Interview – Ultimo Tiger


1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers of TheBritishWrestlingRevival??

I am a fired up masked wrestler, I use a variety of unique high flying moves, strikes and tech wrestling. I adjust my style to best fit my opponent but always make sure the fans walk away talking about me.

2. How did you get involved in Wrestling training and did this stem from a love of Wrestling growing up??

I got involved in wrestling nearly 2 years ago. My training was done mainly through LEP wrestling school in torquay ran by Danny Walsh. Hands on tips and training from UK dominator and pretty much every single person at Pride wrestling each show and workshops etc. Of course as every wrestler in the world. I loved wrestling as a child my whole family did and still does i’ve been around it for as long as i can remember.

3. Speaking of Wrestling training, who were you trained by and do you have any regrets about your training??

I did a little bit with Uk dominator and Joel Redman at DWA along time ago i left that and when i came back to wrestling. i went to LEP school of wrestling 3 nights a week trained by Danny Walsh and Darren Saviour. Its where i still go now. the only real regret i have in my training is leaving wrestling due to complications and moving away etc. if that could have been different then great. But no i am happy with how my training has gone and is going thus far.

4. As many readers may know you are a regular with Pro Wrestling Pride, what are your thoughts on the promotion and being a regular part of it??

Well its my home promotion thats a given. I’ve had tons of opportunities thanks to Pride. I cant pay back what they have done for me enough. The promotion is still young compared to alot of UK promotions. but you can see the growth in each show. from talent production editing the lot. To be honest i am happy being one of the main guys in the promotion and regardless of where i go and whatever i do, Id always come back and wrestle there. so go look on there website already

5. You have had feuds with another future BWR guest Tyler Hawke, how did the feud start and end and what do you think about Tyler as a wrestler??

The feud started way back in 2013 When he won the pro wrestling pride Catch Division Trophy from Darren Saviour in exeter. HIs whole attitude changed in wrestling he became alot more violent and he took that out on Darren after the match. naturally i couldn’t sit by. From there He started gaining more of a team around him known as The C2 Agenda, ever since i’ve been constantly back and forth with him. As a wrestler he is one talent guy, annoyingly enough i trained with him for the best part of a year over at LEP, i know pretty much everything that guy can do in the ring. Yet he still surprises me each and every time.

6. You teamed with Raven in the latter part of 2014, was this a surreal moment for you to work with him and is it up there in terms of your best moments in Wrestling so far??

Yeah it was pretty surreal for me. I was also lucky enough to travel with him for 9 days across the uk whilst he was taking seminars this helped me alot i learnt tons not to mention the ammount of comic book knowledge he has. we argued about guardians of the galaxy for a clear 2 hours. ‘stubborn… anyway it was the first match i had been in with a name such as Raven.It was a whole new experience for myself and im glad it happened kicked of my second year in wrestling. its definitely one of the good moments. I was also able to Wrestle Koji Kanemoto last month and to me that was probably one of the biggest moments in wrestling i will ever have.

7. What are your thoughts on the current state of British Wrestling overall??

Bloody good and worth anyones money thats right im looking at you person behind the keyboard. I mean theres tons of promotions everywhere all with outstanding wrestlers and products. now to name a few which people are probably quite aware of also which stand out to me. Places like Pride, 4FW & ICW productions set up the names that are there. The crews the lot. to anyone that hasnt looked at any of these go do it. But yeah right now i think British wrestling is great and will keep getting bigger and better and have alot more of Ultimo Tiger in it.

8. Have you got any future ambitions/goals you wish to achieve??

I want to achieve alot i want to get myself known more in UK by getting out here meeting more fans and wrestling everywhere. Japan is a big old tick on my life for multiple reasons i take huge inspiration from the style and the wrestlers. So heading out there and well every where to be honest. Also i want to be able to keep ahold of my Catch Division Title while i start my third year in wrestling in may.

9. Where can the readers/promoters find on social media/book Ultimo Tiger??

You can find me on facebook i have a page on there so i can keep in contact with fans. Also twitter @ultimotiger either of those for general chin wag or bookings.

10. Have you got any future dates or other projects you wish to plug??

I’m tagging with Doug Williams on march 29th in saltash which is huge i’m making my debut for PWA on saturday which is another step in the right direction. I am on a show with Sabu on may 3rd. Then there’s whispers i may be Defending my title against Chris Sabin in april, but lets see about that. So lots of stuff and hopefully alot more.

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