DVD Review : DOA:I Hawx vs Knight


Welcome to my first DOA DVD review! This show was the first show from DOA Wrestling UK so I hope you enjoy reading this today!

We first had the ring announcer hyping the crowd up for the show and bringing out the referee for the 1st match!

The first match which was shown by a flashy graphic was between Richard Parliament and Inferno Dragon in a singles match. The commentary then started and on commentary it was Peter Nixon and Ollie Dean. First out to the ring was Richard Parliament ‘the only wrestler and politician in the UK’ who then cut a promo about himself and the crowd being scum and giving the crowd his policies. Next out to the ring was Inferno Dragon who was really liked by the DOA crowd, Dragon hyped the crowd up to support him in the match. The two locked up and a wristlock applied by Parliament was contoured by Dragon. Dragon took hold of the match and applied loads of impressive moves both technical and high-flying which really did impress me. Parliament then got angry and proceeded to kick the stuffing out of Inferno Dragon. Parliament suplexed Dragon to get the better of Dragon and take hold of the match. Parliament tried the leg drop and then botched the move with Dragon moving out of the way. Dragon clotheslined him multiple times and then powerslammed him to get a 2 count. Dragon then performed a flying headscissors but when trying to perform a suplex on him to finish, Parliament countered with a backbreaker to get the 3 count! Overall great opening contest between two underrated wrestlers i feel so it’s good DOA are using them.

Peter Nixon was replaced on commentary by Richard Parliament the winner of the previous contest.

The next match was an Adrenaline Cup Quarter Final match between Peter Nixon and ‘The Heat’ LJ Heron. Peter Nixon was the first out to the ring and he proceeded to high five crowd members. LJ Heron was the next out to the ring and was not liked by the crowd. Starting off Nixon took down Heron. A second test of strength then followed and Heron took over with a strike to the gut followed by a headlock. Heron then performed a body check which was then followed with Nixon tripping Heron over then performing an arm drag then followed by a back elbow and a dropkick. Heron got out of the ring wisely, drank some water but still didn’t get back in sitting in the crowd and cooling down basically. Nixon performed a suplex on Heron which was followed by a back elbow, a snapmare and another back elbow. Heron came back into the match and was in firm control of Nixon. Nixon was thrown into the referee which prompted Heron to hit the low blow followed by a heatseeker to get the 3 count to advance to the next round of the Adrenaline Cup. Heron finally reiterated the fact he will be the Adrenaline Cup winner.

Peter Nixon was back on commentary after his match against LJ Heron replacing Richard Parliament.

The third match was between Shaun Simmons (a product of the Falling Starr Academy) who was taking on Rexx Wylde. Wylde scared the crowd intensely with his entrance. Simmons then came out to a face reaction which I did not see in the Falling Starr match he had where he was hated and despised by the crowd. It was a battle between two of the best in the East of England and also between Falling Starr and WAW which of course took place in a DOA ring. Simmons came in all guns blazing but Wylde’s size and strength advantage meant he didn’t budge and was the one that took control in the opening exchanges. Simmons finally toppled him over with a few arm drags and dropkicks. Wylde was angry and performed a stiff kick to Simmons. Simmons came back before Wylde could do any more damage. Wylde was a bit like Simmons though in terms of want and he came back once again. Wylde took firm control with his size and strength advantage. Simmons came back and performed a leg lariat on Wylde which was followed by a bulldog. Simmons followed with a flurry of kicks and a sunset flip. Simmons beat Wylde with knees to the chest.

The fourth match was between Special Edition and Battle Squad Awesome and it was to crown the first DOA champions. Special Edition came out to a great reception by the DOA crowd. Battle Squad Awesome one of my favorite tag teams by the way who are also fan favorites were not as liked by the crowd due to the fact that Special Edition came out first and stole a lot of the buzz. Danny Chase and Kip Sabin locked up with both men getting equal offence to start. Dave Andrews came in to the match with a boot to the gut. Brad Slayer came in to the match and got the offence with an arm drag which followed with a wristlock. Danny Chase came into the match and both men were evenly matched with their submissions. Sabin came into the match and would not let Chase at all same when Slayer came back into the match. Chase came back into the match with a headlock takedown but this would not last long as Chase was hit with a shoulder tackle and a headlock by Slayer. Andrews came in with Sabin and BSA came in with their elbows to Sabin and then a double dropkick to Slayer. It was quick tags and within  the space of 1 minute both Chase and Andrews were tagged in and out dealing some damage to Sabin. Sabin came back into the match though because of the crowd getting behind him. He tried a crossbody which failed but a lariat was performed on Andrews which nearly sealed the match for Special Edition. Sabin went back to work on the arm but this didn’t last long as Chase came in and performed a snap suplex to Sabin. There was then a blind tag which was followed by a tag team move by Special Edition. Andrews came back in and was hit by another tag team move by Special Edition. Slayer dished out the punishment to Andrews but Chase came in and saved his partner with an enziguri. Battle Squad Awesome then took control from there which wasn’t a surprise after the enziguri. Slayer grabbed the rope though after a pin by BSA and Sabin threw Andrews out of the ring which was then followed by a kick and a gutbuster by Slayer to Chase. Sabin performed a neckbreaker which finished Chase off. Special Edition are the new DOA tag team champions!!

The next match was another Adrenaline Cup Quarter Final between ‘Skyhawk’ Alex Young and Miguel Ramirez. Alex Young came out to a good reception from the DOA crowd. Miguel Ramirez came out and like Alex Young he came out to a great fan reception but Ramirez had the edge. Ramirez has just been part of WXW 16 Carat Gold 2014 not part of the tournament but part of a match with the likes of John Klinger, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa beating them all so I was really looking forward to seeing this young talent for the first time. It was hard to tell at the start who would get the initial offence in this match. Both men had similar offence and were evenly matched in the opening exchanges in the match. Ramirez though in my opinion was the one who had the most offence and really impressed me in general.  Alex Young came back after Ramirez’s initial offence and edged ahead in the match but again Ramirez went back on top and showed that he did have some reserve when Alex Young was beating him up. Ramirez hit a flying head scissor when it looked like Alex Young was coming back into the match to demolish all hope at that time that he was coming back in to the match. Ramirez then hit a back elbow and a really impressive tornado DDT but this wasn’t enough to beat Alex Young. Alex Young though wasn’t down and out just yet and he came back into the match successfully. Ramirez though wasn’t out after him coming back in and hit a moonsault followed by a RSP (Ramirez Star Press). Young and Ramirez then engaged in a slapping war with one and another which was then followed by a kicking war. Young then hit a Blue Thunder driver on Ramirez which looked like it would be the winning move for Young but it wasn’t. Ramirez hit a melee kick followed by a  big boot by Young but a Superkick by Ramirez followed. Young then answered back with a superkick of his own, Both men were down via a double clothesline followed by a DDT by Alex Young. Ramirez kicked him round the head to buy himself some breathing room. The time limit was then reached and Heron came out saying he should get a clear route to the final now. The announcer announced that it would be a 3 way dance in the semi final between LJ Heron, Alex Young and Miguel Ramirez. Ramirez and Young then embraced to finish the contest.

The sub main event is a match between ‘The Nordic Valkyrie’ Miss Mina and ‘The All American-Canadian’ Addy Starr for the DOA Sirens Championship. Miss Mina went straight to the ring while Addy Starr went round high-fiving everyone. Miss Mina smashed Addy to the floor when Addy was on the top rope hyping up the crowd. Starr though stopped her when she was starting to get in control after the sneak attack. Mina though started to beat her up after Addy went into the corner when Mina moved out of the way. Mina thought she was firmly in control but Addy came back into the match. Mina though wasn’t having any of it and came back and basically took Addy for granted. Miss Mina ended up picking up the victory in the end to win the DOA Sirens championship via a cutter and a rolling back dragon sleeper.

The main event was a 2 out of 3 falls match for the DOA UK Heavyweight championship. The match was between ‘The New Orleans Bad Boy’ Luke Hawx and ‘The Highlight’ Zak Knight. Zak went around high fiving everyone while Hawx didn’t have time for it frankly. At the start of this match it was back and forth with both men getting take down’s and submission moves on one and another and it showed that this match is evenly matched. Hawx was out of the ring for ages after Zak kicked him out but this worked in his favor as when Zak was on the ropes, Luke kicked them to hurt Zak’s privates and put him out the ring in the process. Luke went outside of the ring and went to work on Zak. Zak wasn’t having any of it though and smashed him round the face with a few right hands to the face.  They approached the bar and both men were using all objects such as bar stools and bins to hurt one and another and get the upper hand in the match. They went back into the ring and Zak went back to work on Luke with 3-4 clotheslines on him. Luke tried to get back into the match but Zak dropkicked him to pull out all hope he would be getting up. Luke got back in though and went and kicked him to the back. From there neither man had control but Hawx had the edge. Hawx though was chatting to the referee which allowed Zak a small window to get back in to the match and he took it to full effect with an amazing superkick. Zak then took control after the superkick but botched a nasty headbutt. Luke then hit him with a neckbreaker which allowed him to get the first fall of the match. Hawx thought he had it wrapped up by just lying on the ropes and kicking Zak in the corner. Zak wasn’t done just yet and hit Luke with a spear. Luke was arguing about the referee kicking his feet off the ropes which allowed Zak to get a quick roll up to make it 1-1. Both men looked like they could get the final fall but Zak had the edge in my opinion. Zak ended up picking up the victory with a low abdominal stretch submission to be the first ever DOA UK Heavyweight Champion!!!

Rating 9/10 – Amazing event to be honest! Loved spending 2 hours watching it and to see Zak at the end with the title made it all worth watching!

I would like to thank DOA for asking me to review this and good luck for your event tonight!

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