Interview – Chris Brookes



1. For those who don’t know you, how would you describe yourself?

Calamari Catch King!

2. How did you get involved in Wrestling?

When I was quite young through a mutual friend of the Hunter Brothers. I started out with them going to every show I could and had my first formal training from them, Brandon Thomas and the Clarkeward twins.

3. Any tips for any up and coming wrestlers?

Find a good school that isn’t just out to exploit you for profit and actually cares about developing you. Listen to everything, watch a lot of wrestling..

4. At the start of 2013 you wrestled for CZW over in America, how was your experience over at CZW and do you think you will be back over there again this year?

It was a great and daunting experience. When I first found out about independent wrestling in around 2005 it was because of things like CZW’s “Fake You TV” on The Wrestling Channel so to be able to say I’ve wrestled there is a privilege for me. Not sure about this year but I’d love to go back at some point.

5. Recently you have formed a team with Jonathan Gresham called the Calamari Catch Kings, how did the formation of the team come about, what was the highlight of your initial run as a tag team together and finally do you think that you and Jon will be rechallenging for the WXW titles again in the near distant future?

Jon and I first met through Fight Club: PRO in 2011 and immediately clicked to the point where before I knew it he was making temporary residence in my house for weeks on end. We just shared a mutual appreciation of a lot of the same things in wrestling and he became a mentor to me. He’s been such an influence I can’t really sum it up in a few lines but he had the idea of us making a go as a team and it hit off straight away. I think we have a natural chemistry with each other which translates well in the ring. The initial run was a ton of fun we were just doing everything we could to get the team out there and it resulted in a fair few rough nights and ropey journeys. Challenging for the wXw Tag Team titles was an honour and to get the chance to do it again would be wonderful.

6. Also recently you made your debut for PCW participating in the 30 Man Royal Rumble, how did it feel to be put into this match as one of the few spots that were not taken up by PCW regulars and do you think you will be back in PCW again soon?

I’d love to be, but it’s not down to me. They have such a great, professional set up there and it was a terrific production to be a part of.

7. What are your main goals and ambitions for 2014 (which countries you want to visit, who you want to face etc.)?

I’d like to continue visiting Germany for wXw and wherever else the opportunity arises. I’d definitely like to see a lot more of Europe this year with Jon by my side. In terms of who I’d like to face I’d love to have more encounters with Hot N’ Spicy, Big Van Walter, Tyler Bate, The Dunnes, The Hunters, et al. I’d love the chance to wrestle Zack Sabre Jr. whilst he’s in between NOAH tours and as they’ve recently debuted for Fight Club I think a CCK/Sumerian Death Squad match would be a treat.

8. What do you think of the current state of British Wrestling?

I don’t think I am really in a position to critique it but there definitely seems to be a much larger number of successful promotions all over right now than I’ve seen before. The Midlands area especially I think is stronger than ever. I just hope it continues.

9. Have you got a message for the readers who may have not known who you are before reading this interview and the readers that have been there for a while or since the beginning?

If you have no idea who I am but read this far thanks! I hope it wasn’t too tedious. To the people that ever have or do support me thanks for having faith in some twonk from Tipton doing what he loves.

10. Finally where can the fans find yourself and merchandise, have you got any dates you wish to plug and how can promoters get in contact with you for booking info?

You can head over to to buy Jon and I’s DVD’s and shirts. I’m on twitter @OBEYBrookes and can be reached for bookings at

If you wanna come see me roll around in velvet pants this month you can catch me at; Pro Wrestling Kingdom 16/5 B’ham Great Bear Promotions 17/5 Sandbach ATTACK! 24/5 Cardiff Kamikaze Pro 25/5 B’ham Shropshire Wrestling 28/5 Dawley Triple X Wrestling 1/6 Coventry Fight Club: PRO 13/6 Wolverhampton

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Interview : ‘Wild Boar’ Mike Hitchman



1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers?

I’d describe myself as gritty, physical and original. Japanese and British inspired style.

2. How did you get involved in Wrestling?

I got involved by travelling to a local school (NWA UK WALES) and trained to be a professional wrestler.

3. Of course your ring name is Wild Boar, why did you pick this name and does the name fit into your gimmick?

This name represents my style and overall look. If you take a look at how I wrestle and move you’ll see why the moniker fits.

4. Any tips for up and coming wrestlers?

Find a reputable school, put in the hard work in and out of training (gym). Be respectful and patient. Do not jump the gun like so many do and start before you are ready.

5. What do you think of the current state of British Wrestling?

We have some fantastic talent in the UK right now. Some truely world class.

6. What are your ambitions for 2014 in Wrestling (who would you like to face, which countries do you wish to travel to)?

I want to travel everywhere and wrestle everyone. I want to work with and learn from the best.

7. On March 29th you will be making your debut for Southside, what can the readers who are going that May have not seen you before expect from ‘Wild Boar’?

Expect a hard hitting, gritty fight.

8. Have you got a message for the fans who are reading this?

Make sure to keep supporting British wrestling and respect what we do to give you a show.

9. Where can the fans find you on social media and have you got any other links you wish to plug (Merchandise etc)?

I’m on Facebook as Wild Boar Mike Hitchman, feel free to add me. Also Twitter @WILDBOARhitch

10. Any future dates you wish to plug?

In May I’ll be debuting for Future Pro Wrestling in the London area. I will also be performing throughout the UK in 2014 with some European dates being discussed. Keep an eye on my twitter and facebook for any and all Welsh, Scottish, English and European appearances.

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Interview : ‘White Lightning’ Mark Andrews


1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers?

I’m Mark Andrews. Junior heavyweight pro wrestling from Cardiff, Wales! I also run the DEFEND Indy Wrestling clothing brand and help run ATTACK! Pro Wrestling.

2. How did you get involved in Wrestling?

Everyone loves wrestling when they’re a kid, so when I was 12 years old, I went to a local NWA Hammerlock show, and they told me there was a training session the next day. Once i’d been to one session, I didn’t stop wrestling every week for the next 9 years, pretty much.

3. Any tips for up and coming wrestlers?

Master the basics, listen to everything your trainers and other wrestlers tell you, but be open minded enough to consider that anything you’ve learnt could be wrong, or could become wrong, as both you progress as a wrestler, and the wrestling scene progresses in general!

4. Of course you and Pete Dunne basically head Defend Indy Wrestling and you even went over to the states for a tour last year, first what is the message you want to put across with DIW and how was your experience in the states and will you be going back anytime soon?

We started up DEFEND Indy Wrestling back when there was a gap in the market for professional wrestling clothing brands. All 3 of us involved in DEFEND are big fans of the pop punk/hardcore music scene, and in my opinion, small subculture music scenes are much more appealing to the public than the indy wrestling scene, due to how they are presented.
There are fashionable clothing brands, niche events and like minded people that represent certain genres of music, which is something that I personally feel independent wrestling lacked.
DEFEND was a way for us to try and make independent wrestling more appealing to those who were unaware that a wrestling scene outside of WWE existed. It was also our way of trying to spread open mindedness and positivity throughout the places we’d wrestle, as we felt that a lot of people in the wrestling industry put limits on what could be achieved, but if we could show others that a clothing brand could become successful, they could open their minds to the idea that breaking the habit of generic marketing and business ideas could help the indy wrestling scene move forward.

5. You also head Attack! Pro Wrestling if I’m correct, how did you get involved in the running of Wrestling shows and what are your ambitions with Attack?

Attack! was originally run by Pete Dunne and Jim Lee. Jim had to stop promoting shows due to other commitments, which is when i decided to step up and help out with promoting shows. I always wanted to wrestle in my hometown as my friends and family were constantly asking when my next local show would be, and there never was one! So after our debut in Cardiff was successful, we decided to continue running there, and it’s turned into a massive outlet for our creativity.
We started getting wacky ideas for shows, and they started to get great reactions both from the live crowd and from an online audience. Like with DEFEND, it’s another example of thinking outside the box in attempt to change the dynamic of cliche professional wrestling. This is our way of testing trial and error with ideas that might catch on, and if they don’t, they’re still incredible rewarding and fun none the less, which is what Attack! is all about!

6. At Southside’s Nottingham double header, you made your debut what did you think of your Southside debut?

I loved working for Southside! I had wanted to be apart of the Southside team for a long time, so I was very grateful to get the opportunity. The crowd were great, the matches were fun, it was a great show to be apart of, and I definitely think Southside are doing a good job of putting the UK on the map within the wrestling world.

7. What are your ambitions for this year and have you got a message for the fans?

This year I want to continue to travel as much as possible, hopefully I can add a new country to this list and finally hit double digits. I want to wrestling in as many fun places as possible, and work with as many creative people as possible. I want to continue to learn and improve, and I want to start even more “out of the box” projects with DEFEND, Attack!, and other ventures!

8. Where can the fans find you on Social media?

Twitter – @mantothedrews, @defendindywres, @ATTACKWrestling

9. Any dates you wish to plug?

15/16 March – Rev Pro
29 March – Southside
30 March – PROGRESS

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