 3 years ago for example.

So this review will be as much of a good watch for me as any as I do keep up with the PPV’s mainly for these reviews.

Here is my thoughts on the release, this is giving a quick look at each of the matches followed by the usual rating and a word as to whether I would recommend it at the end.

Starting Disc One, we get the Miz vs Dean Ambrose from SmackDown in January of last year. This was the start of a great feud between both of them and it was a good effort to start the release off. I have always been a big fan of both so I would say that but even if your not you can appreciate this match and the feud that ends up coming with it.

Next up is a match that I remember very well, Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch. This was the first ever female main event in SmackDown history as well meaning that it had to be on this release. As well as that we saw the return of someone I grew up watching and somebody I am really glad is back with the WWE and that is Mickie James. It was the end of a feud but it showed Alexa to be a real cog in the women’s division for sure.

Following that we turned our attention to RAW, this time getting Charlotte vs Bayley. This was a bit of a weird one in itself. This match saw Bayley finally become a title holder in the WWE but it was on a seemingly throwaway episode of RAW as opposed to at the Royal Rumble a few weeks prior or example. The only way this could really make sense is if Charlotte has got a new feud in mind but it is good to see Bayley accomplish this which is why it’s probably on the set.

Neville and Rich Swann followed from RAW in March, this was for the Cruiserweight title and was probably one of the best matches in that division last year judging by the crowd as well as the two competitors. It is a shame that Rich is now gone from the WWE but I believe he will tear up the Independent circuit again and we don’t know yet what’s happening with Neville but overall a great match that has a rightful spot on this set.

A brilliant match between Randy Orton and AJ Styles from SmackDown followed. This brought together one of WWE’s best performers in the past ten years alongside one of WWE’s best signings of the past 5 years who has been tearing it up. A match that I had always wanted to see and it did not disappoint. Would love to see these two battling for the WWE title eventually in an extended feud and it will hopefully produce results like this match.

American Alpha vs the Usos followed in a continued trend of great matches but a shift to end the disc of tag team matches. The Usos especially are highlighted in this case. It was a great year for them, a team that has been with the WWE for seemingly forever but never did anything spectacular, 2017 proved to be a launch pad for them with especially classic bouts with the New Day including a brilliant rap battle. American Alpha on the other hand did the complete opposite going their separate ways after coming up from the main roster to so much hype and promise.

Following that was The New Day vs the Revival. The New Day have still continued their momentum not going separate ways like I thought they would at the start of last year, this coincides with the debut of the Revival who got injured quite soon into their main roster debut. I am a big fan of Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson and hope that now they are back fully that they can have an extended run at the titles to show everybody what they showed in NXT.

Disc Two begun with The Miz vs Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor. This was so so good and one of the best matches on WWE TV last year. 3 talents who have all debuted in different eras but have all left their mark on the WWE coming together for a mighty bout which we will see once against next month at WrestleMania almost a year on from their first. I for one am looking forward to that one.

Following that we had a feud ending match between Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens with Owens regaining the title from Jericho and in this match the end of Jericho’s run at that time on WWE TV. This was a great feud between the two and as a result the end of it had to be on this DVD.

Another class match involving Seth Rollins followed that and it was him vs Roman Reigns. Both men continued with a back and forth battle between two of the best talents of the past five years in the WWE. Reigns does get quite a lot of abuse for being put in the positions he is put in but matches like this make you see why it is the case. Not the best match on the set but definitely worth watching, that is for sure.

We shift our attention back to the Women’s Revolution, a #1 Contender’s Gauntlet Match between Bayley, Sasha Banks, Mickie James, Nia Jax, Emma and Dana Brooke with some of the leading lights of the women’s division involved all wanting a shot at Alexa Bliss’s title. It is Sasha Banks who shines in this though which is a precursor to her challenge against Alexa. Good to see Emma in this who unfortunately left WWE soon after.

A second edition of the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match between Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Carmella and Tamina followed. This was much better than the first with Carmella victorious. It will be interesting to see if Carmella does ever actually win the title though as I found it weird that she ended up winning considering the talent involved. It could be WWE’s attempt of trying to push a new star though.

AJ Styles vs Chad Gable followed. This was a match I never thought I’d want to see but it was class and a real good watch. This singles run didn’t last that long but it could be a pre-cursor after he stops teaming with Shelton Benjamin. Styles always brings the best out of most of his opponents and this was the case still here.

Next up was Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho, a great 3 way bout between 3 of the best in WWE in my opinion. Jericho was a last minute addition and a great one at that. One of the highlights of the whole Owens-Jericho feud with a great nod to it being this match.

Finally a triple threat match that would include 3 quarters of the SummerSlam main event, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe. It’s not as good as the SummerSlam main event but it builds up to it well with a class match between the trio which was one of the best on RAW in the year.

John Cena vs Shinsuke Nakamura started Disc Three in a quality match as expected. This was more of an old Nakamura than the new Nakamura that hasn’t really stunned as much on the main roster. John Cena of course is always class and despite only working part-time now never loses a step.

Bobby Roode’s debut followed this and despite it being throwaway you have to have one or two of these matches on these dvd’s to highlight debuts and Roode was a big revelation of last year with his Glorious gimmick being a hit with the easily repetitive theme song.

Next up was Braun Strowman vs Big Show in a cage match on RAW which was the last time as of now that Big Show has competed in the WWE. If it is his last match it was a god way for them to go out with hi being seen as a new driving force in the WWE put over by the former big man of the company. Worth a watch for sure.

We spoke earlier about the Usos and how they had a breakout year, one of their great feuds was with the New Day which is highlighted in their Sin City Street Fight on SmackDown. It wasn’t their best match but that shows how good a lot of them were last year. Another brilliant contest and if you have the Network source their PPV matches from last year, you will not be disappointed.

The next match was highlighting again Braun Strowman who like the Usos had a bit of a breakout year. Here he has an okay match with Dean Ambrose, it’s not the best I have seen of either wrestler but it shows how good of a year that Strowman had and was another big win against one of the hottest properties in the WWE.

Jinder Mahal vs AJ Styles followed in another match featuring The Phenomenal One. This saw him win the title on UK soil for the first time in the company’s history. Mahal in my opinion was a good pick for a champion but lacked the support of the crowd so Styles does make more sense going into 2018 and WrestleMania season.

The penultimate match saw Natalya and Charlotte face off for seemingly the millionth time, they never have recaptured what they did at TakeOver a few years ago but they came close with this. Charlotte winning the title in this part of the year made sense and it gave Natalya the run with the title she had always wanted since her first run. Also there was a nice moment at the end with Ric Flair who had just come back from major health issues which is worth watching.

The final match was between The Miz and Roman Reigns. Reigns becomes a grand slam winner in WWE and the Shield are all there to congratulate him. It ends the DVD as it started it off in a good way.

Rating 8/10 – A great set which encapsulates all of the best WWE matches from TV of the last year. For me there was one or two okay matches that stop this from being a 10 but even those a lot of the time are because it was debuts for talents so it was moments more than matches. Well worth the purchase whether you tune in regularly or not.

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