Real Deal Wrestling (RDW)


Real Deal Wrestling is a Lincolnshire based professional wrestling promotion. Established in 2004, RDW have promoted shows across Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire which have been attended by thousands.

Wrestlers such as: Kid Kash, Nunzio, Doug Williams, Awseome/Amazing Kong, (WWE’s Kharma), Sabu, Ultimo Dragon and numerous other International stars have appeared on RDW events not to mention top British talent such as The Zebra Kid, Lionheart, Johnny Storm, Ricky Knight, El Ligero and many more.

RDW have also hosted and promoted Chickfight (top US all female promotion) events and have great working connections with promotions across the UK, europe and beyond.

In addition to live shows RDW’s sister company GWA (Grimsby Wrestling Academy) run weekly and monthly training sessions for anyone wanting to become a professional wrestler, manager, referee or anyone wanting to work in the wrestling industry. The school is based in Grimsby in Lincolnshire and we run sessions for non-members and casual trainees on a pay-as-you-train basis, as well as monthly membership for more dedicated trainees.

For more info on GWA please visit

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