Scottish Wrestling Alliance (SWA)


The Scottish Wrestling Alliance (SWA) is the premier “Pure” professional wrestling company in the UK. Affiliated with Pro Wrestling Zero1 Japan and the Source Wrestling School.

We focus heavily on technical/scientific wrestling like British wrestling of old, and marrying it with the athletic, strong style of Pro Wrestling Zero 1 Japan, to create a unique hybrid.

Our goal is to create new stars from the ground up, sending the best to Japan, and beyond. Thus far we’ve sent our graduates Nikki Storm, Joe Coffey and Mark Coffey to JWP and Zero1 and Jackie Polo is due to leave in 2014.

We bring in well travelled veterans like Ultimo Dragon, Super Crazy, Robbie Brookside, Doug Williams, Nick Dinsmore, Kenny Omega, Prince Devitt and many more to wrestle and take seminars to help push our young stars to the next level.

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