DVD Review – WWE Double Feature : No Mercy and Hell in a Cell 2017


Hello readers and welcome back to yet another WWE DVD review. Today we have the turn of one of WWE’s main release types as of yet and that is the Double Feature set. From my perspective originally when released these sets have always been quite enjoyable to review as it gets both of them done at the same time and also are very good value as they are the same price as the previous releases WWE Home Video released

We start with No Mercy which in itself starts off with the Miz vs Jason Jordan, this is a good opener to start off proceedings. The fans were into it  but were willing the Miz on as opposed Jason Jordan which is a shame because I think he is quality but like I say we start off well and I am looking forward to the next match..

That next match is Finn Balor taking on Bray Wyatt. This was a decent watch with Finn picking up the win which is no surprise and putting him with someone like Wyatt means there will always only be one winner. I think this will lead to a title push from Balor in the future and working with Wyatt will only strengthen that.

Following that was another quality encounter with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose taking on Sheamus and Cesaro. This match was excellent and was gripping throughout, despite of course Cesaro’s teeth getting busted in a way it shows how good the action was.

Following that it was a Fatal Five Way match between Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Nia Jax and Emma which was a brilliant match and was unfortunately the last time we see Emma on a WWE PPV Before her release. Overall probably the best women’s match on a PPV this year with all of them giving their all.

John Cena vs Roman Reigns was the next match and was a quality match to put on this card and was one of the highlights of a great PPV. There was hints at the end of Cena potentially retiring which garnered a thank you Cena chant which shows that despite the amount of stick he gets from the fans that they still value him.

Following that was a contrast with Neville taking on Enzo Amore, a good match but not exactly amazing like some of the other matches on the card and is used as kind of a good segway/cooldown to the main event which means it is good on the card.

Finally for No Mercy was the Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman main event which was a bit of a let down to be honest. Compared to the Fatal Four Way at SummerSlam it was a bit short and putting the Cena vs Reigns match on the card and it being the best match overall mean this lacked the intensity that the other match had and the crowd were not exactly 100% there for it which meant it suffered.

The second event on the DVD is Hell in a Cell 2017 which is highlighted by Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens in what is sure to be a quality match.

The first match was between New Day and the Usos and was a superb match between two of the best tag teams on the brand right now and them being in the cell really adds to the dynamic with comedy and violence really meshing well and it continues a brilliant feud between the two teams which doesn’t show any signs of letting up.

Following that it was a decent bout between Randy Orton and Rusev with Orton coming out on top with an RKO Outta Nowhere. It was decent in the way that it is a massive improvement from the match between the two at SummerSlam which lasted 10 seconds and it seems like a feud that will build up over time which is good.

Next was a decent triple threat match between AJ Styles, Baron Corbin and Tye Dillinger for the United States Championship. It was a good match for Corbin who surprisingly came out victorious over one of the hottest stars in the WWE right now, AJ Styles. I think this will be a brilliant feud if it goes ahead but if not I think Styles will shift his focus to another title.

Natalya vs Charlotte Flair was a disappointment with Natalya being disqualified using a chair which sucked as I was looking forward to this but because the feud is ongoing I expect a match like this before we get the quality matches as the feud comes to an end.

Following that was a match for the WWE Championship between Jinder Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura. Mahal will probably lose the title in the next few PPV’s as his reign is getting a bit stale and I am guessing Shinsuke will be the one to take it off him. Overall though when he does lose it it will be a good reign that has reignited the career of Mahal from his release previously.

Bobby Roode made his debut in a pretty poor match against Dolph Ziggler and this was compared to Nakamura’s debut against the underrated Ziggler and him using the tights at the end isn’t a great ending but I am looking forward to seeing how he gets on in future PPV’s.

Finally was the brilliant main event between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens. It is quite lengthy but makes up for it though as it is a great watch. The main spot in the match where Shane does the elbow from the cell once again was brilliant and made a brilliant ending where Sami Zayn turns up to pull his old rival Kevin Owens out the way and turns heel as a result which makes to a brilliant end to the show.

Rating – 8/10 – The best double feature they have released by far with two brilliant Pay-Per-Views that I was quite surprised by but it shows how good WWE is getting at the minute on the run up to the Royal Rumble. Would definitely recommend picking this one up.

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Interview – The O.J.M.O


Photo Credit : Portrait of a Wrestler

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog, thanks for joining me for an interview, could you please introduce yourself to the readers to start it off??

Hi. I’m The O.J.M.O. I’m a wrestler.

2. Were you into wrestling from a young age and if so who did you grow up watching and did they inspire you to start wrestling training??
I’ve been watching wrestling for as long as I’ve had a memory. I have spotty memories of being sent to bed, not being allowed to watch a new match called “Hell in a Cell”. I’ve got too many influences in wrestling but The Rock would be No. 1 on that list followed by people like Jericho, Austin, Christian and actually starting wrestling made me realise how I subconsciously have taken from guys like HHH, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and even, believe it or not, The Undertaker!

3. Speaking of wrestling training, how did you get involved in it, how was the experience and in your opinion if you could have a seminar with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why??

I remember sending out a not-so committed message to the Progress Wrestling School, now known as the Knucklelocks Gym, asking a general question about signing up in July of 2016. But it was only after they got into contact with me a few months later in December asking if I still wanted to sign up that I decided to do it. If they didn’t come to me, I may have never made the jump. That was, I believe, the day after WWE announced the UK tournament. They showed a picture of the title and said to myself, “I no longer want to buy a replica title. I want to win the real thing one day.” Started the Beginner Course in January of 2017 and just knew that I made the right decision. From day one, I’ve been trained by Strangler Davis – the wealth of knowledge that man possesses I don’t even think he knows. And of course, there’s head trainer, Darrell Allen – he’s good at training.

And in terms of a seminar? I’ll choose one alive and dead – Kassius Ohno & Dusty Rhodes

4. You made your PROGRESS debut recently after only being an active wrestler since June, how was this experience and does this show how far you’ve come in your few months in wrestling??

Well my 1st match in June was for PROGRESS. October 29th, I debuted in the Ballroom on a Chapter Pre-Show which was the most surreal experience of my life, not counting this one night in Liverpool, but I digress. I had one goal, based on the confidence I had in my ability, that I wanted to reach in year one – to have one professional wrestling match. So, to say the very least, I’ve been humbled by the opportunities I’ve received thus far.

5. You faced Spike Trivet recently for Anarchy Pro in a match you described as a war, was it as brutal as the pictures suggest and would you recommend the readers come down to an Anarchy Pro show if they can??

Anarchy Pro Wrestling brings out the worst in people… and that’s what makes it special. I’ve seen a young man in Connor Mills in that promotion attach 100 thumbtacks to a kickpad leave his opponent’s back with holes. And when it comes to me, I never thought I’d ever be in a wrestling match where knives and forks and crabs would be used as weapons. But I always knew I had to be ready for a battle when I accepted the challenge of the Bullingdon Club Dining Society Bar Fight from Spike Trivet. That guy is legit, and I believe leaving that match the victor helped legitimise me to the fans who were in attendance that night who may have had preconceived notions of who I was and what I was about. Go to those shows, people. They’re violent.

6. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling and what would you say would be the pinnacle for you in wrestling??

The pinnacle of wrestling is leaving the main event of WrestleMania as WWE Champion. I’d like to reach the pinnacle of wrestling.

7. What are your thoughts on the current state of British Wrestling and seeing the growth of it lately??

British Wrestling has the most exciting wrestling scene in the world right now. That’s evident in the amount of new promotions and wrestlers cropping up in the space of a year. The matches are top-notch and that’s because the competition in the back is so fierce. You have to be more than just half-good to get on shows here, and that may not have been something you could say 5-10 years ago. That makes the product better for the fans and forces you as a wrestler to be very best if you want to get anywhere in this industry. I think I got into it at a near perfect time based off all that.

8. Where can the readers find The O.J.M.O on social media and where can promoters book you for future shows??


As of now, the social media pages are pretty good platforms for promoters to use to contact me 1st to start a conversation and for any booking enquiries.

9. Have you got any future shows and projects you wish to plug to end the interview off??

There are quite a few matches that I have that I just can’t announce right now as I like to keep things in wrestling a surprise until they’re officially announced but I will plug this:


In time for the festive season is the premiere a short film I starred in. A Christmas-themed comedy where I kill a dog! It’s been selected for a number of film festivals and was fun to film so will be fun to watch! Come on down, wrestling fans!

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DVD Review – WWE NXT From Secret to Sensation


Welcome back to yet another WWE DVD review, today we are taking a lot look at the second DVD about WWE’s developmental territory NXT. Released last week, I am releasing the review today as I had an interview out last Monday and have another WWE one out next Monday so it is good for continuity.

To be honest I haven’t watched NXT for over 2 years since Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were prevalent. Of course being involved in Wrestling journalism I keep up with the product but I haven’t really had the time to watch it regularly for a while. So like some of the other DVD’s it is going to be a bit of a history lesson for myself in what I have missed in my time away and also reliving some memories.

The main feature in all honesty was definitely not what I was expecting but that doesn’t mean it’s bad as it was a great main feature. It was a countdown as opposed to a documentary which I am guessing will probably come in the future but with the title you would of thought it would be a documentary. As opposed to best moments though it was a countdown of the top 25 best wrestlers so far in NXT with nods to Tag Team’s and future stars currently in the brand as well. I am not going to give too much away but the likes of Becky Lynch, Samoa Joe, Paige and Tyler Breeze with all of them going up to the main roster barring Ember Moon and Corey Graves are in the countdown and it gives the evolution of each wrestler up until they left NXT which in my eyes is quite cool and adds an extra dimension as opposed to it being quite slapdash and thrown together with some moments.

Despite that being the main feature we get two discs of matches and I am going to run through some of the best ones and leave the rest for you to watch yourself if you decide to buy the DVD/Blu-Ray.

Firstly was a pretty cool match from the NXT Pilot Episode between two future stablemates in Big E Langston and Xavier Woods which despite not being too long is still a great watch to see how far these two have come since then and the whole arena set up as well during the match so it’s a great comparison point.

Another brilliant match came later in 2013 between Dolph Ziggler and Rusev. Ziggler is one of the most underrated performers WWE have had in the past ten or so years and is almost cast off and in this case he is doing a guest spot that despite him winning in elevated his opponent who is now a big fixture on the main roster and that is Rusev. Rusev’s performance was brilliant and really paved the way for him to have future success in the WWE.

Another brilliant match followed and that was between Paige and Sasha Banks. If you have read my reviews before you know that Paige and Becky Lynch are my two favourite female wrestlers in the WWE and so I am glad both feature on this set. Sasha’s heel turn in this match is well worth being on the DVD alone but it is also a brilliant match and the start of ‘The Boss’ that we know today emerging.

Big E vs Bo Dallas with a loser leaves town scenario for Bo was also brilliant. I was a big fan of Bo especially in NXT and his early days on the main roster and despite people not being a big fan of the Bolieve gimmick I really loved it and I am glad this included as both men were massively integral to NXT in the early days.

A match from NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4 Way followed and god is this a trip down memory lane. It is the Fatal 4-Way main event between Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Tyson Kidd and Tyler Breeze. 4 men that were integral to NXT and in a way in the case of Tyson it revitalised his career at that point. Zayn won here in  a match I did watch live and multiple times following that. It had tons of great spots, great performances and the atmosphere in Full Sail is worth the watch alone.

We then return to the Women’s action and two brilliant matches involving Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch pertaining the Womens’ Revolution and how integral all 3 women were to it along with Bayley and Paige. To be honest it is what made NXT so watchable back in the 2015 time period and to see them put in performances like this knowing that it kind of made women’s wrestling even more serious again and a real attraction on the main roster makes me happy to this day.

Following that, one of my favourite NXT matches of all time. This is from Mania weekend when of course Shinsuke Nakamura made his NXT debut. Of course only a year later, Shinsuke is a main roster stand out and this is where it all started. It was a brilliant decision by WWE to put him with Zayn and was the start of something special for him so it was great that this was put onto the DVD.

The last two matches I will be speaking about are Samoa Joe shocking the world by winning the NXT title at a live event. This was a massive shock to most NXT fans who thought Finn would continue his reign and it shows that in NXT anything can and will happen.

Finally the last match on the set is between Asuka and Ember Moon from the recent NXT Takeover Brooklyn III. This is an excellent match from both sides with Ember showing how good she is and she came close multiple times to finally ending the undefeated streak set by Asuka and I reckon once someone else is established as a genuine contender in the NXT women’s division that Ember will be main roster bound full time.

Rating – 7/10 –  A pretty good watch that despite not being a documentary included a good countdown that was easy and informative to watch as well as some of the best matches in the history of NXT. Some matches like the Iron Man match between Bayley and Sasha are left off but I think what they are trying to show is that there is loads of brilliant matches over the years in the company’s most exciting brand.

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Interview – Chuck Mambo


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Chuck, thanks for joining me for an interview, could you please introduce yourself to the readers to start it off??

Thanks for having me dudes ! Hey readers, I’m Chuck Mambo! Gnarliest Wrestler in the World!

2. Were you into wrestling from a young age and if so who did you grow up watching and did they inspire you to start wrestling training??

Yeah I was into wrestling for a long old time ! When I was about 5 m’man Dan Alexander came round with an Owen Hart and The Rock set of action figures and I was like ah cool! Then I got a Kane and Mankind set! Then all my big brothers friends were talking about wrestlemania and I hadn’t seen it but I was pretty sure The Rock was the best ! Then i got a wrestlemania 9 video and loved that! Then m’friend dan got SKY! So we could watch raw on friday nights then smackdown then whatever the 2 shows after smackdown were, like superstars and afterburn or something like that! It was all mad inspiring for making me want to be a wrestler there wasn’t one particular one i don’t think

3. Speaking of wrestling training, how did you get involved in it, how was the experience and do you have any tips for up and coming wrestlers??

Was mad lucky when i came to london for uni the Projo (Which is now Knucklelocks School of Wrestling and WAY WORTH GOING TO CHECK OUT!) was like half an hour away so I got to train like 5 days a week! Which was awesome! and with sweet coaches too! Like Jimmy Havoc, Darrell Allen, James Davis and Eddie Dennis and ah it was the best man! oh for tips for getting into wrestling just jump in with both feet ya know! be around wrestling as much as you can, go to as many shows as ya can, train as much as ya can! Get ya body into good shape for wrestling with! AND HAVE A BLAST!

4. You team quite a bit with Pastor William Eaver as Sweet Jesus, how did that come about and what are your thoughts on your chemistry as a team??

Haha the pasta is a total maniac ! The more i get to know him the more that proves true ! But in the absolute best kinda way! Originally we were training together at the Projo and when the SDS were coming into Progress Jon asked if we’d like to go up against them, we hadn’t tagged before, we were friends but we weren’t tagging or anything, but obviously if ya get a chance to tag with ya friend against the sds YA SAY YEAH MAN! so we did and i dunno, people seem to enjoy Sweet Jesus as a team! I think our mutual love or both the mega powers and shenanigans has made it more and more fun as time goes on!! I have heard that we’re not the best to be on a car ride with but, i’ve had a blast on all our car rides! i am thinking about getting us a tandem bicycle instead tho !

5. You made your debut a few months back for GOOD Wrestling, a promotion firmly on the rise, what were your thoughts on that and do you think you will be back in the future??

I’d LOVE to be back at GOOD some time soon! They are sweeeeeet shows and a really sweet atmosphere back stage and in the ring! Yeah super cool!

6. You wrestled for one of the most well known promotions in America Chikara as part of their Rey de Volodores tournament losing in the semi-final 4 way, how was it to wrestle for a promotion like Chikara and how was it wrestling Jody Fleisch a legend in British Wrestling??

Chikara was a blast ! OH MY DAYS IT WAS SUCH A BLAST ! To be honest for all the sweet wrestling that weekend it was super cool to hear one of Quack’s legendary pre-show speeches! What an inspiring dude! The whole weekend was a really creative and fun time ! it was mega! I’m actually headed out this week to Portugal to wrestle with Red Eagle who eliminated me from the tournament ! And well, what can ya say about wrestling against Jody! I only found out that afternoon! Not cool enough being on Chikara ya get to wrestle a dude who helped build the scene! SO CRAZY COOL ! and man he is such a gentleman! But my god he hurts to wrestle! That reverse rana!

7. You were part of Progress’ Chase the Sun show how was it to wrestle in a venue like the Ally Pally and what do you make of the rise of Progress over the years?? 

Ah yeah that was sweet! I was mind blown when I walked into Progress Chapter 9 and saw how wild of a wrestling show was being put on ! It was badass! and it’s wildly impressive how far they’ve come! I mean woah! and the rise of the whole wrestling scene is awesome! It’s killer that they’ve done it through supporting British Wrestling too!
I’m super thankful to all the dudes that have been grafting for years before it boomed, and kept on and on and made the boom happen! to build a scene where we now get to wrestle this often and in such wild venues!

9. Where can the readers find Chuck Mambo on social media and where can promoters book you for future shows??

YO ! follow me at instagram.com/ChuckMambo twitter.com/ChuckMambo facebook.com/ChuckMambo mambomerch.bigcartel.com and promoters, i’m always happy to wrestle! Shoot me a message at gnarlymambo@gmail.com !

10. Have you got any future shows and projects you wish to plug to end the interview off??

This Wednesday I am wrestling Eddie Dennis, he has been my favourite wrestler for years and he’s helped me heaps getting booked up n down the country these last few years so that’s gonna be a really special match at Progress Wrestling Live at the Dome this Wednesday! That’s sweet! If you can make it you should come along !

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Interview – ‘Masked Knight’ Senza Volto


Photo Credit : Brett Hadley Photography

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevivalBlog Senza, thanks for taking time out to do this interview, First of all could you introduce yourself to the readers ??

My name is Senza Volto the French Senzation , I am 23 years old and I live in Paris. I have had the chance to work with a lot of promotions in different countries (10 currently).

2. First of all let’s speak about getting into wrestling, did you always watch wrestling growing up or was it a later thing and who would you say inspired you to start training??

Today, i considers that the Wrestling is defined in two steps in my life. The first was the time where i was fan, i was looking as soon as possible matches on television and later by internet. At beginning i was very attracted by the entertainment side, later the Indy scene was a little bit more attractive . Then this second part where i have decided myself to become a wrestler, from this moment you don’t’ see things of the same way than before . But of course like everyone , when you make your first steps into a ring you imagine yourself doing make some crazy spots like your idols a few years ago .

3. Continuing on with getting into wrestling, how did you get involved in wrestling training, who trained you and how would you rate that experience ??

The decision was from me. I stopped being a fan when I asked to myself, why not me?. I was always in good shape and i knew that i’d have the capacity for succeed. Then i went to a wrestling school in Paris where i have learned how to bump. Then some seminars and i had quickly the chance to go on the road all weekends first in France then everywhere else in Europe ! In our country it’s really difficult to find a good coach but I have got good memories of my first training, touching the ring, running the ropes, imagining the crowd around me,that was a very good feeling , this fire inside my heart ready for a explosion . It’s weird but when I first stepped into a ring , I already felt at home.

4. You are from Paris, France, how would you rate the wrestling scene over in France and how is it to represent France when you go to foreign countries like Germany and the UK ??

Unfortunately, the French scene is not as developed as in UK . There is a lot of potential but it’s almost impossible to build them as good workers because to be honest there is not a lot of shows in France and most of the time, they are not good quality. For the moment we are two wrestlers to go on the road on all the weekends (Tristan Archer / Clement Petiot from WWE Cruiserweight Classic and me). I hope that the situation is going to change in the next years. Representing my own country is a honour, there are not many wrestlers who get to work outside the country so we have to try our best to change the bad opinion of the French scene but that is also so much responsibility, it is enough to make one bad performance in one country, and some people are gonna say that the French are bad.

5. Speaking of the UK, you made your Southside Wrestling debut recently against 6 other men in the International Heavyweight title match, what were your thoughts on your UK debut??

My first step in UK and for SWE was awesome ! I have met so much new people and especially a lot of talents. You know, in my opinion , the best way to learn is by travelling and wrestling different wrestlers in different countries. I am the kind of guy who loves to learn and grow in the business. I had the chance to wrestled 6 wrestlers from different country all against each other, it was an awesome experience. I had a good feeling with the people in the venue and I also had good feedback on my performance . It was awesome night despite the defeat. I hope I will show again my skill in a UK ring again very soon and show everybody what I can do. I’m waiting on bookings.

6. You faced Icarus again recently in a match coined Act III which on paper sounds like a brilliant match, what are your thoughts on Icarus as an opponent and are your matches as brilliant as they sound??

Every time that I am opposite to Icarus is always a immense pleasure. Even if the competition is present between us, there is always this mutual respect, it’s gonna be some years now that I have know Icarus and i can’t count the amount of advice that he has gave me . Today Icarus is not not my enemy like i could read on the social networks but like the big brother that I try to kick his ass! Saying that our matches are brilliant would be a little arrogant from me . I have had a lot of good feedback on our last match and especially of the first confrontation in the GWF in Berlin . We had a second round in Hamburg where Icarus jumped from a balcony and finally the third round where i did a Spanish fly off the top ropes, to the outside of the ring. You can say that each of our confrontations are full of surprises. We also wrestled in Romania, soon in Hungary, why not soon in UK ?

7. Going back to the UK, you faced one of British Wrestling’s most hardcore wrestlers in Jimmy Havoc in a losing effort for the COW Interstate Title, how was it to face Jimmy and what are your thoughts on returning to COW after previously winning the #1 Contendership a few months prior??

To be against Jimmy Havoc is a good memory . This night was amazing cause they sung our names from beginning until the end of the match . But even in trying any combinations, Jimmy has keep his title and to be honest he deserves it . Sharing a ring with him was a real pleasure . You know, most of the people give a real importance to titles because finally you fight for it and become a champion . In my opinion there is different way to feel like a champion . I’m lucky and proud in my young career to travel all the weekends over the entire of Europe ,so I try to be focus match after match, it’s my own way to feel like a champion and that is enough . But it’s always a pleasure to return to COW, like a always a pleasure of return in each of the promotions that i have worked. You can ask anyone, i am happy if there is a ring and ropes .

8. What would you say are your future ambitions in wrestling and where do you see yourself in around 5 years time ??

My ambitions has always wrestle for the top indie promotions. Fight for the biggest promotion in America, In Japan and of course in UK . I am the kind of guy who loves to travel and have free choice. I want to grow and make my name known of all. The road will be long but i will not go it alone, we meet incredible people with this job and i have the chance to have a lot of people who follow my journey . Where i would be in 5 years? The question is difficult. How can I predict this kind of thing, we put our life in danger every time that we put one step in a ring. An injury can quickly arrive, especially for a high flyer like me. Let’s Say that in 5 years i hope that i will be happy and in good health.

9. Where can the readers find Senza Volto on social media and where can promoters find you to book you for their future shows??

You can follow my adventure by Facebook (-> senza volto) but also by Instagram / Snapchat / Twitter (-> senzavoltoreal). I am active on the social networks because I like to share my journey with the fans, that is a way to live the adventure together.

10. Finally have you got any future dates / projects you wish to plug to end the interview off ??

For the moment I can’t say nothing but big things are coming for me , but I want thank you for contacting me and giving me the opportunity for this interview , i want to also thank all the fans who bring me amazing support , don’t forget that without you, there is no wrestling, you don’t assist of shows as spectators, you are part of the show. Thank you and be sure that i will be back very soon in UK

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DVD Review – WWE 30 Years of Survivor Series


Welcome back readers to another WWE DVD review. It’s been about two weeks since the last one which was the 1997 – Dawn of the Attitude release and now we have the return of the sets I love the most (sarcastically), match compilations sets and this time it is the form of the Survivor Series and it celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the yearly PPV.

Right off the bat I don’t know if it’s just me but I have never been a big fan of the Survivor Series PPV and is one that I will only sit down and watch if I am sent it to review which I usually am so I don’t tend to put it on my live watch list wrestling wise so that might reflect in the rating.

The first disc is a countdown of the top 30 moments, quite a flimsy put together first part of the DVD which lasted little over an hour and didn’t really captivate my attention. I won’t share all 30 moments as otherwise there will be no point buying a copy but here are some of the main moments involved.

Number 30 was Survivor Series 1987 which of course was the first ever Survivor Series so it wasn’t not going to be on the list.

Kurt Angle’s debut was number 28 which of course like the debut of the event had to be included especially now he is back with the company as general manager of RAW. It’s True It’s Damn True.

Number 25 is one of my favourite traditional Survivor Series elimination matches between Team Kingston and Team Orton with two of my favourite wrestlers battling it out in two different teams and was solid throughout.

Number 20 is CM Punk being announced by the legend that is Howard Finkel before he goes on to defeat Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship and despite me not being the biggest fan of Del Rio, Punk is always someone especially in that era who was a real favourite.

Number 19 was a moment I had not seen before due to my age more than anything and that was from Survivor Series 2002 when Brock Lesnar was turned on by his manager Paul Heyman which makes people think that it could happen again one day in the future.

Number 17 is one of my favourite moments on the set and that is the Hardys vs the Dudleys in a cagematch to unify the WWE and WCW tag team titles during the invasion and with both teams being personal favourites of mine especially their matches around that time it had to appear on my best of the moments list.

The top 10 starts with a bang with the debut of the Elimination Chamber which of course has had it’s own PPV since close to when this match was done back in 2002, not my favourite match type ever and a PPV I always used to skip when I was younger but just for it being one of the major moments which has shaped WWE it is important.

Number 9 was the debut of the Shield which I still remember with fondness now. I used to love the Shield especially considering one of my favourite angles of the past 10 years is the Nexus and this was similar but even more devastating.

Another moment I love is number 6 when Sting debuted as part of team Cena vs team Authority which for someone who has grown up being a huge fan of Sting even his stuff with the other company this gave me goosebumps/chills and it still does now.

Number 5 is one that most people will know and that is Goldberg vs Lesnar from last year when Goldberg shocked the wrestling world in smashing Lesnar so fast akin to when Santino was eliminated in the Rumble a few years back in the record for fastest elimination.

Number 1 was Montreal and it couldn’t be anything else and if you haven’t seen it or know about it, first of all are you even a wrestling fan and two get it watched. One of the most shocking moments in Wrestling history that is still massively debated to this day.

Now onto the matches and considering we got almost a clip show for an hour for their to only be 17 matches is a crime in itself. Some of the matches are great some are god awful. They don’t include the Montreal Screwjob match first of all or the Elimination Chamber debut which is stupid considering both were heavily featured moments. Also there is nothing from the Ruthless Aggression era par say or even the Team Cena vs Team Authority match but lets have a look at what they do include.

The 5 on 5 elimination match including some of the worst and best of all time in the WWE from Hulk Hogan to Koko B Ware from 1988 is a good match and one that I really enjoyed to start the next part of the set off.

Some other good points included the Bad Guys vs the Teamsters from 1994 which I never saw originally but is a brilliant match and not as good as some Survivor Series matches but still up there.

The Rock vs Mankind from 1998 was brilliant and is still one of my favourites from the Survivor Series events, well worth a watch.

The cage match to unify the tag belts that I mentioned earlier is on here in all it’s glory and it is excellent with some great moves including a brilliant swanton from Jeff Hardy but would you expect anything less 😉

Team Orton vs Team Kingston was included which is excellent and includes alongside the likes of Randy Orton and CM Punk, some seriously underrated talents like R-Truth, Mark Henry, MVP and Kofi Kingston that I grew up with and loved especially MVP who I saw live last year and it gave me some great nostalgia.

We then get two god awful women’s matches from 2010 and 2011 between Lay-Cool and Natalya and Beth Phoenix vs Eve Torres which was back in the era when womens’ wrestling in WWE despite having the talent was almost in the dark ages with most matches lasting about 4 minutes and as a result I didn’t like them then and don’t like them now. Skip on through.

Following that The Rock and John Cena teaming together after their Mania match earlier in the year was special and something like a lot of other moments around that time I will always remember.

Two brilliant matches involving both the Shield together and one-on-one followed before the quick main event between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar which despite being so short really proves a point and is brilliant.

Rating – 6/10 – An average set that I would buy but only if you love the PPV, me not being a big fan of Survivor Series contributes to this rating and also it doesn’t help when they miss out key matches on the set and give us rubbish ones to fill years or space. Some great and some poor so gets a 6/10.

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Interview – Shax


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog, thanks for taking time out to do this interview, first of all could you introduce yourself to the readers??

Hello all! I am Beth, and I wrestle as the deranged circus ring-mistress Shax.

2. First of all let’s speak about getting into wrestling, did you always watch wrestling growing up or was it a later thing and who would you say inspired you to start training??

It was definitely a later thing, I actually didn’t start watching wrestling until I was almost a year into college. I mainly watched TNA to begin with as at that time the women’s division was stronger and I wasn’t a major fan of the “Diva” persona. There was no particular person that inspired me to start, more so I fell in love with it and wanted to get involved!

3. Continuing on with getting into wrestling, how did you get involved in wrestling training, who trained you and how would you rate that experience??

One day myself and my best friend decided we would just give it a go! We found a fairly local training school called EBW that often had training sessions taken by Kris Travis who I can thank entirely for my wrestling passion – if not for him I would have given up in my first year. He took me under his wing and then sent me down to Norwich to go and train with the knight family (in particular Julia) to learn to be more aggressive funnily enough! There wasn’t much female talent in my area at the time so it really benefited me going to train with the Bellatrix girls.
Obviously due to the sad loss of Trav it was all a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but I am grateful to each individual trainer and the lessons they all taught me along the way.

4. I saw you a few months back at Southside a promotion you recently debuted for, how was it to debut for them and are you going to be a more permanent part of their shows going forward??

It was honestly a bit surreal. Southside have been a promotion I have known about for years as obviously Trav was one of their top talents and it was always a bit of an aspiration to make it to one of these shows. I’d love to be more involved in their shows going forward! I had a great time so Ben… if you’ll have me…

5. You also made your debut for the returning Fierce Females in Glasgow recently facing off against Millie McKenzie, one of the fastest rising talents in British Wrestling right now in a losing effort, how was it to face Millie and if you get asked to return, will you be going after Danielle Hunter’s internet title and if so do you have any words for her??

It was great to face Millie, she truly is a great talent and so respectable at her age. I have no particular intention of going directly for the title, but I am sure it would look far better around my waist so hopefully Danielle can handle a little crazy or she may be in trouble..

6. You faced Deonna Purrazzo recently, one of the best female wrestlers on the independent scene today, how was it to face her as well as to get your name out on a show promoted not only by Bellatrix but by Shimmer and Rise??
It was tough, she is again a great talent and proved worthy of the win. Bellatrix is very much a home promotion to me now and so performing there is always a great experience for me. The fact that Shimmer and Rise were a part of it just made it all the more amazing and I was chuffed to be a part of it.

7. Another promotion you debuted for recently was Preston City Wrestling on their all womens’ show Girl Power 2, how was that debut for you and what are your thoughts on the state of Female Wrestling is at the minute??

I personally thought it was a great debut and it was another promotion I always had my eyes on getting involved in so it was another one ticked off the list. I think female wrestling is at its peak right now and is on the up even more! We seem to be proving that we can be just as nasty as the guys and we do belong in the ring which is great.

 8. What would you say are your future ambitions in wrestling and where do you see yourself in around 5 years time??

My main real goal is to be recognised across the indie circuit, I would to wrestle abroad – particularly America. I never see myself anywhere in 5 years’ time to be honest! Nor do I really like to think about it. I mainly set shorter term goals and try to achieve those – I have some for next year, but I like to keep these things secret.

9. Where can the readers find Shax on social media and where can promoters find you to book you for their future shows??

So I have a facebook page – just type Shax in the search bar I’m sure you will find me – or my twitter handle is @wrestlershax. Promoters can DM me on either of those and I will pick it up.

10. Finally have you got any future dates/projects you wish to plug to end the interview off??

At the moment nothing MAJOR but got some exciting things ahead – I’ll be honest I haven’t been announced for a few so don’t want to ruin anything!

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank Shax for answering the questions for you to read, please go and support her on social media if possible! 

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